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Do you really know who to pick? In this adult battle of love while struggling with school and work... Renicity sure doest and the pressure is driving her crazzy

Romance / Drama
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Birthday Gift

I sat on my bed as my conscience drifted
I heard faintly but didn’t move
I was shaken out of my thoughts
I looked up Alex just smiles down at me his large hands clamp onto my face as he leans in grinning his goofy aborable grin "Happy Birthday
I lifted my hands up and pushed him away.
"Awww you don’t want my love and affection?"
He gave me a sad look
"No not really" I sighed yawning
"You look tired as usual..anyway I got you something"
I brightened up "really you didn't have to"
"Really..so I can get my money back? Thanks you know you should always be this nice"
He snickered waving the bag he had in his hands around I gave him a sarcastic smile
"Yeah sure whatever what did you get me?"
He sat down next to me and handed me the bag. I grabbed it and started to pull things out. Alex was practically overflowing with joy as he watched me open it. I pulled out a shirt that said 'Hi there' in big block letters and I looked at him and he just smiled. I continued I pulled out a bunches of candy and a handful of crinkled 20's with a few 100's. Last but not least the card which was shoved way at the bottom. I picked it up and it was surprisingly heavy, I opened it and a handful of change fell out. I burst out laughs and giggles still holding the card.
"~What I had to~"
"Yeah and I love it"
"Welp that's not all"
Pulling me off my bed we walked past the kitchen and he set the bag down on the table and walked out of the dorm room.
"W-where are we going Alex..?"
He didn't answer me he kept walking pulling me along.
"A-alex I'm not dressed up to go to some smancy restaurant like last time"
'Was he ignoring me?'
He just kept walking until finally we were outside a bar a few blocks down.
'Did we really walk all the way down here I was to mad to think straight and blacked out'
Alex had stopped walking but he didn't let go of my hand when I realized this I tried to pull away but his grip was strong.
I stoped when he turned to me looking at me very serious

"What is there something on my face?"
His face softened and faded into a smile
"no you look cute" he mumbled

'did I hear him right'

"I said you look fine ya weirdo no let's go get drunk and party our ass off for your 26th birthday!"
He nearly yelled

I laughed 'Yeah there's no way he said that...I just didn't hear him right'
"oki then what are we waiting for let's GO!"
We ran in and ordered a bunch of drinks since both me and Alex can hold or liquor we played a few games before seeing who could get drunk first.

A couple of hours later....

"~What are you talking about I'm not drunk~"
he laughed "~Your drunk~"
"~~Noooooooo...what are you -hic- talking about~~"
I downed another drink but before I could finish it someone yanked my cup away from me
I completely stoped when I seen who it was
My face flushed and I jumped out of my seat tword him
"~~Markieee I missed you so much -hic- how come you didn't come say happy birthday -hic- to me you handsome dino~~"
I hugged him tight wrapping my arms and legs around him as he picked me up making sure I didn't fall.
"I umm..."
He looked away blushing.
"what are you two doing here"
He smiled patting my head lighty setting me down.
I ran over to Alex and hugged him from behind
"~Me and Alex are celebrating my birthday~"
"Oh is that so"
He smiled looking at Alex
"~Yeah and we would like it -hic- if you would leave so we can continue to have fun~"
"~Hey that's not very nice don't be such a -hic- meanie face dino can join us~"
I glared at Alex poking him.
"Nahh I'm good you to can enjoy yourselfs... oh and happy birthday Renicity"
He smiled and started walking off.
"~~Awwwwww do you really have to go~~"
I walked over to him and fluffed his hair.
"~Sooooo soft did you know that your hair is really really soft and your really good looking too~"
I smiled.
Mark blushed rubbing his neck.
"Thanks I guess"
He looked the other way as I continued to fluff his hair.
Alex got up and yanked me away from Mark.
"~C'mon Renicity were going home~"
"~~B-b-but wat about fluffy the dinoooo~~"
I whined.
"~ Nope your super tired..remember what I said earlier~"
He growled
"~~I don't remember saying that -hic- and I'm not -hic- mkay....maybe a little tired~~"
I hopped on his back
"~yep that's why I'm taking you home...goodnight mark see you in class~"
He carried me out of the bar and back to the dorm room. I kicked my feet playfully as he walked. Alex unlocked the front door and set me down on the couch slumping next to me. My fingers made there way into his hair and I started playing with it swirling it around my fingers.
"~Hey Alex~"
He looked up at me string into my eyes lifting his finger to boop my nose but I kissed it instead.
He stoped midway then used his whole hand to lift up my chin and kissed me. I kissed him back leaning forward a bit.
Unlike the bitter taste I expected Alex tasted sweet which only made me kiss him harder. One of his hands shifted to my waist as he proper himself up against me sliding his other hand toward my thigh.
He replied slowly through our kiss
He stoped me placing his lips on mine. He was now on top of me and my legs were saddled onto his waist. He slipped his hand up my shirt making me shiver. I pulled away.
I whispered
He mumbled burring his face into my chest.
"~I wanna go get into bed~"
He looked up at me smirking and kissed me again before picking me up and carrying me into his room.
"~Anything for the birthday girl~"

-To be continued-

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