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Seth is trying to keep himself busy in his workroom with piles of paperwork-- treaties, reports and so on, Only to find his efforts to be pointless even after a cold water bath. His mind was still—always thinking of Princess Violet. Especially after seeing her like that! Her wet-looking hair, lips, cleavage, darn it Seth! He just kept visualizing her.

Just when he’s about to get himself together, Violet walks into the room, escorted by Elena, She walks in her slit-gown-by-accident, making her thigh exposed every time she takes a step.

Even the way she walks took his breath away.

She looked cleaner, brighter, and her scents filled up the room straight away—without having to come near her. Elena styled her hair up with elegant hair pieces, her hairstyle firming the beauty of her face. Seth forced himself to look away, not trusting himself to be in control if he kept on gazing at her.

Violet’s left wrist is still ‘on leash’ by the edgeless silver chain. She guessed Elena was thinking about giving her right wrist and palm a time to mend, but at the same time she knew she was not required to free her hands.

She was hoping Elena is not going to leave her alone with Prince Seth, the one whose name he just knew. Looking at him from afar, standing behind a big desk wearing his crown made her knees weak, moreover to think about the last incident in her room.

“Thanks Elena.” He said without looking.

Elena gave Violet a smile before leaving her in the middle of the room. They’re standing far enough from each other, but Violet deliberately takes a few steps back because she’s intended to maintain her distance from Seth.

She thought Seth wouldn’t notice, but he silently knew. Seth thought that was a good idea.. for he is too, shouldn’t tempt himself.

Violet waited anxiously for Seth to speak, because the silence between them was excruciating but she hid her anxiety instead. She’s looking down and touches her left wrist, psychologically looking for relief.

Even without looking, Seth notices her moves.

“Why didn’t you heal it?”

Her eyes blinked once, not expecting his question. She paused for a second.

“ I-I can’t.” She’s looking down again, a glimpse of sadness shown in her face.

“I guess- - I can only heal--other than me,” She slightly sighed. “All of this- healing power is new for me, if you must know!- - A-and fairies don’t lie!” Violet added, got a little bit carried away.

They stared at each other, but this time Violet was the one who looked away first. She couldn’t bear to be under his gazes too long and every time she looked at his blue eyes, her knees starting to fail to support her.

“So why would your people attack my brother?” Said Seth sceptically, while putting the arrow’s tip from his brother’s body on the other end of the table.

Violet slowly headed toward the table and took the arrow’s tip, watching it closer for the second time, and not having the slightest ideas of ‘why’.

“That is the question that- - I have to find the answer too, back in my kingdom. I shouldn’t be here.”

“You’re not going anywhere, Princess. You need to tell me everything you know, about your kingdom’s plans—and most importantly about the day when Athopia had suddenly decided to hide itself.”

“I don’t have to tell you anything about my Athopia—” Violet hadn’t finished talking when Seth cut in.

“My father’s cavalry last known-where about was WITH your King!” his voice got tense, as he suddenly walked toward her from across the table. “And since then your King had shut his kingdom off the grid, his troops attacking MY people several times! So I guess you do HAVE to answer me, princess!”

Violet took a step back spontaneously by fear. Considering not too long ago she was thrown to the wall.

Noticing the fear on her face, Seth took a deep breath before his eyes softened up a little. He was just standing in silence.

Violet was steadying her stand before taking a glance at Seth’s formal-family-picture behind him, a picture of King & Queen Gryffin with their two sons.

And at the same time, she was trying to put all the pieces together. She remembered that her father did tell her about his convention with King Gryffin weeks ago. Even though she honestly doesn’t know why Seth’s father hasn’t been home.

She replies carefully, “All I know is…Athopia, we don’t have a harmful propositions--or desires, to start a war with any kingdom..”

“We hid our kingdom for our own safety—especially from the Moghs..” She explained looking straight to his eyes.

“..I believe it’s in our best interest then, that I should meet King Athopia.” He spoke while walking back to the other end of the table.

“You can’t.” Violet quickly said.

“And why is that?!”

“Because I cannot take you—or showing you where Athopia is..” Especially without her Father’s existence in the kingdom. Violet is keeping that information for herself, so no one will take advantage of their kingdom’s vulnerability by charging her kingless kingdom.

“More reason to keep you here then.” He said briefly, provoking her in purpose.

“That’s a reckless decision.” Violet tried to keep calm.

“Well, I don’t think so.. You’re the King’s princess—her daughter. When he’s looking for you—and I’ll make sure that he knows you’re here.. He’ll come. Then, I’ll get to meet King Athopia.” He said in his icy looks. “Besides, you said Athopia will not provoke any war, that means it’s safe to say that I can KEEP you here as long as I WANT.”

Violet was really tempted to show her anger at him. “Do you really think that I’m gonna believe that you’ve prisoned me here, just to ask for my accountability?!—and, and for some answers I wouldn’t even find from here!” Violet took a step forward.

“I’m maybe a princess who doesn’t have a slightest clue about war or anything! --” she burst out. “--but I’m not that naive, and I am certainly no fool. Just tell me the real reason, Prince!, WHY are you keeping me here?!”

She just raised her voice in front of me! Seth was struggling with the urge to punish the princess, but failed to identify whether it was the urge to give her pain or pleasure, because he found her expression of anger awakened his lust within even more.

Seth’s face turned rigid at once, because he’s not gonna tell the princess that the reason she prisoned here was to absorb her power—her life.. that means to kill her.

His jaw clenched, he’s looking at the papers on his desk unable to see her eyes, gathering his strength to continue the conversation.

“I need to know what happened to my Father. I’m not gonna set you free until I have something or—some leads to follow up.”

Violet took a quiet sigh. They both stand in silence for a while.

“Let’s say that even if I believe you, I still cannot help you from here.” Violet upsetly said as she looked away in disappointment.

Noticing her disappointed eyes, Seth’s jaw clenched again.

After assuming that her conversations with him are settled, Violet was just about leaving him. But then he suddenly speaks.

“Princess..” He cleared his throat. “I really appreciate your help to my brother--” That must be the most rigid thank-you that he ever said.

They’re staring at each other again. Violet was about to reply between her parted lips, when someone came into the room.

“Seth, my Prince ! I thought you’re gonna welcome me at the gate, honey.. I want to discuss our engagement day and your birthday too..”. It’s Princess Bianca Winston. She’s standing beside Seth after teleporting from the entrance hall, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Violet couldn’t help to feel her heart aching. She gasped, quietly and tried not to obviously look puzzled. Though, the words ‘Honey’ and ‘Engagement’ were echoing in her head.

She looked away to the door, wanting to run from this room, without notifying them both.

When Bianca noticed her, she paused and spoke with her arrogance accent, “Who is this?” she cynically watches Violet’s look, from the top to bottom.

“Never mind! Sent her away!” Bianca said while swinging her hand, and speaking to Seth again.

A wizard guard walked in from the door, at the same moment with Violet’s chain that only on her left wrist before— tied her both wrists.

“OUch!” Violet quietly groaned as the rough edges from the chain grazed her skin. But the chain soon gradually loosen up, and released her right wrist, back to tying her left wrist only.

Still confused, Violet glanced back at Seth, wondering if he was the one who’s helping untied her chain.

Even though Seth seemed like focusing his eyes on the papers—gathering his paperwork and pretending to hear everything that Bianca said, his attention was with Violet all along—apparently always.

That’s why the moment he heard her groaned, he undo it immediately--just with a glance so nobody would know.

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