Campus Boy Life

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3: Boys, Boys, Boys!

The sound of someone getting out of the water made me tense up even more than I already was. It was Daniel's boyfriend, he went up to Daniel and gave him a kiss. It made me smile, it didn't calm me down but it made me sure for sure.

"What's with her?" The blonde one said, I let out an unreadable sound and tried not to blush any further. "Come on, go on and introduce yourself!" Daniel said as he threw me in front of his boyfriend, the guy gave me a once over. "Well?" The blonde said, I don't like him. I've decided, he's got Chad written all over him.

"Hi." I didn't even think that Daniel and his boyfriend could hear me, let alone, the two in the pool. By now the blonde one got out of the pool. "Hey, I think she's broken." He tapped my forehead and I flared. I tried to keep my eyes on his face but they drifted to his abs. Oh God he was fit. Finally, I took a glance at the other boy. The black haired one, he couldn't look any less interested in our interaction. He just looked like he was spacing out while listening to his music.

"Oh I get it, she's so memorized by our abs that she can't think straight." The blonde one said, poking me yet again on the forehead. Oh God, I don't want them to think I'm a pervert. I stuck my hands up in front of me. "What? No! I was just um-ah- um." I cleared my throat, it was hopeless. I couldn't talk to them when they only had very tight bathing suits on.

"Ah she speaks!" The blonde said, he was really getting on my nerves. "Knock it off, Sam." Daniel's boyfriend said. So the boys name isn't Chad, Sam's pretty close to the name Chad though.

"Hey I'm Marco, I promise I don't bite." He gave me a wink then ruffled my hair, oh goodie, my hairs probably wet now. Marco, he seemed like his boyfriend. Sweet. "I'm Ameila." I said, hopefully I said it loud enough so they could hear me. Judging by the looks the two gave me, they definitely did.

"No way, your Noah's sister. Damn what a shame." Sam said, I titled my head. "What do you mean?" I asked, feeling a little bit more confident. "Well because I can't have sex with you now." Marco slapped the top of Sam's head while I covered my cheeks.

Sex?! Oh God, I can't think about that now. I can't bring back old memories, ones that should stay in the past. "Sam!" Daniel said as he gave Sam a back look. "Don't listen to him, he's a complete flirt." Daniel said to me quietly, I already guessed that.

"Holden, get your moody ass over here!" Sam said, he turned and gustered to the headphone guy in the pool to come over here. The boy looked at Sam then at me, it made me blush, then went back to spacing out.

Marco sighed. "Holden, don't be rude, get over here and meet Noah's sister!" Holden sighed and got out of the pool then it was round 1,000 for my cheeks to go red. His body was perfect, I couldn't help but stare as he walked over to us.

"My God, is there any subpar looking guy here?" I whispered, Daniel smirked. "Not a single one."

Holden stepped in front of me. "H-hi!" I said, feeling even more nervous than before. Sure Sam was a flirt but I already had guessed that and with Marco, he just seems like a nice guy. But I can't read this guy yet. I will though.

He made a faint grunt before turning and walking back to the pool but he didn't get in, he took all his stuff and left. "He seems so," I started. "He's just a little anti-social, you'll get used to it." A guy looking like him can have social anxiety? Who knew.

"So now that we've gotten to know each other," Daniel started, I couldn't take it any longer. "Can you two please put a shirt on?" I said, a weary smile playing on my lips. Sam laughed and Marco shook his head. "Sure thing." Marco said, Daniel faked a frown. "No, don't." Marco rolled his eyes and gave him another kiss.

"I think I'll keep mine off, I can tell you like it." He pressed one of his fingers against my lips, Marco smacked it away and threw a shirt at him. "Do it, if Noah hears about this then you're a dead man." Sam didn't look phased in the slightest, he merely shrugged Marco's comment off as he put the shirt on. "Noah and try to kill me all he wants." Are these people even friends?

"They are all pretty close, they just show it differently than most." Holden was close to them too? Well I guess I shouldn't make any rash opinions on someone who I just met. Expect for Sam, he's too much for me.

"Hey Holden what's up?" That voice, that's my brother! It came from the end of the hall of the pool. I was so pissed at Noah that I even care to hear what Holden had to say or what he sounded like. "Oh she is, that's awesome. Where is she?" Holden must've told him about me being here.

"Where?! You left her alone with Sam of all people?! That made Sam chuckle, as well as Marco had sat down. He patted his leg and Daniel jumped on his lap.

A second later the door swung open and I finally saw my brother but I wasn't filled with excitement and love, oh no, I was so pissed at him. For making me wait for him.

"Amelia!" Noah opened his arms, waiting for me to run up and hug him. Instead of doing that, I straightened my stance and crossed my arms. I turned up my nose and didn't move, he slowly dropped his arms to his side. "What's the matter with you?" He asked, walking up to me.

"What's the matter with me? What in the hell is the matter with you?! I thought you were gonna, ya know, show me where you live. But oh no, you had something more important to do, so I had to aimlessly walk around until I got help from Daniel! Then when we finally got here, I had to look at three shirtless guys nearly making me die of embarrassment." I took a deep breath and continued.

"And on top of that this one," I pointed at Sam. "Is super Chad like. Those two," I point at Marco and Daniel. "Actually they are fine!" That was tiring then, in that moment, I realized I had said all that in front of the other guys. "I'm done now." I said, feeling awkward.

"You're so cute when you're angry!" Noah said, I groaned. "Did you not hear anything I said?! What were you doing anyways, was it really more important than me?" He smirked and revealed a small blue bag, he handed it to me. "I got you something, feel bad now don't you?" That damn look, he knew he got me.

"Oh shut it." I mumbled, I looked inside the bag and smiled. A book! Not just any book but the new mystery novel I wanted, it was only published in California for now. I had begged my brother for it and he said he'd get it for me when the time came.

"Jerk face," I shoved his shoulder. "Always making me guilty for yelling at you." He pulled me into a hug and I, of course, gave him one back. "Now," Noah started, giving Sam a death glare. "What did you say to my sister?" Marco clutched Daniel closer to him and Daniel grabbed my shirt collar.

"You want to step back for this." He said, I sighed and sat next to the two. "Don't get your panties in a bunch, I didn't say a thing that you wouldn't approve of." I smirked, I got the chance to get back at him. "You said you wanted to have sex with me, my brother would never approve of that." The way my brother's eyes went wide and his face red, I knew Sam was screwed.

"Ameila why'd you expose me like that? I gotta run, literally." He sped out of there with Noah in hot pursuit. "We'll catch up later, love ya sis." Before I could answer him, he was off, running after Sam. This whole encounter, hell, this whole day has been bonkers. And it all started with that Lillian girl on the bus.

"So Mia," I was snapped back to reality when I realized Daniel was talking to me. I turned to look at the two, they were both giving me a curious look. "Yeah?" I questioned. "What do you think of this crowd so far?" So far?! You mean there's more! Oh goodie. "Well you two seem fine," they both probably smile. "Sam is too much for me." Daniel laughed and Marco nodded in agreement. "I feel the same way," he started. "But still he's one of my best friends."

"And Holden? What do you think of him?" I shrugged, not knowing how to answer him. I mean, if I'm being honest, he's the best looking one to me. His dark hair and dark eyes compliment his nonchalant way of moving, he was also like me in some ways. An antisocial who doesn't like talking to new people. The only difference is he's a hot guy and I'm a below average scaredy cat.

"He's okay I guess, doesn't seem like a people person." Marco waved me off. "He needs time to get to know you better, he's super fun when he's not drowning in his music." Daniel agreed and we went silent. Him? Fun?

I'm like him but I'm certainly not fun, when I was in highschool I'd spend my days locked up in my room. Studying in my room, even on weekends. I had no reason to go out, I didn't have friends after all. But it's different now, I have a friend in Daniel. I wonder if I'll still be studying nonstop, who knows, I might spend my weekends with him.

"It's cold out here, wanna join me in the hot tub?" Marco asked Daniel, his cheek went red at Marco's question. He turned to me. "You coming?" I shook my head, there is no way I'm doing in a pool with two half naked guys. Sure they're the coolest guys in this house but I'll still have a nose bleed for days. Plus that means I'd have to take my clothes off, I wasn't comfortable with that. I didn't want to show off my body, not that there's that much too show.

Like I said before, I'm subpar in the looks department. My red hair was, well, red and long. It also becomes a big mess and gets tangled easily. I wasn't fat but also wasn't stick thin, I was curvy. Some people would like being like that but it just makes me self conscious.

Next is my height, I'm 5'8 so pretty tall for a girl, that's the only thing I truly like about myself. Then there's my boons. Mine are, for lack of a better word, big. Other girls would die for my size but, frankly, I'm dying that I have them. I wish I had the chest of a nine year old boy but instead I got stuck with melons.

For all those things, that's why I'm never going to get into that pool. I'll never flaunt my body in front of people, let alone, the ones I live with. My brother wouldn't be a big fan of me being almost naked in front of them too.

"I'm going to find my brother, you two have fun though." Marco smirked. "Oh we will." I stood up from my seating position and, just as I was leaving the warm room, I caught a glimpse of the two jumping into the pool.

They were so cute.

I closed the door behind me and then it occurred to me, I'm alone in this house. I didn't know where anything was, besides for the pool of course. I just wanted to find my room and take a nap, is that so much to ask?!

I huffed for a minute then slid against the black wall, I pulled my backpack onto my lap then unzipped it. Smiling as I took out my camera. I might as well pass time by looking at some pictures.

I clicked the on button and started looking through my favorite gallery. Animals. They were all so cute, well taken photos. Some were of the animals I saw at the zoo last year. There were some of the pets of my hometown. Like my neighbors cats, Miss. Friggin had 7 cats, they all hated me but I still loved taking photos of them.

Eventually I made it to family photos, some of them were family gatherings. Lots of them were of me and Noah as children. It made me smile, we were so close back then.

We still are super close now but, ever since he went to college and the Kelsey ⁸situation happened, we haven't been the same.

After going through every single picture I have of my family, I exited out of the family gallery. I was pretty sure I looked through all my pictures, in record time too, but when I was about to power it off, my eyes caught yet another gallery.

It was labeled HIGHSCHOOL and I didn't remember having that on here, I didn't take pictures for the school on this camera. I was part of the yearbook committee but I had the school's camera to take pictures.

The curiosity got the better of me and I clicked the gallery, I instantly regretted it when I saw his face. I saw his bright blonde hair, green eyes, and his red and white letterman jacket. It was Kelsey Evens, my ex boyfriend.

I remember the day the first picture was taken, we were on our first date and he had made me come to an amusement park. I told him I was afraid of heights and he told me he'd cure my fear. It was sweet at the time but now I'm pretty sure he was messing with me. Anyways it was after he had forced me to go on the biggest and scariest ride, I had told him that he cured my fear. And, in order to celebrate, he said we needed our picture taken.

He got someone, one of the workers, to take a picture of us. Right before the girl took the picture, he surprised me by kissing me. My surprise was captured by the photo, my eyes were wide and I grew tense. Him, on the other hand, looked as calm as ever.

A tear fell from my eye, remembering that, back then, I thought him liking me back was the best thing in the world. I was so naive, I still am.

"Hey sis, what's the matter?" I jumped at the voice, I snapped my head up to see my brother. He gave me a concerned look but I just shrugged it off. Quickly I turned my camera off and wiped the tears away.

"N-nothing, I'm fine!" I got up and put the camera lanyard around my neck. He put an arm around me and pulled me close to his side. "You can't trick me little sis, tell me what's up." I sighed and followed him as he started walking. "It's nothing, I just miss mom and dad." That's my excuse for everything even though it's true. I do miss them, that's the only thing in my hometown of Marrick, Delaware that I do miss.

"Already? You've only been gone for two days at best." I crossed my arms and gave him a bad look. "Sorry." I said, sassy as ever. He rolled his eyes and gave my cheek a sloppy kiss. "Forget about our mommy and daddy, you have me now. We haven't been like this in a while." He had a point, the longest we've hung out since he started college was a week.

"I know, promise you'll actually spend time with me? Not just say hi in the hallways and stuff." He clutched his heart, a sure sign that he's pretending to be hurt. "I'm so appalled that you'd think I'd ignore you." I laughed. "Come on Noah, you really want to spend time with your little sister. Isn't it embarrassing?" He frowned, looking sad for real this time. "Of course not, I love you Amelia." I blew out a breath and hugged him again. "Stop being such an awesome big brother."

"I can't help it, little sis." I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything else. "Hey Noah?" He mumbled a response and I continued. "Could you show me to my room? I wanna take a nap." He stopped walking then he did something he used to do all the time. "Put me down!" I screamed, he had picked me up and hiked me over his shoulder. "I don't think so!"

"Noah please!" I lightly punched his back but that only made him grip me tighter. "I'm taking you to your room, you wanted me to do that a minute ago." I wrapped my arms around his neck as he went through the house. "Yeah, yeah, hurry it up will ya? I'm super tired." He slapped my thigh and I yelped loudly. "I'll go as slow as I damn well please." Then, to piss me off further, he started to walk slower.

"Hurry up boy!" I slapped his neck and he grunted. "Fine I'll go fast." Oh shit! He then started running throughout the house. "Ah Noah!" He started laughing as he shot up the stairs. "I swear if I fall and die, I'll haunt you forever!" He didn't answer me, instead he turned a sharp right into a hallway of doors. He, thankfully, slowed down as he walked the rest of the way.

We made it to the end of the hall, stopping at the last door on the left and then put me down. "Here's your room." He said, leaning against the door. "My rooms next to yours so if you need anything just ask." He said as he pointed to the door on the right of mine.

"You've met most of the guys that live here, Xavier is the only one left. His room is across from yours. If you want to meet him then go ahead, I'd knock first though." Then, with that, he was off. Waving at me as he walked into his room. "Have a nice nap unless you meet Xavier, you won't have one if you do."

That doesn't make sense. What does he mean by that? Well It certainly did peak my interest. I could either nap or meet this mysterious Xavier guy, normally I'd pick the first option but I was way too curious now.

I slowly made my way to the door and, like Noah said to do, knocked. After a minute there was no answer. I knocked again and this time the door opened slightly and, like an idiot, I walked in. Tripping as I did so. I grumbled and rubbed where my head was hurting.

"Can I help you?" A voice said suddenly, I looked up to see a fellow redhead. He had glasses on and looked like he was in the middle doing an experiment. I bit my lip, hoping I didn't interrupt something.
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