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"Rumour is our boy might be holding out on us. Could a show be on the horizon? . . . watch this space #Jasper #Concerttime #Pleaseconfirm" I had barely locked my phone after hitting send when I saw Jasper had messaged back straight away. I knew the photo would intrigue him when he saw the tag, but to respond so fast? I felt proud as punch as I opened my phone. "Sneaky, sneaky L! Calling in the masses to bombard me?" The grin on my face reached my eyes "It's one way to get the answer I want, so is it true?" ***** You've been running one of his biggest Fan Pages for years . . . Will you freak at the chance to finally meet him? ** This is my original works, originally published on Chapters. Any attempts to recreate it will be reported (unfortunately with the amount of stories that are being copyright lately it is sad we now have to put these disclaimers on our works to protect us writers) **

Romance / Humor
Luci Fer
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Chapter 1

I had been running one of Jasper’s biggest fan pages for over three years now as he was one of my favourite artists of all times. I discovered his music at eighteen, in my first year of college. The more I got engrossed in his music, I found I needed to create a fan page, knowing this guy’s music was going to become an inspiration to so many.

At 21 years of age, I was still dying to meet him!

Sure, we had spoken many times. All over lnstagram messenger,. It was one of the things I loved about Jasper, he was very interactive with his fans.

So when I heard rumours today that he had a show coming up in the next few months, one scheduled for my home town I just had to ask. Once I logged into my lnstagram fan page, I scrolled straight to our chat and sent him a message. “Jasper! I heard rumours you have a show coming up. Are we keeping secrets from each other now? Your fans want to know, L x”

Once the message had been sent, I pulled up one of my favourite photos of him and posted it on my social feed. Of course I tagged him, in hope he would reply or the cries from the masses would do the trick.

‘Rumour has it our boy might be holding out on us. Could a show be on the horizon? . . . . Watch this space #Jasper #Concerttime #Pleaseconfirm’

I had barely locked my phone after hitting send when I saw Jasper had messaged back. I knew the photo would intrigue him when he saw the tag, but to respond so fast? I felt proud as punch as I opened my phone. “Sneaky, sneaky L! Calling in the masses to bombard me?”

The grin on my face reached my eyes “It’s one way to get the answer I want, so is it true?”

I waited as I saw the ‘typing’ come up in grey font “Is what true?”

My head flew back in frustration as I rapidly typed out my reply. “Ugh! You don’t play fair!”

“All is fair in love and war L, you know that :D”

When I made it explicitly clear I would find out I was surprised when Jasper replied asking me to have a little bit of patience. All would be revealed next week. I was sure I had him and was fast to type back. Is it about the concerts coming? “Well, I didn’t say that, but you know . . .”

“Jasp! Stop being so cryptic. Give me something to give to them hahaha”

“How’s this?”

How’s this? How’s what?

I waited curiously, when the photo popped up after a few minutes. When it opened I automatically burst out laughing. “Shameless! So when are the concerts scheduled for?”

“Persistent Lucy, I will give you that. Gotta run, talk soon . . . . Ps watch my social’s over the next few days ;) x”

Furiously I typed back before he left “I used to like you Jasper!”

“Lies, you love me Luce!”

I shook my head and chuckled again as I lay back wondering what it could be he is so excited about. He never was one for keeping secrets well in my experience, so whatever it was must be good.

The next few days I had tried in vain to discover anything I could that related to it, but whatever it was he was up to, he remained tight lipped. I remembered Jasper mentioned to keep an eye out for an announcement, and the more days that ticked by, the more impatient I grew.

When I woke up the next morning and started getting sorted for class, I was not expecting to see a message from Jasper on my phone. “Today, Eleven O’clock - Hope it was worth the wait for you all, and once again thanks for your continued support <;3”

Thank god!! No more waiting!

My first class finished at ten thirty so I had half an hour to grab a coffee and sit down to wait for the announcement. Class was the slowest it had been in ages so when the Professor dismissed us, I couldn’t wait to race out of the room. Hell, I didn’t even wait for my best friends! I figured they would know where to find me once they had finished dawdling.

After I found some space near our usual spot, I grabbed my phone and coffee and started doing a scroll through my socials. It was not long before I heard my friends coming over.

“Where did you run off to?” Tania asked as they started to sit down alongside me.

“Jasper’s announcement is today. It is on in ten minutes.”

Jodie took a sip of her coffee before adding “Do we know what it is yet?”

“The buzz is he’s announcing concerts.”

The girls got excited and we all agreed when Tania added how incredibly dreamy the guy is! Jodie seemed worried that he might not visit here but from the limited information myself and some of the other fan pages had uncovered, it suggested that the tour would include all capital cities.

Tania seemed buzzed again to hear this “And this is why I told mum, no way are we ever moving to the country like she wants to!”

“Girl, the country smells gross!” Jodie scrunched her nose up. Being the drama student she always heads straight to the theatrics to emphasise her point.

“I think that is the cow poop that stinks babes.”

Before Long we had our phones opened and refreshing our pages like maniacs waiting for this post. Instead, right on eleven, I was surprised to see a notification come up to say Jasper had gone live.

Who am I kidding though? Of course I hit that up straight away.

“Yo! What’s up guys? Thanks for tuning in. I will wait a few minutes to give everyone a chance to jump online. Hope you all are having a sick day, and not in the literal sense! Mine is not bad as you can see.” He turned the camera showing us the view of his house as he bought some time while other fans logged in.

“Right, let’s stop pissing around and get down to why you are all here. I am sure by now everyone has heard the gossip that Jasper might be doing some concerts. Fan girls all over the world scream your lungs out!” We all cracked up when he mimicked a fangirl scream.

“I am stoked to announce that in conjunction with Adidas Originals, Hype DC and many more sick sponsors, who seem to like me as much as you guys, we are giving you and two friends the chance to meet me. Why? Because I like to think I am a pretty rad kind of guy. You get to hang with me at my concert in your town. This prize includes three all access passes to the show in your city, with a total of six grand prizes to give away. That’s right, six shows and six winners!”

We all looked at each other, silently acknowledging that if any of us won, we all went together. “Here is the catch. Registrations are only open for five days. So if you want to be in for the free tickets, get on the link below asap. Now I know you are wondering why such a short registration period, well here comes the best part guys. Once the six winners have been announced they will go into a super draw and one lucky person will have the chance to spend the whole week with me in their capital city. Guys, we are giving you the chance to live the lead up to the show with me!”

My jaw dropped and when I looked at my friends, their expressions mirrored mine. “My manager likes to call it a day in the life of Jasper, but let’s be honest, I am a twenty two year old male, no one really wants to see that. So we will probably do some cool, slightly pretentious shit instead, but I promise to make it fun!”

His raw honesty tickled my sense of humour “I love this guy! He’s the best, no filter at all.”

Tania and Jodie looked at each other adding that it just made him even sexier! “Well that’s it for now all, get registering and I will post more details on the Super Draw. Much love guys, Peace out!”

As the feed finished, Tania looked up “Holy shit! Either way we are going right?”

Jodie and I didn’t hesitate in saying ‘Yes’. The three of us were talking as Tania and Jodie completed their registrations when a notification popped up on my Instagram. I opened it to see Jasper “Don’t think I didn’t notice you viewing. Hope the wait was worth it!”

“You’ve made some fans very happy today, believe me, I know! Two of the screaming fangirls are sitting in front of me as we speak.”

“Ooo my favourite, squealing fangirls. So why aren’t you joining them, I thought you were fan numero uno?”

I looked over at Tania and Jodie sharing photos and carrying on like virgin’s about to get their cherries popped tonight “Someone’s got to play the adult right?”

I left myself open for the attack, so I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when Jasper replied why I was chosen to be the adult then? “You’re so funny. Question, Why is a day in the life of Jasper the twenty two year old so boring?”

“Well I mean damn, if a fan wants to sit around with me in track pants, playing Playstation, eating pizza and chuck a wank in for good measure, then sure I am down for it! When I asked if that was Stereotyping he was quick to respond it was just living the dream. “Now it is my turn to ask the question. Are you going to enter in the competition and come and meet me finally my Fan Favourite?

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