Campus Boy Life

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4: Mad Scientist

By now, 10 seconds have gone by of us just staring at each other. It was now very awkward. I stumbled to get up, luckily the boy. Xavier, helped me. "Oh thanks." He shrugged. "Don't mention it." I awkwardly fiddled with my fingers.

"I interrupted something, didn't I? I'm sorry if I did." He waved me off and put a hand through his hair. "I was just testing a theory of mine out, it wasn't going well so you kinda saved me." Ah so he's a smart one, that's good to know. Still don't know why Noah said I'd have nightmares about him though.

"Oh your welcome? Anyways I came here to introduce myself, I'm Ameila Jones." He smiled and fixed his glasses. "Noah's little sister, huh? Gosh you're pretty." I blushed, he's forward too. "Thank you, you are nice looking as well."

He was. He was a mix between a nerd and a jock. His hair, freckles and glasses made him look nerdy but his body certainly told another story. He definitely had a six-pack underneath his lab coat.

"Haha you're adorable too!" I blushed even more, I put my hands. "W-what, I am not!" I protested, that made him laugh more. "Do you want to help me with something? You seem like a smart young lady." He pressed my glasses further up my nose. "What do you need help with?" He handed me a lab coat and I put it on, it was huge on me. It was clearly made for someone bigger.

"You'll see." Suddenly there was a hint of crazy in his eyes, for a second he actually looked like a mad scientist. "Okay." I said cautiously. "I'm trying to make a scientific conclusion based on what happens to this bottle!" He uses both of his hands to show me a large coke bottle.

The bottle itself was bubbling and looked like it was going to burst any second now, I was confused on what was going on right now. Did he put a mento in the bottle for something? I did that in 6th grade science class.

"No I didn't put mentos in there, I'm on top of my class, chemistry in particular. I won't do such a childish experiment." He cleared up, I nodded and moved closer to the table the bottle was on. "Then what's in the coke to make it bubble like that?" I questioned, finally taking the time to look around his room.

The table was right next to a desk, filled with books and papers. Then, on the other side of the room was a small and simple bed. That wasn't the thing that made this room memorable, his black walls weren't visible due to all the posters. They were all about learning, what a surprise. Some of them were chemistry, then there were a lot about our past presidents. His room was like a highschool classroom with all the educational posters.

"It's a secret!" He walked up behind me, it made me jump but he kept me steady. "I'll be opening the bottle when I see fit but first, I'd like to get to know you better. You will be my roommate after all." He patted his desk chair, I sat on it and he jumped on his bed. "Oh well I'm not all that special." I said honestly, leaned against the frame of his bed.

"For starters, how close are you to your brother?" That's personal but I can tell him the truth. "Noah and I are close, why?" He shrugged. "Oh I know, you should've seen him yesterday." He chuckled and shook his hand. What does he mean? What was my brother like yesterday?

He smirked and got closer to me. "Your brother swore that if any guy touched you in a sexual way, he'd cut their dicks off." I covered my face, embarrassed by how my brother acted. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed, I couldn't believe it! He just had to do that to me.

I probably would've been glad he said that but it didn't even work. Sam's flirting with me, Xaiver called me pretty. And Holden, well Holden didn't do anything but I can tell he's not that type of guy to do something. I'm sure that, even if Noah didn't threaten the boys, he still wouldn't have flirted with me.

"That is so embarrassing!" I said again, he is so dead when I see him next. "Yup I'm guessing Sam didn't listen, am I right?" He knew what's up. "Yeah, he's definitely not my favorite." Xavier patted my back. "He's not mine either but I'm not really close to any of the guys. Sure they're my friends but I don't hang out with them that much."

Then a question popped into my head, this was the baseball fraternity and he didn't seem like the type to play sports. Well his body said otherwise but his manners were way too nerd like.

"Xavier, do you play sports?" I asked. "Yes, I do live here after all." I blushed, damn I shouldn't make assumptions. "Right, haha. You don't seem to like sports." He sighed and gave me a coy look. "It's true, it's not my favorite passing time but it's still pretty fun."

Me, a person who hates anything that has to do with running, doesn't understand how sports could be fun. I did enjoy watching people play. My brother played baseball in highschool and I'd go to every one of his games. I always cheered him on as loud as I could, to the point where my throat would hurt.

"That's cool," I was about to say more but he interrupted me. "It's time to open it!" He yelled, jumping up from his bed. I nearly fell out of his chair when he said that, I caught myself in time. "O-okay!" I followed him back to his table and watched as he put blue rubber gloves on. "I'd step back if I were you, Ameila." I did what he said, I didn't feel like getting coke all over me.

"Ready?" He said, the same crazy look in his eyes was back. "Sure." I stepped back another step, he turned back to the bottle and opened it. The first thing that popped into my head as the bottle exploded was why doesn't he do this outside. Why does he do it in his room?

I was quickly brought out of my thoughts when I felt a feeling of pressure against my face. It was the coke, it sprayed all over me. My face, my clothes and my hair.

I couldn't move luckily Xavier fulled me out of the way, he wasn't nearly as wet as me. This is a shitty day and it's not even dinner time yet.

The liquid eventually stopped flowing out of the bottle. "That was a success!" When I turned to look at him, he was at his desk writing away. This was a success?! I'm completely soaked, that's a success?!

"A what?!" I yelled, pointing at myself. He turned to me and gave me a guilty look. "Oh yeah, I'm sorry. I should've put you behind me. Forgive me?" He didn't wait for my answer, instead he went right back to writing.

"This was my favorite outfit." I pouted, I sounded like a snobby girl but I didn't even care. Right now, I'm freezing. "Don't worry, I'll wash it for you. Thanks for helping me by the way." He was just too nice to stay mad at. "Whatever it's fine, I'm going to my room to change. See you later." He gave me a smile over his shoulder.

"Leave the coat here please." I looked down at the drenched coat and took it off and put it on the table. "Bye now." He said as I left, I grumbled as I opened and walked out of his room.

I was freezing and I smelled like coke, it wasn't a good combination. I just wanted to change and take my long awaited nap. Well I'll have to shower first. I had just closed Xavier's room when the one next to Xavier's room opened and then someone stepped out.

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at the person walking out, it was Holden. Oh goodie. He still had his headphones on but when he noticed me he also stopped dead in his tracks.

Great, now one of the guys just saw me covered in coke. And Holden of all of the guys. The only guy worse would be Sam, he'd definitely tease me. Holden is a wild card, I don't know what he's thinking right now. He might not even care.

He didn't say anything as he lowered his eyes, they stopped at my chest area and went wide, I was dreading what was about to happen. Against my judgement, I looked down and saw that my purple bra was showing. "Ahh!" I covered my boob area and blushed like crazy. Before I could see his reaction, I ran into my new room and slammed the door shut.

Suddenly I wasn't so cold anymore. But I still had to take a shower.

After calming down a little, I finally took a good look around my room. It was super cute and totally me. Noah really did a good job making my room nice.

The walls were painted pink and, most of my furniture, were either pink or white. My suitcases were in my walk-in closet and my boxes were under my bed. The room was bright due to the big window on the opposite side of my room. My room oozed cuteness and happiness.

Even though my room was perfect to a literal T, that wasn't enough to make me forget about the coke on me. I went to my suitcases and went through them, it took me over 20 minutes but I eventually found my showering supplies.

Now it's time for the scary part, taking the shower. That wouldn't be as scary as it is now if it weren't for the small fact that I'm showering in a house filled with boys! And on top of that, where will I even shower? I didn't have a bathroom in my room. Maybe my brother does, hopefully he does.

I grabbed a few of my towels as well as my shampoo and conditioner, then walked out of my room and to the one next to mine. I stopped right next to his door and knocked on it.

If we were at home, in our hometown, I wouldn't have knocked. He is my brother after all but there's a good chance he's doing something I don't want to see. "Go away!" He called out, I rolled my eyes. He probably thought I was one of the guys.

"You're really going to talk to your little sis like that?" I said, lots of sounds came out of his voice until he opened the door just a crack but I could tell he didn't have much clothes on. Oh God, is he hooking up with Stacy right now?!

"Whoa what happened to you?!" He said, throwing the door fully open. He was only in his underwear, I looked behind him to see his girlfriend, Stacy Edison, sitting on his bed with a shirt and no pants on.

"Xavier happened." Is all I said, waiting for him to say something. He put the shirt that was in his hand on him. "You wanna take a shower, huh?" I nodded as he put a pair of shorts on. "I'll check if the bathroom's free, I'll be right back." He walked out of there and into the hallway, leaving me with his girlfriend.

She was pretty in all the photos I saw of her but, in real life, she's even prettier. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and she was in good shape.

"Sorry for interrupting." I said, feeling a bit awkward. "Oh it's fine sweetie, I'm happy to finally meet you." She stood and came over to me, still pantsless. She looked me over. "You're so cute, I love your hair." She gently pulled my hair then looked down at my boobs, she did the same thing with Holden and widened her eyes. "And your tits are amazing!"

Wow, she's outspoken!

"Oh thanks, I don't really like them." She frowned. "What? Why?!" She sounded so confused, like it's crazy to not want huge boobs. "I just don't like the attention they get, plus they hurt sometimes." She shook her head. "You are way more lucky than you think you are, Amelia. I'd kill to have them." I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"Well you can have them." She laughed and I joined in, even if she was a blonde girl, she seemed pretty cool. "What's going on here ladies?" Oh God, that's Sam.

I turned around to see him but, right as I realized I should cover my chest area up, he caught my hands and smirked at my see through shirt. "Whoa you're packing girl." I let out a noise as Stacy slapped his hands off of me. "Stop being such a perv!" I smiled at her helping me out, Sam sighed and gave me another smirk. "Why are you benched? Is it because of me?" He winked at me.

Can this guy quit flirting for one second? I crossed my arms over my chest and put my nose up. "No it's because of Xavier, he got me all wet." Stacy laughed and Sam's eyes went big, they both have such dirty minds.

"Don't tell Emma that." Sam said, who the hell is Emma? I looked at Stacy who rolled her eyes. "Emma Graham is Xavier's shitty girlfriend. She's too overprotective, oh, and a bitch." Sam nodded in agreement, well I guess this Emma girls also on my no go list.

"I would stay away from her if I were you." Stacy said in my ear, oh I will be. "Well her and Lillian." Sam said. Wait did he just say Lillian? No that can't be.

Before I could ask him about what he said Noah came back. "Alright you can take a shower now." He looked at Sam and then narrowed his eyes, he stood in between us and covered my already covered chest. "I told you to leave her alone." Sam sighed and rolled his eyes. "Sure." He patted Noah on the shoulder then walked off. The two are actually friends? They don't seem like they are, is it my fault?

"Go and take your shower, bathrooms on the right." He smiled as he gave Stacy a hug. "Oh thanks." I started walking down the hall but stopped. "Hey sis!" I looked at him over my shoulder. "Make sure to lock your door, Sam might try to come in and sneak a peek."

Oh my God, Sam really is a perv!

I nodded and walked into the bathroom, I instantly locked the door and put my stuff onto the counter. After getting naked and getting into the warm water, I could finally get into my thoughts.

First I thought about my Stacy, she seems so sweet. That's a good thing. Next Sam popped into my head, that damn perv. He's better than Kelsey though, at least I hope he is. I can't have another Kelsey in my life.

Holden was next on my mind, I wondered what he thought when he saw my bra. Did he think I was pretty? Why do I care if he does or doesn't, the answer is I don't.

Then Xavier got into my head, him and his mysterious bitch of a girlfriend. Emma, I guess I'll have to stay away from her. Just like Lillian, speaking of Lillian.

Could the Lillian that Sam and Stacy be talking about be the same Lillian as the one from the bus encounter? No way, that would be too much of a chance.

After the quick 10 minute shower, I got out and changed, then went back to my room. I can finally nap! I've been waiting to do this for so long.

I sat on my bed and put my hair in a bun then, laid down on my bed. My eyes shut and I fell asleep within minutes.
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