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5: Puppies And Playboys

I was out cold for a while, the sound that woke me up was my door being opened. If I was at home, I'd know it's either my mom or dad and keep sleeping but now I'm in a house filled with boys so I shot up and scrambled to find my white glasses that I put on my nightstand.

I eventually found them and put them on, it took a second for my vision to adjust but when it did, I did a happy dance, because standing in front of me were two little dogs!

They were two little Yorkies, one was black and the other was brown. I giggled as they came closer to me. When they were close enough, I picked them up and placed them in my lap. They're so fricken cute, I felt like I was going to die!

"Hi there!" I said to the brown one, giving her a scratch behind the ear. She rolled on her belly and I turned her name tag over, it said Sally on it. What a nice name!

The black one tugged on my shirt and bit it a little, I turned to the eager puppy. "Aw, do you want attention?" I tickled her nose and looked at her name tag, Franny it said. Aw that's a nice name too.

"You two are so cute!" I pulled them back on my lap, they were so cute. I didn't want them to leave me. I had wanted to meet the boys of this place since I got here. Still wondering what the third and final dog was like, I'm sure they'll be cute too.

"Sally, Franny!" A voice said while walking into my door, It was Marco. "Hey Marco!" I said happily as I continued to pet the two puppies.

"Oh Mia, are they bothering you?" Did he call me Mia? That's what Daniel's calling me, wait does that mean me and Marco are friends? I pushed all my overthinking away and shook my head. "No way, I love them! Are they yours?" He smiled and sat next to me, immediately Sally and Franny left my lap and jumped on him. I frowned, I can't believe they would leave me!

"They're mine and Daniel's, but since dogs aren't allowed in the dorm, they stay here with me." He grabbed Franny and put him on my lap luckily, she stayed there. "I love them, they're so cute!" He chuckled. "Dog person, hug?" I nodded and gave him a goofy smile. "I'm allergic to cats so I never was interested in them but dogs are the best!" I fluffed Franny's curly fur down as I told him.

"No way, I am too. Dogs are better than cats anyways. Cats don't like humans." We shared a laugh then became quiet until he suddenly said. "Sam told me about Xavier getting you all wet." I rolled my eyes and sighed. "I got drenched by coke, thanks to Xavier." Marco laid back on my bed, Sally took the opportunity to jump on his face. I laughed as Marco got back up.

"These two are too much." He grumbled, I smirked and said coyly. "I'll take them off your hands." He playfully punched me and shook his head. "Daniel wouldn't like me giving them away. plus you live here now so they're technically yours too!" That got me excited. "Really?!" I clapped. "Get over here you two, I'm your new owner!" Sally and Franny both jumped on me, I gave the two a hug as Marco smiled at me.

"If I wasn't gay, I think I'd have a crush on you." I blushed at Marco's words. "Oh um thanks. Was that appropriate, you do have a boyfriend?" He ruffled my hair. "Daniel complements people too, it's fine." They seem to have an amazing relationship, it makes me kinda jealous. I'm happy for the two though.

My brain went back to my darkest time, my relationship with Kelsey.

"What is it?" Marco asked, I realized that I had looked upset. "Oh nothing, I'm fine!" I said, putting my hands up. Both Sally and Franny lightly bit my fingers.

"Uh huh sure, I don't believe you." He said flatly. I tried my best to smile but, with my thoughts filled with Kelsey, I couldn't do it that well. "It's nothing really." I said, taking the two dogs back into my arms. Holding them close to my chest. "I can see through you Mia, tell me. We're friends after all."

I smiled, I have another friend! That's two in one day! I put the two Yorkies down and pulled Marco into a hug. "Whoa hey there, I knew something was up. Spill." I shook my head. "No I just, I've never really had friends before, that's pathetic isn't it?" He pursed his lips.

"Why didn't you have any friends, you are so pretty and adorable!" I shrugged, I knew actually why. I was and still am antisocial and that'll never change. You think I'm bad now? I couldn't hold a conversation with a single person at school, not even teachers!

The only three people I could talk to with no difficulty are my parents and Noah. My parents tried everything, they tried to get me to join clubs and even took me to a therapist for a while. Nothing worked so, eventually, they gave up.

I'm so different from my brother, when he was in school, he was the most popular guy. Girls wanted to date him and guys wanted to be friends with him. He had no issue talking to people, he'd talk to anyone and it made me wonder why I was so weird. Why I was so different.

"I'm not good in social situations, I guess you could say I'm super shy." He thought for a minute before brightening up. "I have an idea!" I didn't like the sound of that. "Oh no, what is it?" He smirked. "Holden's the exact same way now, maybe if we put you guys in a room. You'll blossom!" That'll never work, I should know.

"Putting two shy people in a room against their will isn't going to work." He crossed his arms. "Well you're a debbie downer, aren't you?" I pouted and stuck my finger out. "You mean negative Nancy." Normally I'm only a smartass with my brother but, I guess since he's my friend now, he'll have to deal with that from me too.

"You are too cute." He booped my nose and I grabbed his ring finger, squeezing it before I let it go. "Thank you."

"Hey guys," Daniel said as he knocked on my open door. "Mind if I join?" I patted the space between me and Marco. "Of course you can, get over here." He walked to my bed and jumped on the best, Franny and Sally jumped away from the spot so they didn't get crushed.

"What're we talking about?" Daniel asked as he put himself on Marco's lap. "About miss. Debbie downer." Daniel narrowed his eyes in confusion. "It's negative Nancy!" I said, now Daniel looked completely lost.

"Are you two, like, high?" That made me and Marco laugh. "I would never smoke." I said after calming down. "Maybe you're a little shy but you gotta be a secret freak." I blushed at Marco's ridiculous statement.

Me? A freak? Never.

"That's about as far from the truth as it can get." I said, giving Daniel a stern look. "Oh I'm just messing with you." He said, giving me a thug. "Hmm." I looked away and laid back on my bed. The two dogs jumped on me and, unlike Marco, I let them.

"So Mia," Daniel said, getting off Marco's lap and moving closer to me. "Yes?" The tone of his voice made me feel like I wasn't going to like what came out of his mouth next. "Who's your favorite?" I furrowed my brow in confusion, what did he mean by that? Out of who?

"Um favorite?" I repeated, Daniel smirked and lowered his voice. "Favorite guy here, I mean." I couldn't keep the smile off my face, he probably expected me to say one of the two in my room but I'm a smartass so I gotta say. "Noah, of course." Daniel laughed and Marco groaned. "You really are a smartass."

"What did you expect me to say? He is my brother after all." I pointed out. "Yeah yeah, who's your favorite other then him?" Marco asked, they both waited for my answer. I thought this through carefully.

"Well because Xavier got coke all over me, he's out of the opinion. Sam is a giant perv so definitely not him, I don't know much about Holden so not him. I guess that just leaves you two." I looked between them as they grew more and more curious.

"You guys tie for my favorite." They both groaned. "What?!" Daniel said. "No fair, I want drama!" Marco added. "Well I don't." We shared a laugh then started on a brand new topic.

It's strange for me, to have so much fun talking to someone other than my brother, but college does that to people I guess. I still don't know how I feel about it.

"I'm so starving!" Daniel proclaimed loudly, making a big show of rubbing his tummy. It was an hour after we started talking and, if I'm being honest, I'm proud of myself for actually keeping a conversation going for so long.

"Mia you've gotta be hungry, let's go eat something." He tugged on my shirt as he got up. Then we all bared witness to my stomach growling, very loudly. "See?! You are, let's go!" Before I could protest, Daniel was already pulling me outta my room and down the stairs. I turned my head to see if Marco was following us, he was.

He guided me through the living where, to my dismay, Sam was in here watching TV. When he saw us, I prayed he wouldn't try to talk to me, that was asking a little too much though. "Hi guys!" He said, getting off the couch quickly and joining our little party.

"Hello." I grumbled, I have to still be polite. My stomach growled again and, this time, Sam caught it. "You know Mia, I'm a damn good chief." He's calling me Mia now?! My God who's next, Holden?!

"Good for you." We all entered the kitchen, Sam grabbed both my shoulders and sat me down at the counter. "You just relax, I'll take it from here." Daniel joined me at the counter then gave Sam puppy dog eyes.

"Make me something too, please!" Sam sighed as he went into a cabinet. "Fine but this a one time thing, got it?" Daniel gave him a thumbs up. "You want something, Marco?" Sam asked, not looking at any of us. Instead he was getting a skillet out of the cabinet he was in then started the big stove.

"I can't pass this up, sure!" Marco sat next to me, giving me a small smile as he did so. Sam grunted and turned to me. "See what I'm doing for you?" I raised my brows and rested my head on my hand. "I do see and appreciate it, thank you Sam." His devilish smirk came back and I instantly regretted thanking him.

"You know if I was your boyfriend, I'd cook for you all the time." I blushed a little, not because I liked what he said but because he has the balls to say that. "Well I'll have to taste your food first, who knows, you might be a horrible cook." His eyes went wide and he clutched his heart. "I'm the best cook here but," Once again, his smirk came back. "You didn't turn down being my girlfriend."

His guys!

"God Sam, you are too much!" I yelled, my cheeks still bright red. He chuckled. "And you like it." More like I hate it.

"Quit being a flirt, Samuel." Noah said, leaning against me. I jumped, how long was he here?! "Chill out Noah, we're all having a nice conversation. Isn't that right Mia?" I rolled my eyes. "Oh yeah, he's so right." I said unenthusiastically.

After Sam and Noah banter a little more, things settle down. Sam finished cooking, he made grilled cheese, and it was about the best thing I've ever eaten. "Okay you can start cooking for me more often." I said to him after finishing my third one. "I knew you'd love it." He plastered a cocky smile on his lips, I wouldn't feed into his already huge ego but I wanted to eat more of his food so I didn't have a choice.

"Calm your ego Sammy." He smirked and leaned over the counter, near inches away from me.

"That'll be hard, dollface." I couldn't keep the gasp from escaping. Suddenly I didn't see Sam Welkens, yes he's a perv but he's one hell of a cook, I saw Kelesy. The worst thing to happen to me.

"Don't call me that." I said seriously, it was so serious that even Sam got the hint not to tease me about it. "Okay not a big fan of that pet name, what would you prefer?" He asked, I sighed. And uncrossed my arms, I couldn't fault his guy for being the way he is.

He's just a 20 year old in the baseball frat house, it's in his nature to flirt with anything that has boobs. "Mia works." He pursed his lips. "No fair, Marco and Daniel call you that. I want something just between us." I took a glance at my brother, he looked like he was ready to kick ass and take names.

"Hm, fine you can call me," I tapped my chin, thinking of what to tell him. Suddenly it hit me. "Unattainable." Marco and Daniel bursted out laughing while Noah gave me a pat on the back. "Nice one." Noah said in my ear. "Thanks!" I said, giving Sam an ultra innocent look.

"Alright little miss. Unattainable," In a flash, he scooped me and pulled me in a hug. "I like that name." I wiggled out of his grip and slapped him on the arm, not playfully I may add. "D-don't do that, I almost had a heart attack." I was wobbling, he did pull me over the counter after all.

"Sorry but I just couldn't resist." He winked and I officially had too much Sam. "Alright, I'm going. You're too much." He frowned as I started walking away. "Wait!" A female suddenly said, it was Stacy. "Yeah?" I said apprehensively. "Let's have girl time!" She took me to the living and sat me down on the couch.

Girl time?! Oh Lordy Lou, I just want to rest again. My first day at Winston U is literally tomorrow. But it was only 7, I could spend a little time with Stacy. It might be good to get to know her, she is Noah's girlfriend after all.

"Ah I guess, what're we gonna do?" She smiled. "Let's watch a movie, a romantic one!" My eyes brightened, I always love a cute romance movie! "Sure!" She grabbed the remote and went to Netflix as soon as the boys, Marco and Daniel, showed up.

"Let us join!" Daniel said, sitting next to me while Marco sat on Stacy's other side. "I'll join, not because I'm into cheesy movies, but because Daniel wants to." After a few minutes, we settled on Romeo and Juliet, mostly due to me begging them.

As the movie started, I heard someone's footsteps come down the stairs. I glanced to see who it was and, for some reason, my heart skipped a beat when I realized it was Holden.

He was wearing grey sweatpants and a blue and silver Winston University shirt. I didn't know why but, as he walked, my eyes followed him.

This can't be good.
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