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2: Going The Distance...Literally

The rest of the bus ride dragged on, after the altercation we still had 30 minutes until we made it to the campus. Luckily I did the only thing that calms me down, I started to read. One of my favorites in fact, Romeo and Juliet.

Even though, throughout highschool, my love life was an absolute disaster. I always love reading about two people falling in love and a happily ever after. That will never happen in real life, at least not for me. And that's fine with me, I don't want a boyfriend. Not after Kesley Evens.

After getting through 1/4 of my book in the single bus ride, it was finally time to get off the bus and start my new life. College life!

I won't have to deal with boys like Kelsey cause I'll have my brother with me, he's not going to let any boy near me after all. I don't even know how our mom got him to agree for me to stay with him. I'll ask him about that later, for now, I have to get off of this bus.

The two girls kinda scare me and whatever they have planned for me, now I'm going to be on high alert for the rest of my stay here at WU.

I hurried off the bus, body tense with fear and anticipation. But, to my delight, when they followed off the bus. They headed the other way. I breathed a sigh of relief, I really do work myself up sometimes. It's the anxieties fault, not mine.

The sound of the bus getting out of park and driving away startled me, so much so that I stumbled and caught myself in time before falling. Well if nothing else I didn't embarrass myself much worse. I flatten my bright red hair and pull the sides into a bun. If I was going to walk in this heat, I at least have to put my long ass hair up. My brother's fraternity was on the other side of campus after all.

Speaking of my brother, where the hell is he? I looked around, scanning the crowds and places. Right now I'm at the entrance of the big university, in front of me is the registration office, on my left is a class building and my right was one of the many libraries.

I got lucky getting into this place, not even my anxiety was enough for me to turn this awesome opportunity down.

But back to the subject at hand, Noah said he'd meet me here. He said he'd give me a grand tour and introduce me to the people I'll be living with, ya know, the guys. But I should've known better, he's not one to be early. Hell he doesn't even show up most of the time. But, naively, I really thought he would show up for his sister's sake.

I'll wait 5 more minutes, if he doesn't show up, I'll call him. And with that settled, I sat down at the bus bench and waited. Instead of reading however, my eyes stayed on the crowd. My mind wandering back to my bus encounter.

I thought that after highschool, girls would change. That they would be more mature and not start drama with everyone who doesn't listen to them but I guess that's not true. The proof lies with this Lillian girl. She plays into the mean blonde girls.

By the time I sworn off befriending any girl here, I survived highschool without any I can do the same with college, I realized I had waited more than 5 minutes. In reality I was sitting there for 15 minutes and, what a surprise, Noah isn't here. Guess it's time to call him, there's two things that he could be doing to forget about me. One is having a ball with his friends and the other, correct opinion, is "chilling" with his girlfriend. Stacy Edison. Chilling obviously meaning way more than a simple movie and food.

I turned my phone on, went to the call app and pressed my brother's contact. Looking at his contact picture made my anger at him flare down a little, smiling I pressed the green call button.

The picture was of me and him, when we were little. He was 7 and I was 5, he had his arm around me and his two front teeth were missing. I, on the other hand, wasn't smiling like him. I had a frown on my face, my eyes were red from crying and my arms were crossed. The reason I was crying was because I had lost a game of something or other and he had won. I was a sore loser back then and he was a sore winner, still is.

Ring, ring, ring, ring. Hey it's Noah, can't get your call right now. Leave a message and I'll call you back, ya know, if I like you.

Damn it, no answer. After calling him back three more times, it became clear to me that I'd have to find the place on my own. He's not getting any hugs from me when I find him but, for now, I'm going to find my new place and take a nap. With little to no interaction with the men of the house. That would be a dream come true.

I get up, knowing all waiting is gonna do is make me tired, and hike my backpack up on my shoulder. Time to go on a walk, alone and in a new place. Chances of me getting lost? High.

I'll kill him, I'll kill my stupid brother. That was my only thought as I continued to walk past the dorm rooms, this was my 3rd time rounding the buildings and I haven't found the right house yet. I don't know why, it's quite a big house.

"Um excuse me?" Not those words again, I'm not ready for another bad encounter! I groaned and cursed the sky for doing this to me then turned around, seeing a meek boy with glasses, his hair was white which looked cool. He also wore baggy clothes like me, somehow he put me at ease. "Oh hi," I said, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. "Do you need something?"

He smiled at me, a smile that revealed pearly whites. "Well I saw you loop around the dormitories a couple times and wanted to see if I could help you." And he's nice, this is going too well. He's gotta be a killer or something.

"That would be great, I'm completely lost." He gave me another smile. "I'd be happy to help, I know this place like the back of my hand, where do you need to go?" Now for the part I'm dreading, telling him that I need to go to a fraternity.

"Fraternity A01." His expression changed, only slightly, from content to curiosity. "The fraternity A01?" He repeated, I bit my lip and nodded. "Yeah but it's not what you're probably thinking, I'm not going there to do anything with a guy. I swear!" He giggled and waved his hand in the air. "Oh I'm not judging, just surprised that's all, I go there all the time. I'd be happy to take you." He goes there all the time?

He doesn't seem like the guy to befriend jocks, he's more of a geek or nerd to me. That's not a bad thing though, it's cute.

"Thanks, what's your name?" I asked, he cleared his throat. "Daniel Harris, you?" He stuck his hand out and shook it. "Ameila Jones." He stopped dead in his tracks and a look of realization crossed his face. "It all makes sense now, your Noah's little sis." He knows about me, huh?

"Yep that's me, how do you know him if I may ask." Daniel moved some of his fluffy hair out of his face. "He's a friend of mine, I am dating one of the residents of the house after all." Ah I get it now. "That's so cool, can't wait to meet the lucky guy." Daniel breathed a sigh of relief. "Glad you're cool with it." Then a look of pain crossed his face, this must be sensitive for him.

"Of course I'm cool with it!" I patted his head and he laughed. "You just earned yourself a new friend, Mia. Can I call you that?" A friend, already? I didn't even think I would get one throughout the course of my time being here. "Sure Dan." He cringed. "That's not it." We laughed and, after a little more small talk, he stopped at a big house. My new house. The nerves finally came back, they had left when I had my talk with Daniel now they're back full force.

"You okay?" He asked, giving me a kind look, I nodded. "Yep, just a little nervous to meet the guys. That's all." He grabbed my hand. "Don't be, you'll love it here, I heard you like animals. They have three dogs ya know?"

Three dogs?!?!

A big, goofy smile plastered on my face. I love animals, dogs in particular. They are so cute and fluffy. That single fact alone made me squeeze Daniel's hand and pull him to the front door. "What're waiting for," I started. "I need to meet some puppies." He shrugged. "Nothing, open the door and see them."

I grabbed the house keys my brother had mailed me and stuck it in the key hole. I turned it and the door swung open. We entered the room and I looked around and frowned, there weren't any dogs. No guys either but that didn't matter. I wanted to see some dogs.

"Hm where are they?" I heard Daniel say from behind me. "I don't know but I'll die if I don't see a puppy soon." He rolled his eyes and put his arm around me. "I have an idea of where they are." He said, a little smirk on his face. It put me on edge, still, I followed him throughout the house. It was as huge as it looked inside as it was outside.

As we walked deeper and deeper into the house, I heard voicing getting louder and louder. Along with splashing and laughing. I didn't register what this could mean until it was too late. Daniel flew a door open and my cheek nearly burned off my face as I looked at the sight before me.

Three boys, sitting in a hot tub. Two of them, a blonde and a lantana, were in a game of catch while the other, a blacked haired man, was in the corner watching them with headphones on.

I was so stunned at what I was looking at that I didn't notice Daniel pushing me into the room. Let me say that again, my new friend that I just met was pushing me into a room filled with shirtless guys! That the hell is going on?!

"Hello boys!" Daniel said, tightening his grip on me, he knew I wanted to run away but he clearly wasn't going to let me. Then, to my horror, they all looked at Daniel then to me.

The lantana smirked and went to the edge of the pool. "Hey babe." Oh this must be Daniel's boyfriend. "Hey." Daniel said, a slight blush on his cheek. I couldn't bring myself to look at the guys, I would faint if I did. But, all my blood drained from my body when the blonde boy said.

"Hey Danny, who's the girl?" I looked up and, after seeing all the guys staring at me, I turned around and clutched my cheeks. This isn't going to go well for me, is it?
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