Campus Boy Life

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7: Holden's POV

I was pissed, more than I have been for a really long time.

Yeah Lillian's had bad moments since our breakup but holy shit did she fuck up right now.

"Ameila!" Noah yelled as his little sister ran upstairs, I didn't know if anyone noticed but I could tell that she was crying, crying because of Lillian and her bitchiness.

That poor girl, she didn't do anything to the two. Well maybe she did, what was Emma and Lillian calling her before? Oh yeah it was Bus Girl, right? What the hell did that mean? No mind, I shouldn't even care. But still, I couldn't help but feel bad for her.

"Do you think Mia here is cute?"

"Yeah, she's pretty."

I hadn't thought my answer through, yeah I always have my headphones on and I'm quiet but I'm no asshole. I wasn't going to say that she wasn't pretty. Still though her reaction was pretty cute, she looked like she might've fainted.

"Lillian you bitch!" Noah screamed, even I was surprised by the amount of hostility in his voice. That just goes to show that he really cares for his sister.

Lillian backed up, I saw right through her bitchy persona, she was scared. And she should be, to be honest it was pretty funny to see her like this. Well it was funny until she backed into me.

She turned to me after the touch and, as if I was her fucking savior, she gripped me and pressed her head against my chest. "I didn't mean to be such a jerk, I'm sorry." It didn't make anyone less pissed. "Holden please help me out here." I laughed dryly, like I'd ever help her.

I pushed her away from me and turned to my Algebra 3 homework, I took my phone out and made my music even louder. Half of me wants to hear them dish her out but the other half just wanted her out.

I didn't need to remember us, I didn't need to remember our "fun" times.

I felt her tug me but I just ignored her, I've gotten really good at ignoring people ever since we broke up. Mainly I'd ignore her and my friends whenever they asked me if I was doing okay. Now I do it almost 24/7.

Marco's been the most to worry, he's too good of a best friend and it's killing me, not telling him how I feel. Marco's also there for me and we both know, sooner or later, I'm doing to tell him just how fucked up I feel.

"Get the hell out of here!" I heard someone say. "Yeah fuck off!" I think that was Stacy, it was dramatic a female voice and Emma wouldn't say that. After about, let's say 15 more minutes of yelling, the front door slammed shut then there was silence. Ah glorious silence, it's just about my favorite thing in this world.

I took my headphones off, wrapping them around my neck, then turned to everyone. Noah was furious, as to be expected when Lillian is over, Stacy was pretty peeved as well. Marco and Daniel were worried, most likely about Ameila, and Xavier looked like he was dreading this. And he should be.

Once Lillian had cheated on me, it's a long story, I insisted that Emma would do the same thing to Xavier. I told it would be a good idea to break up with her but always says the same thing to me when I bring that subject up. "I love her and she loves me, she's not as bad as Emma."

"Good fucking going, Xavier." Stacy said sarcastically, shaking her head. "I'm sorry guys, I should've let her come over." He was being sincere about it, that's the only reason I don't force that guy to break up with Emma. It's because he's so naive.

He thinks this college romance will last forever, too bad that's far from the truth. I wish I knew exactly what to say to wake him up to the real world. Him and Emma will end as horribly as me and Lillian.

"Don't apologize to us, Amelia's the one who deserves it." Noah said, he seemed like he was calmer now. Xavier looked at his shoes and nodded. "Yeah you're right, I should." Xavier straightened up and made his way up the stairs, I'm not usually a curious person but I did want to know how this would go.

Amelia is 100% an anxious girl, she damn near threw up all over the place during the encounter with Lillian and Emma. She had to be having a panic attack, it was clear as day on her face. My heart went out for her, anxieties a bitch.

After Xavier went to talk to Ameila, things got very quiet. "Why did she freak out so much?" Sam asked suddenly, I rolled my eyes. He's clueless. I still don't know why we're friends. "Did you seriously just ask that?!" Daniel said furiously, Sam's eyes went wide. "Yeah Lillian was being a bitch but," I clenched my fists. "But what?! Do me a favor Sam and shut the hell up." My mouth immediately shut after saying that, I didn't turn to see their faces.

"Whoa calm down." Sam said, I shut my huge textbook loudly and tucked it under my arm. I slid my headphones on and got up, I really need to be alone. "Hey man I was just joking." Sam put a hand on my shoulder, I shrugged it off and started to walk away.

Sam's a jackass but, to be fair, he's pretty good at cooking. I think that's why I deal with him and his playboy personality.

To think, I used to be like Sam. God, I was an idiot.

I started walking upstairs but stopped cold when I heard Xavier's voice. Oh yeah, he's apologizing to Amelia. I wonder how that's going.

I stopped at the last step and listened to what the conversation was. "Come on Mia, let me in. I just want to talk, I feel bad for letting Lillian in, trust me I hate her too." So Amelia's not talking, huh? She still must be having her panic attack, she could also be crying.

"Okay I'll leave now, I'm sorry again." From the sound of his footsteps, he had walked into his room and shut the door. I finished walking up the stairs and stepped into my room. I didn't shut the door though, I had to do something for her. I just have to.

I quickly walked to my bed and pet my German Shepherd, Bentley, and gave him a slobbery kiss. I'm a big softy towards my bog, he's just so awesome.

"I'll be right in a minute, big guy." I went to my desk and pulled the first drawer open, I took out the red package, a king sized bar of KitKats, and clutched it. I don't know if it makes her feel better but chocolate does make me feel good when I'm upset.

I walked out of my room and went to the last room on the left, I put my ear against the door. It confirmed that she was indeed crying, I sighed and gently knocked on the door. I knew she wouldn't answer.

I got on my knees and slid the candy bar under her door, I did it halfway so I could see if she would take it. After a minute she did, it made me smile. "Thanks." Her voice was uneven and quiet but my hearing is super good, I could hear her.

"Feel better, Ameila." And after I said that I could've sworn I heard her gasp from the other side of the door, I wonder why. I did want to know but I could wait.

After a second, I stood up and caught eyes with Noah. "What is it?" I asked, shoving my hands in my sweatpant pockets. "Why are you cheering my sister up?" Is this guy serious? I'm making his sister feel better and Noah's rubbed the wrong way by me?

"Because you weren't." Okay maybe that wasn't the best thing to say but he needs to chill out, Stacy was right. Amelia's an adult, she can talk to whoever she wants and it's not like I want to date her.

"The fuck did you say?" He got in my face, knowing damn well that no guy here or at this campus can scare me. "Sorry but I'd think you'd follow her upstairs and make sure she's okay." He crossed his arms. "I know my sister, she doesn't like being with people when she's upset." I sighed and turned. "She's crying you know? You might want to see how she's doing." I push away from him and start walking into my room, I shut the door and lay down on my bed.

Damn today's been too eventful and it all started with Amelia coming here, it really got going when she came out of Xavier's room soaking wet. When I saw her bright purple bra. The part though was when she realized I was staring at her breasts, she ran into her room. She's definitely cute.

I sighed as Bentley moved from the end of my bed and oh my belly, I smiled and gave him a stretch behind his ears. I kissed his forehead and closed my eyes. I just need a little nap, that's all.

"Hey Holden!" Bentley jumped up from my stomach and hid under my bed. His breed may be police dogs, he's just a big scaredy cat. I shot up, mildly pissed that someone woke me up from my nap.

My annoyance was lowered when I turned to see Marco leaning against my door, a big smirk on his face. "I was napping, the house better be burning down." My blank expression changed to me laughing when he flipped me off. "I'm your best friend ass, ⁸I can see you whenever I damn well want to."

He jumped on my bed and pushed me to move over. "Scoot your big body back!" He said, I sighed and did what he asked. He looked around and frowned. "Where's my favorite German Shepherd?" I smirked and pointed at my bed. "You scared the shit out of him, he's under there." Marco pursed his lips. "He loves me." He said. "Sure he does."

He laid back on my bed. "Can I ask you something?" He said suddenly, I bit my lip and shrugged. "Depends on what it is." I said cautiously, he playfully punched my shoulder. "Shut it and listen to me." I did so and waited for him to talk.

"How are you honestly feeling? Lillian was extra shitty today." Oh great, he wanted to talk about my emotions. That's not going to happen, right now. "I'm fine Marco, thanks for asking." He frowned again. "We both know you aren't, how long are you going to keep your walls up?" He fucking cornered me! What a jerk.

"I'm fine, stop asking." I said bluntly, Marco looked hurt. He only wanted to help me, I feel bad now. Great! "It sucks, seeing your best friend going through something and you can't even help." I put an arm around his shoulder. "I've felt that, freshman year of college." His eyes went dark, I shouldn't have brought that up.

That was the year his dad found out Marco was gay, that was a horrible year for him but I was one of the people who got him through that year.

"You're such an asshole." Marco said, I smiled. "Thanks, M." It became quiet for a minute until he said. "Hey Holden, what do you think of Mia?" Mia, who's that? That's Amelia's nickname isn't it?

"She's cute." He smirked and I regretted what I had said. "She's cute, huh?" I rolled my eyes. "I said she's cute, not that I was in love with her." He bit back a smile. "I'd say you two would make a cute couple but she won't be dating anything soon."

Oh obviously, Noah won't let her near any other guy besides us.

"Yeah Noah's got her on a leash." Marco shook his head. "That's part of it but, when the boyfriend topic was brought up, she was totally standoffish about it." Hm that's strange, maybe she had a bad relationship in highschool. No, she doesn't seem like she's been in a relationship before.

"Strange." Is all I said, he nodded. Strange indeed.

At around 3am, Marco left my room and right after that Bently came from under my bed. Instead of joining me on my bed so we could sleep, he exited my room super fast. He probably smelled someone in the kitchen or heard the loud moaning coming from Sam and, possibly, Noah's room.

I thought at least Noah would calm down with the sex since his little sister is in the room next to him but I guess not.

After a couple minutes of me being alone, without my good doggie, he came back but something was different. He didn't get on my bed instead he scratched the legs of my bed. I groaned. "What is it?" He started whining, I gave him after he put on his classic puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, take me where you want me to." I said, normally when he did this he wanted more food. I'd give him a scoop of his dog food and he'd leave me alone.

I followed my annoying dog into the dark hallway and down the stairs, I started to go to the kitchen but he whined again. I rolled my eyes and glanced at him, stopping at the front door, it was wide open. Oh that's why he woke me, is someone in our house or something?

Nah, I'm being too dramatic, Sam probably left the door open after sneaking some of his skanks in or something. I walked over to the front door and was about to close it when I noticed someone laying on the porch swing.

I narrowed my eyes, maybe it's one of the guys? No Sam and Noah are busy having sex, Xavier is either studying super hard or texting with Emma, and Marco's definitely sleeping.

Before I could decide on either seeing who the person was or just leave it alone, my dog decided it for me. He ran outside and sat next to the swing, he looked at me as if he was waiting for me to come.

I walked over to the body, it became more and more clear that it was a female. One because she didn't have a blanket, I could see her body. She was shaking, she must be freezing in the pink t-shirt and black PJ pants.

The part that made me identify her was the hair, it was a bright red, this was definitely Amelia.

Why is she sleeping out here? Without a blanket no less, God she'll get sick if she stays out here all night. Plus it's just naive to sleep out here in the open, in the male fraternity area.

She stirred in her sleep, still shaking. I bit my lip, I couldn't let her freeze. I sighed as I grabbed her, hiking her over my shoulder and adjusted her accordingly.

"C'mon pup." I whispered so I didn't wake her up, she'd be awfully surprised to be on my shoulder. After feeling like she won't fall, I started back into the house, making sure the door was closed and locked. I walked back to the edge of the stairs and prayed that she wouldn't wake up, that would end in disaster.

As I walked up the steps, she moved a bit but didn't wake up. I made it to her room and opened the door, I laughed to myself as I thought about what Noah would do if he caught me in his sister's room. Not only that but if he saw me holding her like this.

I gently placed her on her bed, pulling the sheets above her and moving her hair out of her face. I was taking my hand off of her forehead when she grabbed it mid air. I froze, shit did I get caught?

In her low, sweet, voice she said. "Noah, is that you?" Oh ah sure it is! I don't want to seem like I'm a perv, if anything my dogs the pervy one. Watching me shower and stuff like that.

"Yeah it is." I said in the most Noah voice I could muster, his voice was a lot higher than mine. Wasn't as sexy as mine, or so I'm told. I hoped she was so tired that she wouldn't notice.

"You, ah, shouldn't sleep out there. It's not safe." That's totally something he would say, she smiled. Her having her glasses off must be in my favor as well. "I know, spare me the lecture dad. To be honest I couldn't stand all the fucking that's going on." I was taken aback by what she said.

She just joked around and then she swore, did she really do it? And fuck of all the bad words too!

"Yeah it gets wild here, you should've seen that coming." She laughed. "Yeah." She let go of my hand and I took that as a sign that I could leave. I was almost out of the room when she suddenly said. "Hey Noah, please don't be mad at Holden." I stopped mid door knob grabbing.

I was too curious to find out what she was talking about. "Whatt?" I said, she cleared her throat and continued. "I heard you two arguing by my door earlier, don't be mad at him. He's sweet." I couldn't help the smile from forming on my face then it went away and was replaced with a frown.

"He's an asshole." I said, she huffed and threw a pillow at me. "Don't say that, you big meanie!" I threw the pillow back on her bed and hesitated before asking her my next question.

"You don't like him, do you?" She took her time answering me, carefully planning all of her words. "Of course not silly, go to bed and stop banging Stacy. I want to sleep." I breathed a sigh of relief, I'm not ready for a girl to like me again. Lillian killed college relationships for me so having a girl like me, let alone one that lives with me, that would be bad.

"Goodnight." I said, she grumbled a quiet reply and I left her room.

I need to go to bed before I confuse myself further.
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