Deepest Part Of You

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From the moment Tanek looked at the arrow’s tip on Seth’s palm, he teleported back to bring Violet into the entrance hall. He wants to hold her responsible so she might give them the information they need.

“Is this what you meant by saying no harm?!” Tanek was furious.

Seth turned his face around, looking directly at Violet who’s stunned in shock. His gaze was filled with hatred.

Violet could see the arrow’s tip at Seth’s palm. She’s trying to put the pieces in her mind together. She was slowly walking to where Seth is standing, with her hands that are still chained. Violet was trying to get a closer look at the arrow’s tip.

“Is this your army’s weapon?!” Seth raised his voice as he lifted his hand, showing the arrow’s tip to Violet.

“I-I … Yes, but..i-it can’t be..” She stammered as her voice slightly cracked. So many thoughts crossed her mind. Not to mention the current view she’s looking—a lady with a baby bump, desperately crying beside his wounded husband.

Violet took a step closer and slowly got down to the floor. She was trying to reach Phillip.

Maybe I can heal him like the way I’d healed Brody.

At least I’ll try, right?

I have to do something! Violet thought as she was actually panicking inside. Considering the fact that it is a fairy weapon.

When Seth’s looking at Violet’s hand that was trying to reach his brother, he caught her by the wrist. A grab that was a little too tight as Violet grunts in silent.

“Don’t touch him!” He pulled her wrist near his chest as a gesture of protecting his brother from her.

Violet stumbled to Seth’s body, and after she could manage to steadily stand, they were standing so close, face to face.

“M-maybe.. I can help..” She said carefully.

“You’ve said you don’t have any power.”

“.. Not in a harmful way…. Just.. let me try?” Violet shuddered a little. She was clearly aware of his rage on her, or her people.

Seth hesitated, a muscle popped out on his jaw as he clenched it. “If you ever think of doing something bad to him-- anything at all, or if something worse happened to him, I SWEAR….You’ll gonna regret it!“ He seethed.

After Seth gave the unspoken approval at every sourcerer in the room—especially Elena to trust Violet, they’re all giving her a space.

On the inside, Violet was actually doubting herself. She’s terrified. What if she can’t save him? What if..? Her minds were betraying her courage. She started to reach out to Phillip between her trembling fingers.

She gently touched one of Phillip’s scars near his stomach before taking a deep breath. She closed her eyes and her healing power started to flow out like the last time it was with Brody.

Seth is watching between his anxiety and his awe at her. He noticed that every person in the room was stunned too.

The waves of glowing aurora were floating around Violet and Phillip. Flowing from Violet’s glowing body to Phillip’s wounds.

Seth couldn’t help himself to watch her beauty as her hair was slightly lifted—waving elegantly in a fusion of purple and goldish glow. Everything just makes her beauty even shiner.

Noticing how he’s been carried away by her beauty, Seth’s hands make fists. Maybe my eyes and mind were playing tricks on me. Get a grip, Seth! She’s not like you think, and she cannot be trusted.

As the aurora waves were fading away like the way dusts slowly fell to the ground, Seth, Tanek, and Elena were taking a step closer. While everybody in the room is watching them and Phillip with their widened eyes. They were anxiously waiting for their prince Phillip’s wellbeing.

Violet slowly opened her eyes as she let out a breath. At the same time Phillip was exhaling his breath as if it was his last breath—his chest doesn’t move, he’s not making any voice or any movements.

The seconds feel like hours. There’s no sign of life on him. And as if it didn’t look bad enough, his face is tilting to the side.

“She killed him!!” Tanek shouted before Violet caught a twitch on Phillip’s fingers near her.

“No wait--!”, Violet was about to explain, when she felt the chain on her wrists tightened.

Suddenly, a strong unseen force pushed her body to the wall. Her back hit the wall, smashing to a few paintings on it before thudding to the floo.

Violet layed on the floor with the rubbles from the painting all around her. The hit put her conscience out.

Seth was panicked with the fact that no signs of life comes from his brother, and he snapped. His hands were barely moving when he casted her away, the only thing in his mind was just to look at his brother’s safety.

Elena solemnly watches her husband, and is pleased by the fact that his husband’s chest is starting to move in order.

“He’s breathing, Seth!! Oh thank God!!” Elena was crying in disbelief. Moreover to see the wounds he’s got are all gone, even though the blood stains and some-torn-part of his clothes were still there.

“Phillip! Can you hear me..?” said Elena as she was searching for his husband’s dim eye. Phillip is groaning a little, trying to move his body but he’s feeling lack of power. He needs time to fully recover.

Knowing that his brother is alive, Seth is sitting down as he’s breathing out a breath, and takes a moment of relief. His fingers ran through his dark hair before he took a glimpse at the unconscious fairy. Guilty. The only emotion comes after his relief was guilt.

He ordered the medic wizards to bring Phillip to his room, and to take good care of Prince Phillip while heading toward Violet.

He briefly examined her for a while.

Her beautiful face was almost covered with her hair. He removed them slowly and accidentally touched her skin on the cheek. He slightly pulled his hand before rubbing his fingers to a fist, as he felt a light burn from touching her skin.

Seth was searching for possible wounds as far as his eyes can see, because of his doing. His doing. He looked down in guilt before finding a purple blood stain on her chain and then freed her hands from the spelled chain, just to find a few scrapes on her wrists.

His feelings are twisted in all of a sudden, his hands are making fists and his jaw clenched tight. Then, he carried Violet by his arm, back to her room after asking the other medic wizard to bring him a few medications for Violet.

In her locked-up-room, he gently put her body on the bed. A medic witch shows, handing the medications Seth asked before.

“Do you want me to medicate her Sire?” asked the medic witch, offering her services.

“No need…” he cleared his throat, nervously hiding his willingness to take care of Violet. “You are dismissed.”

Right after the medic witch was gone, Seth opened the bandage on Violet’s right palm, changing it with the new one.

This wound is dry, but, thanks to me there are several new wounds. Well done Seth. He thought between his sighs.

Seth kept medicating the wound on her wrists, in constant guilts and regrets.

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