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Ameila Jones is finally done with her horrible highschool experience, now 18 and about to start at Winston University alongside her older brother, but when she is pledged with bad luck. Its gotta have a downside. The only problem? She has to live in a fraternity full of good looking baseball players! To any other girl this would be a dream come true but to Ameila, a anxiety ridden girl, this is a nightmare. How will she even survive her term?!

Romance / Drama
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1: The Bus Bitch

"Excuse me?" It was faint but I could hear it, a person was attempting to talk to someone. I was praying that the person wasn't talking to me.

I kept my head down, earbuds still in my ears. Hoping that, if this bus rider was actually talking to me, they'd see me wearing earbuds and stop talking to me.

It's the biggest rule of being in public; Don't speak to someone if they've got earbuds. It's rude.

But, to my dismay, I felt a tap on my shoulder. Okay they are talking to me, lucky me. My anxiety is peeked, like it always is when people talk to me.

With a sigh, I took one earbud out and looked up at the person who was still there.Waiting to talk to me.

I pitted the person who stood before me, between my anti-social way of life and my tendency to whisper when forced to speak to people, I know this conversation will not go well. Especially when I looked to see who the said person was, a blond girl who didn't look happy. No she looked pissed as hell.

I cleared my throat and gave her another once over, she was very beautiful. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a figure that'll sure get any guy she wanted. She oozed popularity and, maybe it's just me being judgemental, but also bitchy.

I then determined something, I had to get out of here as soon as possible. "I'm sorry, yes?" I said as loudly as I could, which was barely above a whisper. She rolled her eyes and gave me an overly wide smile. "Hey could you move?" I tilted my head in confusion, why does she want me to move? There were plenty of available seats for her.

"There's lots of seats, ones right here." I pointed to the one next to me, sure I didn't want her to sit with me, she scared the devil out of me, but if it'll make her leave me alone then by all means. But, because life can't give me a break, she instead scoffed and I realized she was with a girl. I got it then, she wanted to sit with her friend and my spot was the only available spot.

"I'd never sit with you, now move bitch." I was so shocked that she'd say that in front of people, this was a bus specifically for the university I was going to start at. But if so, there were a lot of people here. So I was pretty embarrassed.

"Oh um, sorry but I can't move. With all the stuff I have. You two could stand." Holy cow I really just said that to someone, not just someone but a girl the same age as me!

She narrowed her eyes and put her finger out in my face, from the corner of my eyes I could tell some of the students were watching our exchange carefully. Why do I have a feeling that I'm so dead?

"Listen up girlie, I have the feeling you don't know who I am." I did not, was she famous? Or worse, university royalty. Shit did I just make an enemy on my first day of being here in California?!

There's only one thing I'm sure of, when I tell Noah about this, he's going to think this is the funniest thing in the world. Damn my big brother.

"I don't," I knew that if I said the next part of my sentence, it wouldn't end well. But I said it anyway. "Should I?" Her expression went from mildly annoyed to furious. "What did you just say?!" She turned into a thing I only see in my nightmares.

Oh crap, oh crap, oh crappy crap! I'm screwed right now!

I took a deep breath and bit my lip, I'll have to fix this. I mean imagine if this situation ends horribly and I have to have classes with her. That would be something the world would throw at me.

"I apologize, I'll move if you still want me to." That's right I'm a pushover, I'm not proud of it though. Who would be? That wasn't good enough for her, oh no, because while I was getting my bag from the compartment above the seats. She tripped me, making me fall to the ground and to make this EVEN worse, my bag fell on my stomach. You would think that it wouldn't hurt but my bag was filled with heavy stuff. Like my expensive camera among other heavy things. It hurt so bad that I coughed out loud and stayed on the ground for longer than I should've. "Why are you just laying there, how pathetic." The blonde's friend said, the girl had bright blue hair and a nose ring.

I quickly got up after hearing people laughing at me, why did this happen to me?! Out of all the things that could've happened, I gained an enemy today. I threw my bag over my shoulder as they sat in the seats they had taken away from me.

I walked to the closest empty seat at the front of the bus, the minute we made it on campus ground. I'd be outta there and straight to my brothers fraternity house. I laughed to myself, any other scenario, I'd still be hating the thought of living with a bunch of boys. I still very much do but being there instead of here sounds a lot more appealing right now.

"What a bitch." The blonde girl said. "She's gonna pay for that, right Lillian?" The blue haired girl said, so the blondes named Lillian huh? "Let's just say she's going to remember me after today." Oh goodie, I've really gained an enemy.

They two girls laughed and I laid my head back on the seat, I knew this was going to be an eventful year but seriously? Drama is starting on the bus?! What a drag.

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