Beyond the Ocean's Depths (Not an Average Shifter Romance)

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Chapter 11: Cucumbers


“God damn it, Onyx you horny bastard,” I complained grumpily upon waking up the morning after my dolphin’s mating with Gina.

His thoughts and dreams had always been a part of my dreams, and vice versa. Oftentimes our dreams overlapped in an odd combination of the thoughts and feelings of one of us, mixed with the other’s physical world.

Last night’s dreams no doubt had to do with the fact that Onyx had been mated and was very ready to get back out to sea and mate again with his female-dolphin. Being a dolphin, biologically he was always thinking about sex, and not just during mating season. So intimate or arousing dreams were not anything new, though they’d lessened quite a bit after our mates were gone.

But last night’s dreams were beyond ridiculous!

I truly knew Onyx had officially moved on past his grief over Jayde’s death, even though I wasn’t over Sandy’s. She had been the world to me, and no one could replace her in my life. Time didn’t heal this wound.

But that didn’t stop the extreme hard-on I had this morning. God, I hadn’t felt this way in years, not since before... Well, I didn’t want to revisit my painful past this morning.

I didn’t want to go anywhere near where my dreams had taken me either. Not that I minded a sexually arousing dream every now and then, but they usually involved Sandy. So, what frustrated me more than anything about last night’s dreams was that Sandy hadn’t been a part of them at all.

No, the woman who I was passionately consuming, and who had me so physically aroused this morning was none other than that horrible little woman from the aquarium. I felt ashamed, as I tried to wipe the memory of pleasurably thrusting into her repeatedly, then climaxing with her heatedly from my mind. “What the hell!?”

I knew the male anatomy had little control over who it sprung to life for, but really, this was just wrong. And the oddest part was that I seemed to have remembered more details about the veterinarian’s appearance than I thought I should have retained from my brief encounter with her yesterday. I didn’t stick around Mom’s office that long and wasn’t in a calm enough state to have processed some of that accurately.

“Maybe it was my imagination, and she doesn’t really look like that at all,” I tried to tell myself.

I cranked the shower to the coldest setting possible and stepped in, trying to calm my raging hard-on while telling myself to stop analyzing the dream so that I wouldn’t continue to recall the heated sex scenes I’d conjured up throughout the night - otherwise I’d never make it through the day.

Finally, I managed to get myself ready for the day, pulling on a pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt. I had today off, but I was going to drop Rainie off at the Summer Center before taking Mom to the aquarium, then I’d take care of some grocery shopping.

As I entered the kitchen, Mom eyed me, probably wondering if I was still upset from yesterday, not having seen her again after leaving for the beach. I decided to pretend like nothing had happened - Rainie was already at the table eating her dried cereal and I didn’t want to start her day on a sour note.

“Hey ladies! How’re my girls this fine morning?”

Mom stayed silent, obviously not buying my enthusiastic hello. Rainie on the other hand, fell right into step, “Hi Dad! Have a seat!”

I smiled as I sat down across from my daughter, taking the empty bowl that was already in front of me and pouring myself some of the corn flakes. Mom brought the milk back to the table, having already put it in the fridge, and gave my shoulder an encouraging squeeze as she set the jug next to my bowl.

“I’ve got good news!” I interjected a bit nervously, as both Mom and Rainie looked at me expectantly. “But it’s not my news to tell - Onyx has a surprise.”

Rainie smiled excitedly - I knew she missed interacting with my dolphin as much she used to, and I felt bad about that.

“Tonight, we’ll go down to the beach and he can show you, okay?” I knew that they’d be thrilled to meet Gina, but I was a bit afraid. I still didn’t want to accept that Onyx had moved on from Jayde.

The rest of breakfast went smoothly, and Mom seemed to have forgiven me for yesterday by the time we’d left the house. Dropping off Rainie at the Summer Center first, I crossed town and deposited Mom at the aquarium, then headed to the grocery store. I wasn’t in a rush, so strolled down the aisles picking up essentials and a few fun treats I knew Rainie liked.

Things were going quite normal, until I passed the canned goods, heading towards produce. I wasn’t sure what started it, but my mind suddenly wandered back to my salacious dreams from last night. I couldn’t help it; I was just overcome with an overwhelming desire.

I managed to pick up some carrots and celery, but got to the cucumbers and couldn’t shake the fact that the long, green vegetable in my hand was just about as hard as my own similarly shaped organ was in my pants right now, as thoughts about that damned woman came to mind again.

Embarrassed, I bagged a few cukes, then glanced up, trying to get control of myself and caught someone staring in my direction. “Shit!” I thought - it couldn’t be! It was HER! And she was watching me!

God, I had so many emotions running through my mind and body simultaneously. But the only one I allowed to surface was anger, and she fueled it on as she had the nerve to smile apologetically at me!

I couldn’t move, just scowling at her, hoping she would move along and let me be. Instead she walked over! I thought she was going to introduce herself at first, but to my surprise, she simply said in a level tone, “Excuse me, but I’d like to get at the celery, please.”

I was still frozen, a part of me scared to death as I faced the spitting image of the woman I’d bedded all night in my dreams. And astonishingly, she was exactly like she had been in my mind - well, with clothes on and frowning back at me instead of moaning in pleasure, but, nonetheless, her cropped blonde hair, green eyes, nose, and lips were exactly...right.

Oh no, there I went again, allowing my imagination to flood my consciousness.

“Celery!” She’d said something about celery I realized, as I struggled to keep my composure, while reminding myself why I should hate her - after all, she was one of those people who used dolphins and other sea life for entertainment, trafficking, and experimentation. Her kind was the reason that Sandy was dead.

“Sandy!” I just kept repeating her name in my head as I glanced down and behind me to where the celery was, trying to focus. I was furious at myself for allowing this woman inside my mind, filling the space that only Sandy had occupied in my dreams, so I cruelly looked back at her and said, “Thought your kid was sick. Shouldn’t you be home taking care of her?”

She was clearly taken aback, but regained her composure quickly as she snapped back, “You’re just full of nice assumptions about me!” Then without warning, she actually reached around me, grabbed a stalk of celery, and sauntered back to her cart while I watched her storm away, swaying her hips angrily as she went out of sight.

I knew that my statement was uncalled for and crude. She was probably here shopping for her sick kid, and it probably wasn’t like she had a babysitter or anything yet, being new to town. Maybe her husband worked and couldn’t get off to help get stuff she needed. Or he was at home with the kid.

Was she even married? I wasn’t sure as my eyes never left her face as she confronted me, nor her hips as she drove her cart away. The only image of her fingers I had was that of her clinging to my naked body last night in my dreams, and I didn’t remember a ring on her finger then.

Not that it mattered, I reminded myself, for she was as unavailable as they come on both of our behalf.

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