Deepest Part Of You

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Prince Seth looked down listlessly, a part of him wants to protect Violet—freed her from the pressure his council gave her, but on the other hand he’s obliged to do what his kingdom—his people hopes him to do.

Violet stood up from her chair and touched one of the shattered pieces.

“You see princess? These are fairies weapons that we collect from our own people’s bodies. Some blood is still fresh.” The council started to show sarcasm.

After a quick examination at all the floating evidence, Violet is admitting inside her heart that all of it is a fairies weapon. Her head faced down for a second, before she looked at the appointed council with the rest of her courage.

“I can assure you, King Athopia will not approve any aggressions. There must be a reason behind all of this.” “and as I already told the Prince before, it is my best interest too-- to cooperate and investigate further.. But I can’t do that from here! To be held against my will.” Said Violet.

“If you’re SO cooperating, you wouldn’t mind to let us reach Athopia, seeking to King Athopia then.” Tanek said.

“I WILL cooperate in ways that would not keep my Kingdom in harm.” Violet insisted.

“You DARE to indicate our kingdom as the one with a HOSTILE proposition?!” Tanek suddenly raised his voice, followed by another murmuring from the council.

Looking at the situation, Elena looked concerned at Violet and whispered something at Phillip. As for Seth, he is still standing in great tension, and a clenched jaw.

“That’s not what I said!” What is wrong with this guy?! “I’ve made it clear that I will investigate all about this in my Kingdom, you have my word!” Violet almost took a step back but decided to keep sturdy.

“YOUR words are INSIGNIFICANT!” Tanek suddenly uses his power to make the chain convolute Violet’s body.

The chain walks upon her body like a snake wrapping its prey. Violet groaned in pain, fell on her knees while enduring pain.

Seth’s eyes widened, his hands making a fist and he took one step forward in reflex, “Tanek,”He warned him. But Tanek still held on to his course, Seth warned him once more.

As much as Violet wants to endure her pain, she cannot help herself whimpering in pain, as the chain just keeps tightening.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!!” Seth suddenly shouts and at the same time the chain wrapped on her body loosen up--fell on the floor. His hands are still making a fist.

Some of the council are stunned, as for Tanek, he just possesses a new perception in his gain—that Prince Seth might have feelings for the fairy princess.

The room was tense and quiet for a while, when suddenly the big-coloured-glass-windows behind King’s throne—Seth’s back, and the one behind Elena & Phillips’s side were shattered hard.

Navy and his troops barged in formation through the windows, making all the sharp shards of glass become a threat for everyone in the room.

In that ambush, Seth got a chance to defend, using his power to make an unseen shield upon everyone—including Violet—so that the shards wouldn’t hurt anyone, even so, one shard ran through his left arm.

As soon as Navy and his team touch the ground, they’re using their telepathic mind skills as a weapon against the sorcerers in the room—not mentioning Violet, because she will be safe considering the fairies can choose whose mind to charge. Violet is still ducking at the floor in reflex of seeing some invasion through the windows.

The wizards and witches are struggling in pain for their hearings are interfered with by very high pitched sounds that makes their brains feel as if it’s torn apart. Including Seth who’s fallen down in one knee, holding his head and groaned in pain.

“Violet!” Navy put his hand on her shoulder. Helping her to stand after that. His team is still standing by and executing the telepathic skills.

“Navy!!” She shouted not sure if she was crying or happy.

“We should get out from here!” He said, realizing the chain at Violet’s hand at once.

Navy is still looking for a way to cut the chain when Violet takes a glance at Elena—accidentally, she’s too whimper in pain because of the telepathic attack.

“Stop! Please don’t hurt her, she’s with a child.” Violet talks to the fairy who stands close to Elena. The fairy soon freed Elena from the telepathic attack and guarded her with a fairy sword pointed at her.

“How do I get this off??” Navy already tried to cut the chain but the chain quickly joined itself.

“I don’t know, it was on spell.” Violet said in despair, her heart beats so fast. She got a chance to look at Seth too. With struggle, Seth is looking back at her enduring his pain at the same time too.

She closed her eyes for a second, for she doesn’t have the heart to see Seth struggle in pain that way. In the meantime, when Elena hearkening Navy and violet, she decided to freed Violet from the chain. Doing what her heart believes, and she believes in Violet, she’ll reason with Phillip and Seth later.

Navy and Violet are both stunned for a while before together looking at Elena who’s shown a weak smile back at them. Violet smiled in glassy eyes, giving her the-thank-you-look.

As soon as Navy knew that Violet was free, he put Violet’s hand on his shoulder so she could embrace him, he held her waist too intended to lift her fly from here.

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