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Katherine Norman is a 25 year old bussiness woman who was betrayed by her first and only love aka Mason Brown LA's very own golden boy and the next head of Brown coorporation but that was back in highschool what happens when he comes back to her life in the name of some kind of funny bussiness. ______ This is thr first book in the proof of love series.

Romance / Humor
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I slam the car's door shut kicking the tires reapeatedly with anger, from all the days my car could choose to not work, it choose today when I have an early appointment, what happens to all the days I have free mornings. 'Idiotic car!' I cursed heading for the nearby bus stop.

When I reached there the bus was about to leave,I waved my hand and run like a mad woman which wasn't an easy task with the pointy heels I had on.

I entered the bus just vefore it took off, since all the seats were taken, I stand in the middle holding the hanger above me looking out the window and reading advertisment on buildings which are mostly about Mason Brown, the next CEO of the brown corporation consisting of the biggest import and exporter of many products like beauty involving, medical equipment and so on with other sister campanies on the side, since I am in the bussiness world myself I know how things areand I just don't think he is capable of leading this corporation, cause he is just a heartbreaker idiot who betted on winning me over and left with a pocket full of 60 bucks he don't even need.

I mentally winced at the memory and tried to focus on something else.

When the bus stop I quicklybwent out again running to the building I work in. I just hope I didn't mess things up.

'A customer is waiting for you.' My secretaty annonced right when I entered the office. 'You're a little late.' She stated. 'Yes, I know but my car wasn't working. That is why I was late.' I explained. I can't afford to loose a customer cause I don't really have many of them cause what I do is a bit secretive, nobody wants to be seen here. And no I am not a spy or anything like that.

I rush to my office to see a blonde around her early twenties dressed professionally. Most of my customers are desperate teenagers seeking revenge or trying to make someone jeaulos, or rich youngsters trying to prove to their high ladder family that they are capable of commitment and leading a big company or related cases, those people pay the most.

If it was't for her professional oufit I would say she was a college girl seeking revenge but considering even her face looks familiar I guessed she is here to prove a point for her well known and rich of parents.

As I did just now I take time to examine each and every customer of mine and atleast have a logical guess on why exactly they are here cause it will help to give them the best experience or in this case help them find a perfect person for the job.

I walked into the office as I finished analizing her. She stood and 'Hello!' She greeted me with a smile.

'Hello, please have a sit.' I offered as I do the same. 'Welcome to Fakeit. Fake relationship agency. How can I help you.' I gave a professional yet warm welcome.

When I started this bussiness two years ago I was a unemployed college graduate with a degree on psychology. I always wanted to have a dating/match making campany. But it wasn't that easy, there were lots of websites and campanies for that kind of stuff but this one has not many competition and people have this idea of hiring fake girlfriend/boyfriend to solve their problem after watching and reading books and movies made in the fake relationship genre, though in the movies, fake turn real and lines got blurred, there is not much of such thing in this campany, here, it's all bussiness and nothing personal.

'I am Katherine, how can I help you?' I asked politely.

'I'm Melinda, Melinda Brown.' She introduced herself. Relization downed on me as she continues.'I was here...'
'Wait' I stopped her 'Melinda as in Mason Brown's sister?'

'Yes' She answered propably thinking I was too exited to meet someone related to Mason Brown but I just wanted to make sure, cause I don't want anything to do with that idiot, but he is not here so I can do business with his sister.

'So, I was here to look for a fake girlfriend for my brother.' She continued again as I take in the news.

'How many brothers do you have?' I asked. That is not what I usually ask my customers and I'm preety sure I know the answer but I asked anyway.

'Just two.' She answered. I picked the form she filled from my table to examine it, clearly it has Mason's full name on it and not Jake's.

Just as I was about to brush anything she had to say and rush her out of my office I saw what was written on the pay offer section, it reads $2000 per day.The length of the time states a month.

That's one of the biggest pay and the longest time of rental I have been offered. With Christmas around the corners I sure need the money, after all its been 7 years, Mason doesn't affect me anymore I decieded.

'I saw the form you filled and I think I have some girls that could be perfect for the project.' I said wiping all the confused look of off my face and opening my laptop to show her the list of candidates. 'Most of my employes have a limited experience of two years they've been here, but there are some with acting experiences from elsewhere.' I explained and turned the computer to show her.

'No need, I have already chosen.' She says bringing the confused look back on my face. 'Just think about it, you will take all the money for yourself it's the biggest profit you could make since you won't share the money with the actor.'

She was right, I need the money so I could visit my parents for Christmas. 'But why me, plus I don't do fake relationship, I just run the business around here.' I questioned.

'I just so happen to like you. If you agree you can go over the contract with Mason.' She explained.

With a voice filled with courage and a smile, 'Deal.' I agreed, maybe this will help me get over the past and mostly I needed the money.

'Great, you can finish other things with Mason, here is his address .' Putting a business card on my table she left with a giddy face. I just hope this wasn't a mistake.

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