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Soothing Air

Violet has woke up not long after Seth medicated her, even so, he’s no longer in the room with her anymore. She sighed while putting the back of her hand on her forehead, a tear drop fell from the edge of her eye’s passing by her temple through her pillow.

Did the prince just did that to me?

This is by far, the longest and the hardest day of my life.

She recall the last incident—spesifically about Prince Seth’s rage back there. She still could feel the pain on her back for smashing to the wall, but the worst pain she felt was actually within her heart.

Does this mean the prince hates me?

And why does it bother me so much whether he hates me or not?We’re just met.

So why do I feels this way?

She was empty-gazing the ceiling while her minds are filled with questions and uncertainties.

Is the wounded wizard healed? How come my people were responsible for attacking wizard’s cavalry? On what ground too? Has father back to Athopia? Are the Athopian’s looking for me? Who’s in Charge in Athopia? She rubbed her temples feeling overwhelmed with desperation.

She sighed one more time, before suddenly, her stomach is rumbling. She’s starving and so uncomfortable at the moment, everything’s hurt. She looked around and wishing for a nice warm bath would be good to take her edge off.

What a wishful thinking.. Knowing there’s nothing available to sooth her in there.

She sat down and looking thoroughly as she was noticing that one side of the wall were started to gradually see-through.

Elena was coming inside her room as she’s passing through the transparent wall that switch back to concrete wall after she’s inside the room.

The wall must’ve been enchanted in that way in order to keeping me here. Violet slightly thought.

Being cautious of Elena’s presence—considering the possibility that she might failed to heal Elena’s husband-- Violet instinctly stood up. She quickly moved away to the other side of the bed, keeping her distance from Elena.

“Don’t be afraid.. I’m not going to hurt you..” She said with a warm smile, her eyes were still swollen a bit.

Violet watched her in silent, not knowing what to react or expect.

“I’m Elena Owens.. Prince Phillip’s wife, the man you’ve saved..” she’s approaching Violet a little, “What’s your name..?” she said gently.

He’s healed then.. Violet relieved inside. She hesitated for a second before answering, “I’m Violet Eos..”

“Hi.. Violet..” Elena was looking down at her feet. “I… just want to thank you.. for saving my husband.” She said in glassy eyes while holding her baby bump.

Violet hesitated again, uncertain how to answer. Considering the fact by evidence that it was her people, that harmed Phillip in the first place. “..- - It was the least I could do..”

“You must be hungry.. I brought some foods for you.” Elena came into the room empty handed, but after she said that, magically a tray with meals and drink appeared on her hands.

She put the tray on the night stand near her.

Slowly, and with a great doubt, Violet headed closer to the nightstand.

“Go on… it’s okay..” Elena encouraged her.

Violet took a piece of a cake and eat it right away. Then she looked at Elena and thank her for the food.

“This thing is delicious, what it’s called..?” asked Violet.

“That’s called a brownie, many women loves it.. I made them.” Elena smiled.

They looked at each other and smiled. They could sense the comforts feeling they gave to each other as if they were old-friends. They’re surely, could be best friend under a different circumstances.

“Thank you, Elena..” said Violet as she looked down at the floor. Elena’s kindness has bring a soothing air for Violet.

“My pleasure, Vi… Now, how are you doing..? Is there anything else I can do for you..?” She offered while checking on Violet’s condition. “A change of gown, something to read, a bath, or more brownies, maybe..?”

A Bath! She just mentioned my wishful thought earlier! Violet thought. But then she hesitated.

“Um.. I don’t want to cause you any trouble..”

“Not at all Vi.. you just name it! .. Even though I cannot take you outside.. But I’ll see what I can do..”

“I was thinking that a bath would be nice—” Violet hasn’t finished talking when Elena’s granted her needs in a swing of her hand.

“Piece of cake!” she said with proud.

When Violet turned her back, suddenly, at the corner of the wall not far from the bed, a small-spaced bathroom has appeared.

A shower, a few toiletries, a magical-floating shower’s curtains, and bathroom’s tile with its drainage, it’s all there!

Violet gasped in awe.

“Go on.. I’ll be waiting here.. I’ll clean up your gown too.” Elena said while magically turned the warm water on, for Violet. Then she sat down on the bed facing to the other way to give her some privacy.

Violet walked into the magic bathroom area and the white curtains was slowly closing in circle. She opened her clothes—hang it on the top of the floating curtains and right after she put it, it began to flew to Elena.

“Your clothes is cleaned, and the towel is on your bed..” Elena said as she took care of everthing.

Violet started to enjoy her warm bath, though a few scrapes on her body stings as the warm water run through her skin. She keep the bandage on her palm and not undo it, preventing its sting from the soap or shampoo she will wear.

After she washed her hair and finished her bath, she started to feel even more relaxed as if everything are make sense again.

Violet smiled in wonder as she twists her damp hair. “Having such magic power must be amazing.” She said.

Elena’s chuckled, “I guess it is.. but the learning process and to flourish such power is not as easy as snapping your finger though..” she explained humbly.

It’s better than not having power at all. Violet said inside.

“I’m done now..”, she said as she was trying to reach her towel on the bed.

Violet was just about reaching the towel when she suddenly hear a man’s voice..

“What’s this..?” Seth voices was tensed.

“Prince Seth--!” Elena was surprised and ready to explain.

But the prince has already uncovered the curtains for being too suspicious in his opinion.

Lucky for her, Violet was still managing to get a hold on the curtains and bring it close to her chest. She had covered her body. Or part of it.

Seth was just standing there and froze. His blue eyes darkened. His gazes were sweeping her body from bottom up. As if a lion to its prey. And when he saw her wounds, he was reminded about what he has done. The guilt comes through as he finally reached Violet’s eyes.

Their eyes locked at each other for a while.

“Earth to Prince Seth!!” Elena called his name, raising her voice.

Like a wake up call Seth’s finally looking at Elena. “It’s just a bath, and it was my idea.. I wanted to thank her for saving Phillips’s life..” Elena explained.

Violet’s still frozen too. She gulped nervously, her cheeks turns red and she bite her lower lips—not having a slight clue of what to do or say. She’s in a great shame, she kept holding the curtains so tight until her knuckles turned white.

“Seth!!” Elena called him the second time. Before giving Seth a signal with her eyes and head. Something that says like; ‘You shouldn’t stare! Turn around, she’s a lady princess!’.

As much as he wanted to keep staring, he turned his back right away and clearing his throat in between. “Uh.. I need to speak with her.. after her uh- bath-.. Just meet me after—in my workroom!” He stammered before walking away from there.

Okay. I think I’m gonna have to take a very-cold-water bath myself. Said the prince inside his head.

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