Campus Boy Life

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6: Lillian's Return

Stop staring, stop staring! I kept telling my eyeballs not to look at Holden who was now in the kitchen eating a bag of chips while, not surprisingly, listening to some of his music.

He could look up any second and see me staring, he'd definitely think I'm a weirdo if he saw me. Then again I could turn it back on him, he did look at my chest when I was all wet.

"Mia?" Stacy said, even before I looked at her I knew she was smirking. I turned to her and gave her the most nonchalant look I could muster. "Who were you looking at? My brain's telling me it's a certain music loving loner." I blushed profusely, hoping nobody else heard her. That's asking way too much though.

"You're looking at Holden?" Daniel said at the same time Marco said. "I knew you did, antisocials must stick together." I sighed and laid my head against the back of the couch.

"So I can't even look at someone without getting accused of liking them?" I raised my eyebrows but Stacy didn't waver. "You aren't looking at him, you're undressing him with your eyes!" I wasn't thinking that but I am now, my mind went to Holden without a shirt.

"I wasn't!" I said loud enough so I could get my point across but not so loud that the people in the kitchen, Holden and Noah, could hear. "Well judging by your cheeks, you are now." Marco pointed out, I looked away. I was so embarrassed.

"Stop it." I huffed, Stacy sighed. "It's only a little light teasing." She patted my back. "I know but I don't, like Holden I mean, well I don't like anyone." I reassured them, Stacy smiled. "Don't worry, I'll find you a guy you like before 1st term ends. I won't tell Noah either."

The last thing I need is a boyfriend, right now all I need is to get through the night. Then the week, then the month then the term and eventually the year. I'm hoping it'll be drama free but that's most likely not going to happen.

"I'm good, thank you. I don't need nor want a boyfriend." Stacy frowned and tilted her head. "Why not? Oh are you into girls or something, I'll hook you up with one." I put my hands up. "Oh no I'm trying to focus on school right now, a boyfriend would only be in the way of my goals. Plus I'd be way too high maintenance for a college guy."

Okay I added the high maintenance part to hit home the fact about me not wanting a boyfriend, I obviously couldn't tell them the truth. The truth about my screwed up past love.

"You seem chill, I think any guy would be lucky to have you." Suddenly a head went between us, Noah. "Any guy would be lucky to have her but none will, isn't that right Ameila?" Stacy frowned. "Noah, she's an adult, she can have a boyfriend if she wants." Oh Lord this conversation needs to end now.

"Look," I started, standing up and backing away. "Let's just table this topic for another day, what do you say?" I awkwardly fiddled by fingers as Stacy sighed. "Yeah okay but if the real reason you don't want a BF is because of him," She pointed to Noah. "I wouldn't care, I'd go and find myself a sexy man." Noah grabbed Stacy and pulled her into his arms. "Don't encourage her!" He said, kissing her all over.

"Nevermind Sam, you are all too much!" I said, shaking my head. Still though, a big smile crossed my lips. Even though I was very embarrassed, I was having a good time with them.

"You love it though." Sam said, walking up behind me. Pulling me into a hug. "Ahh, no Sam!" I screeched as he picked me up. "I can't!" Noah, thankfully, intervened. "Aw, they are cute together." Stacy said, my jaw dropped. Me? Sam? Cute. Hell no.

"No." Me and Noah said at the same time, Sam shook his head. "I'm not cute, I'm the sexiest one here, you're the cute one." My lips curved into a frown and I clenched my fists. "I am not cute!" Stacy jumped up and gripped my hand. "We'll figure it out once and for all, we'll just ask the most honest person here."

And who might that be? Noah's honest in some things but a straight up liar in others. Stacy seems like an honest person as well as Marco and Daniel. I'm thinking Sam isn't the most honest person here.

"Who's that?" She smirked and turned me to face Holden, who was now sitting at the counter doing school work. "You wouldn't." I warned her, she just shrugged. "I would and totally am!" She started pulling me to the kitchen, every second we drew nearer my anxiety got even worse.

"Oh Holden!" Stacy said when we got right next to him, he didn't glance at us. Stacy sighed and punched his arm, he looked at us. He slowly put his pen down and took one of his headphones off.

"Do you think Mia here is cute?" I couldn't stop blushing, it was back 100% worse by Holden's intense look as he gave me one hell of a once over.

"Yeah she's pretty." His voice, oh God, his voice. It's so deep and rugged but still so soft at the same time. Just his voice alone made my knees wobbly but his words were the thing to make me melt. He thinks I'm pretty.

Before I could thank him or embarrass myself, Xavier came down the stairs. He looked very happy. "Emma's coming over." His words were met with groans and sighs and I was one of them. It's true I don't know her but, from what Sam and Stacy said about her, I don't want to.

"She better not bring the bitch." Marco said as he showed a side I haven't seen from him yet, real anger. Then I noticed Holden, more specifically how his attitude went from nonchalant to upset. Okay if Holden doesn't like her, then I certainly won't. "She promised she wouldn't." Stacy crossed her arms. "And you believed her?" Xavier had a look of guilt on his face.

"I don't understand why you're still with her, she's a total bitch." Marco said, Daniel nodded in agreement. Damn I'm getting scared now, I better hide in my room.

Suddenly a loud knock rang throughout the house. "I swear she's gotta give the best head in the world for him to stay with her." Marco said that made Daniel, Stacy and Noah laugh. I just shook my head at the joke, such dirty minds. I smiled though.

But that smile didn't last very long because when I looked to see who this Emma chick was, I was greeted by Xavier hugging the blue haired girl. The one from the bus who was friends with the Lillian girl.

My jaw dropped, it couldn't be her. That's too much of a coincidence! Thankfully She didn't notice me, not yet at least, so my main goal was to get out of there. I slowly stepped back, attempting to leave without someone noticing me. Holden did, he gave me a glance but didn't say anything. Too bad things only got worse.

"Hello everyone!" I knew that voice, that's gotta me. "Oh shit it's Lillian." Stacy said, a scowl on her face. No, no, no. This can't be happening! Just my luck!

Just as I decided I'd to make a run for it, she walked into the room. I was on the cusp of a panic attack, this wasn't good. I needed to leave before I did something stupid.

"Oh Holdey, did you miss me?" She ran to Holden, looking like a puppy trying to find their owner. He intensely tended up when she wrapped her arms around him.

It was pretty clear, either these two had something and Lillian ruined it or Lillian's into Holden and he doesn't like her back but judging by how angry Holden looked, I'm guessing it's the first one.

I was about to run away, to my room, when someone went up behind me. "Hey Lillian look, it's the girl from the bus." Suddenly Emma stood in front of me, her arms crossed and her brows furrowed. "Huh?" Lillian mumbled, her attention was still on Holden.

"I said, look." Emma nudged Lillian just as I got a good look of everyone, they were all staring at our interaction. They were all curious to see what would happen next, I guess I can't run away now. "Okay, okay I'll look. Relax, Em." Lillian turned to Emma and joined her then looked at me. Her face expression turned from happy, because she saw Holden, to pissed.

Oh shit, I'm screwed.

"You!" She yelled, pointing a finger at me. I swallowed the lump forming in the throat, I had to keep calm. I can't freak out now. I put a wobbly smile on my lips and calmed myself.

"H-hello again." I said as nicely as I could, the tension was thick in the air as she gave me a mean girls style once over. Not the one Holden gave me, that one made me nervous in a good way.

"Just what do you think you're doing here, bus girl?!" Oh Jesus, I don't know what I'm supposed to say? "Um I ah," I couldn't get anything out before she interrupted me. "I asked you a question, bus girl, I expect an answer." My eyes widened, I knew she was a bitch but this is too much!

"Why does she keep calling you Bus Girl?" Daniel asked me quietly, I couldn't answer him. I was too busy trying to keep my cool, it's not going too well.

"I knew you were a skank, you being the nice girl was all an act." I checked on the air, I couldn't believe she'd say that in front of my brother. Oh wait, she's asking me why I'm here. She doesn't know I live here. Maybe if I tell her Noah's my brother, she'll leave me alone.

"I live here." I said in something lower than a whisper, Lillian and Emma looked at me and narrowed their eyes. "What was that?" Emma said at the same time Lillian said. "I need you to speak up, bus girl." I was getting really tired of being called Bus Girl.

"I said I live here." I said louder, crossing my arms against my chest. Emma's eyes went big as she looked at Xavier, probably so he could confirm or deny what I had just said. He nodded at her. Lillian put both of her hands on her hips, she also pursed her lips.

"What did you just say, bitch?!" Before I could respond, Daniel pulled me against his chest while Stacy and Noah got all up in her face. "Don't talk to her like that, you bitch!" Stacy said, looking like she was one second away from jumping her. "She lives here because she's my fucking sister, so I dare you to talk to her like that again." That he just said, reminded me of when he was still living at home with me.

No matter the gender, girl or boy, Noah made sure that if someone messed with me they'd have to go through him. Sure he didn't beat up girls, only made sure they didn't get a boyfriend for a while, but when a boy messed with me. They better have prayed for their life, they were seriously in for it.

Most of the time, having an overprotective brother sucks but, when he protects you from bullies, it's awesome.

"Are you okay, Mia?" Daniel asked me, I didn't notice that I was shaking. Sure Noah and Stacy helped me out but I was still in the middle of having a panic attack.

"She's your sister?!" Lillian yelled, looking dumbfounded. "How she's so," Thankfully, Noah interrupted her before she made me feel even worse. "Talk shit about her again and you'll regret it." Lillian snapped her head in Noah's direction. "Are you actually threatening me?!" Noah is sort of going too far, I mean she seems like the type of girl to sue a guy for that.

"He's not but I sure am!" Stacy said, she looked like she was going to blow up at her. "You wanna go?! Alright let's go!" Oh God this can't be happening, I started to hyperventilate. I knew that if this continues then I might pass out. It's happened to me before, it happened to me with Kelsey.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! Thinking about Kelsey will only make my state worse! I felt tears prickle at the back of my eyes. "Mia, hey, are you okay?!" Daniel asked, he was so loud that everyone turned to me. I would ask that myself too. I was hitched over, clutching my stomach. Either I was going to hurl or pass out and I certainly wasn't doing that in front of them.

"Amelia please calm down." Noah walked up behind me, he knew all too well about my anxiety. He's spent countless nights in my room, keeping me from going over the edge. He knew this wasn't a joke.

He tried to grab me, probably so he could hug me, but I slapped his hand away. I didn't want to be touched, not even by my brother. "Don't." I said, putting a hand over my mouth. I was definitely going to throw up, I needed to go.

I didn't care if I looked stupid, I wanted to be gone. Without saying another word, I ran out of there, Noah called my name as I left but I kept running. I shot into my room and slammed the door shut, before I did anything else I locked the door.

Then I went to my nightstand and opened the small drawer, inside was my anxiety medication. I hate taking it but I did need it now. With a sigh, I sit down on my bed and take two of them.

I laid down on my bed and took a couple deep breaths, after a minute, I finally was feeling better.

I'm okay, I'm going to be okay.

Everytime I have a panic attack, I always tell myself that. Right now though, I don't think I'll be okay.

My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of stretching at my door, it definitely wasn't knocking. My mood immediately brightened, it could be Franny and Sally!

That's what I need, some puppy time! I ran to the door, almost tripping as I did so, and flew it open. "Franny and Sally?!" I said as I wiped a tear away from my eyes.

Instead of seeing one or more Yorkies, I saw a beautiful brown and black German Shepherd. I smiled, this has to be the third dog that lives here.

I bent down to pet him but he scrambled away from me. I frowned and slowly, on all fours, walked to him. It was useless, he ran into a different room. Holden's room.

I sighed, all I wanted was a dog to cheer me and now I'm even more lonely than I was already.
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