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Failed Mission

Seth wasn’t sure whether it was his anger or his jealousy that made him got the chance to suddenly overcome the telepathic attack upon him. Looking at her in someone else’s arm, holding her, taking her away from him makes him furious. She’s M-I-N-E!

Navy and Violet are in the middle of taking a leap when suddenly, both of them are dragged back to the floor by force.

Violet fell with her feet on the ground first, made her land safely and unharmed, considering the height was not too high too. But Navy was dragged and fell in a lay down position, unable to get up or move as if he’s under a huge pressure to the floor by a strong, unseen force.

Seth is very powerful because he makes the same things happen to all the fairies in Navy’s team. They’re all trapped under his control. The situation had turned upside down for the fairy people, they are the one who’s groaning in pain and suffering now.

The wizards guards instantly marched into the hall, while Phillip, Tanek and the council members started to get back on their feet.

Seth approached Navy with sturdy steps. His right hand is still lifted, his fingers stretched since he focused his power to restrain the fairies. The look on Seth’s face is merciless—cold blooded, so ready to kill, this is certain as Navy’s hard groan has filled the room while he tries to survive from the pain.

Reading the situation where Seth’s intentions were very obvious—it is to terminate her people, Violet is shivering in reflex. And seeing the ‘dark side’ of Seth was no help at all.

“Wait--! Please!” Violet started to cry a little, unable to bear the thoughts of her people who might have died trying to save her.

Seth’s face turned more rigid. She just defended him. Who is this guy, and what does he mean for her? Furious with the fact that Navy dared to attack his people, moreover to try saving—taking Violet from him.

“Please!!”. She begged, knowing that Seth’s still torturing Navy and wasn’t gonna let him go, Violet cried in desperation, “Stop-! Please --I’ll do anything!”

As if he’s not hearing the words coming out from Violet’s mouth, Seth tightens his fingers bringing the highest form of pain to Navy.

“Any last words?” He said cold bloodedly—And if his last word were ‘I love you’ at her, I’m SO gonna kill him.

“PRINCE SETH !!” Violet shouted. Finally she’d got his attention.

She’s already standing close to Seth. She can’t help but tremble, her tears flowing down to her cheek.

“Please.. I will do anything….just- - let them go..” She gently said—She surrendered.

Seth softened up as soon as he’s looking at Violet. A glimpse of guilt came to him, he didn’t see it coming to see her being so broken and fragile. He lowered his hand slowly, as soon as his power was gone, Navy passed out.

Seth glanced at her in silence for a while before pulling the shard from his arm—without any emotion at all. He tossed the shard to the floor while ordering his guards at the same time, “Put them in the dungeon!”

Violet watched at his back as Seth turned his back and disappeared, with her empty looks.

After the ambush of fairies, the council decided to postpone all matters about the fairies in order to prepare the Prince’s birthday & engagement day, for it’s going to be held tomorrow night. Navy and his team are placed in the underground dungeon and the guards have brought Violet back to her locked-up room.

In Seth’s work room, Seth is being treated for his wounds by the medic sorcerer. Tanek, Phillip and Elena are there too.

“Are they the same troops that attack you, Phillip? Did you recognise them?”, asked Seth.

“I’m not sure, though I can say that their aggression strategy in both ambushes seems.. different, not the typical fairies troops.. but then again all the weapons are theirs.” Phillip explained.

They both have the same thought, either the ambushes were executed by different teams or not by the fairies at all. Whose army then..? but all the weapons belong to the fairies.

“I’d rather trust the evidence, Sire.. than to assume upon our Kingdom’s safety, Your highness.. We have to find the way to make the fairy in her fittest form.. So we can extract her power—of course for protecting our kingdom, Sire.” Tanek commented.

“We’re talking about taking her life, Counsellor!” Elena burst out.

“I apologize, my lady, but it’s our best defence to strike back if the great evil force attacked..” said him with his head bowed.

“You—!” Elena turned her back feeling upset.

Suddenly the medic witch cut in, “I’m sorry Sire, I’m having a hard time with your wounds. It needs to be sewn, the cut runs pretty deep.. I’m afraid it’s not gonna dry soon, and you’d better limit your left hand’s move, Sir.”

Seth couldn’t care any less about his wounds in the bandage. All he cares about is Violet and the fact that she may have hated him for not letting her escape—more over to almost kill her boyfriend? Darn it! He suddenly felt very upset in jealousy.

“You should rest Your Highness.. I will bring the fairy at once, to heal you..” said Tanek.

“NO need, I’ll heal.. eventually.” Seth quickly replied. Maybe from now on he must keep his distance more, conceal his feelings more too. “I’ll be in my room.”

Seth decided to take a break for a while in his room, cleaned up his body and—hopefully his mind too.

He’s just coming out from the bathroom wrapped in his black towel on his waist, when he suddenly froze to find Violet who’s standing inside his room. She was stunned too, just standing there near his closed bedroom door.

Tanek brought Violet and told her back in her room-- to heal the Prince’s wound, with no choice she agreed without knowing that Tanek took her to Seth’s room and suddenly left her there, by herself!

On what purpose did Tanek bring her to the Prince’s bedroom! Was it because she said she’ll do anything?

Violet just standing there with her eyes widened, looking at Seth with his dripping wet dark hair, his muscled-wide-shoulder-body-- even the bloody bandage on his arm made his Alpha-looks more perfect. She took a step back, licked her lips and looked away around the room nervously.

“- Y-your counsellor - -said to heal you.” Violet cleared her throat.

Seth is still standing in quiet for a while.

He’s really not ‘laughing’-inside, at the ‘JOKES’ that his counsellor gave him, he must have been kidding me. Told me that I shouldn’t have certain feelings—yet he throwed this girl at me in all chances! He looked down and quietly scoffed.

Seth intended to confront his counsellor soon, for he’s beginning to think that Tanek knows something that he doesn’t, and it must be related with Violet’s fittest form.

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