Changing Destiny

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A high school student is now watching her favorite soap opera which airs every Wednesday. But because she couldn't hold back his drowsiness, she managed to escape into his subconscious. There he dreamed of hemself entering the soap opera, but unexpectedly her dream came true. - @ elysianstory.official

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00. Prorogue

”AHHH CRAZY, really bear the story, if I could just enter this soap opera, it would be exciting” I shouted to myself.

My name is Alisya. I was a high school girl and a soap opera lover. I didn't realize that today would be the last day I was on Earth.

”Wow, it's sunny this morning,” I thought as I walked to the toilet.

”Alice, hurry up and wake up!” someone shouted.

”Alice? Who is Alice? Where is this?” I muttered.

Without thinking, I immediately ran down the stairs one by one. And there was a middle-aged woman standing at the dining table.

Alisya: ”Who are you auntie?”
Alice's mom : ”Geez Alice? Did you forget Mom ?! ”
Alisya: ”Huh? My mom? ”
Alice's mom : ”Alice, this is mama ..”
Alisya: ”Wait a minute, what's my name?”
Alice's mom : ”Geez Lis ... Your name is Alice Gracia Devisha. The second child of this family. You don't bother going to school today, you seem sick. ”
Alice (Alisya): ”Yes Au- eh Mama.”

I went straight back to my room, and remember who Alice is.

”OH HER? But it's impossible .. ”I thought.

”Maybe .. I wrote down the story first, who knows, I'll forget it later. Anyway, I can't end up like there! ” I thought again.

Alice Gracia Devisha is the antagonist person in my favorite soap opera. Alice is known to be cruel, arrogant, and has many other vices. He really loved Carsilion Kennedy or commonly called Carl. But his love is unrequited because Carl loves Aretha. That was what caused Alice to hate Aretha so much. Several times he tried to kill Aretha, but of the many plans he put together, none of them came to fruition.

One day, Carl accidentally saw the murder attempt. Carl immediately took a picture of the incident and decided to go to court with Alice, also not forgetting to bring evidence. Alice who had committed the crime of "attempted murder" was finally sentenced to death and died tragically.
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