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In her room Violet dropped her body into the bed feeling drained both emotionally and physically.

What should I do? She said inside her heart, wondering what his father wants her to do in this kind of situation.

She was overwhelmed with her feelings, moreover when her mind wandered thinking about Seth and his fiancée.

What is wrong with me? This is so not the right time to be emotionally involved—to fall in love!

She tucked herself in bed, wiped her tears that kept falling while gazing at the stars from the window and overslept not long after.

It’s already late at night, Seth is still in his workroom trying to figure everything out, even though at the end all he can think about is Violet. How can I extract her power, harm her--or even end her life, when I just can’t stand to watch her hurt even just a little bit? --He slightly thought before denying his own mind and not carried away by his feelings.

“Working late, Sire..?” Tanek appeared, realizing the Prince’s tired looks.

“Just went through some stuff.” Seth’s putting the paper in order. “Is there something you need to tell me?” He said straight to the point.

“Yes Sire.. The council has arranged a hearing court for the fairy, tomorrow morning.”

“Why would they do that? I thought I’d make it clear to hold the hearing until after my engagement day.” He doesn’t even care about his engagement day, he’s saying that just to buy her some time.

Seth doesn’t like the idea of the hearing court for Violet. Even though it will be attended by a few council members and royal members only, the hearing can be very intimidating for everyone.

“They want to evaluate more, considering the fairy hasn’t been cooperating.” Said Tanek.

Seth paused for a while, looking for another not-so-obviously-defending-her-reasons.

“Can’t it wait until my engagement day? I made some progress in seeking information from her too.” “I don’t think the hearing court would be necessary.” Said Seth trying to be emotionless.

“They asked the hearing court to be immediately executed, Sire. Even though..—if I’m not being too bold, it seems as if Your highness is caring about the fairy in a way that you shouldn’t.” Tanek speaks in cautious.

Seth looked at him sharply, concealing his emotion away. “Rest assured I’m not.”

“That’s good then, Sire. As a royal counsellor, I am obliged to tell you that every fairies have telepathic strength.. who knows—maybe one has used their mind’s ability on you, Sire.”

“Thank you for your concern.” Said Seth briefly and Tanek is leaving the room.

Are these thoughts about her from her power? All these yearning and possessive feelings?

He’s starting to be overwhelmed by his thoughts, he decides to find more truth about fairies telepathic strength, intended to confront Violet about it. He teleported to Violet’s room.

At her room, he’s standing in silence trying not to make a sound when he finds Violet has already slept.

He comes to the side of the bed standing near her, watching her closer –even though he soon realizes that it was a bad idea..

He found a tear drop’s left near her nasal bone, a remains that she was crying in her sleep—or before. He quietly took a step back, worrying if he stays there a little bit longer he’ll touch her.

The light of the morning sun shined on Violet’s eyes, making her awake.

She looked at the breakfast prepared for her at the nightstand, but she doesn’t have the appetite to eat it. She untied her hair letting it loose, because she had overslept before undoing her hairstyle from Elena. She washes her face and decides to drink the milk from breakfast.

Not long after that two guards appeared and--without explaining anything—dragging her to the Palace’s hall.

Its doors are more like sturdy wooden gates, it’s top reaches the ceiling and she’s pretty sure it takes a lot of effort to open those kinds of doors-manually—But of course, all the sorcerers use their magic to open that door including both guards who assist her.

Walking through the hall with every sorcerer’s eye staring at her made her shivering.

It’s a good thing that both guards strongly grabbed her arm--partly dragged her, and by fortuitously supporting her body at the same time. What’s gonna happen to me? Her fears rose up.

She noticed there are about twelve sorcerers in the room, including Seth, Phillip, Elena, the counsellor and the rest of them she guessed to be the council.

The guard placed her to sit at the chair in the middle of the prepared court-area, which settled on the lower ground in front of the King’s throne’s stairs. Her both hands are tied by a chain to the chair’s armrest.

All of the council members took places on a half circle table formation, ready to initiate the hearing.

Seth is still standing by the King’s throne’s stair, tightening his jaw, and looking tense. His crown is slipping sideways proving his under-pressure-habit, ruffling his hair. His mind mixed badly and made him hardly sleep last night.

“Fairy Princess, you are called here to answer a few questions from Gryffin Kingdom! Any disgraced words, silent insults, and hostile action will be convicted as commencing war.” One of the council declared.

Violet gulped nervously. Keep it together Vi! You can do this! She said inside her heart, strengthening herself.

“Did you know about the last convention meet between King Gryffin and King Athopia?” said the appointed council.

“.. –Yes, I knew”

“Did King Athopia had back to his kingdom?”


“Did you know that King Gryffin has not returned since the last meeting we spoke?”

Violet licked her lips, “At that time I didn’t.. I just found out about it recently.” For a second Seth’s eyes and hers meet.

“Fairy Princess, do you withhold the information about King Gryffin’s whereabouts?” the appointed council continued.

“No I’m not.. King Athopia didn’t discuss further things about that convention..” said Violet.

“Considering that Athopia has hid itself from the world, can you reach King Athopia in order to help us knowing King Owens whereabout?”

Violet bit her lower lips before reply. “Uh—I, cannot..”

“Come again Princess?” the council was not sure about her answer.

“I- I cannot do that.”

For a moment the rest of the council are murmuring. “You do realize that the last person who’s saw our King—knew his last location, is your King Athopia?”

“I.. do.. but If I may… explain—”

“No you may not Princess. Our kingdom has enough proof that showed your kingdom’s aggression more than once. A solid proof- -“ One of the council suddenly reveals a few kinds of shattered fairies weapon, all marked with fairies engraving.

The appointed council released Violet’s chain from the chair, “You may examine the evidence.” The council made the shattered weapons floating in front of Violet so she may look closer.

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