Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Ten

I looked back at Jasper, smiling smugly at me, and I had to shake my head. I wanted to laugh at him, but that is when an idea hit me. Staring back, I pressed into him, taking his hand in mine. I placed my lips over his softly, but it didn’t take long for me to feel his arms wrap me up, as I sunk into him.

His tongue found its way expertly into my mouth, as they danced together, while our bodies hummed in unison. I started to lower back down off my tip toes when I felt him bend down and lift me off the ground into him, kissing me deeper. His intention was clear, he wasn’t ready for this kiss to end. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he held me up. I found time standing still for the second time today as we got lost in each other. I wasn’t sure how much time we lost in that moment, and I was only drawn out of it when I felt Jasper ease me down. “Well, considering I kissed you, I believe you owe me one. I’ll see you for the question and answer session in the morning. Goodnight Jasper.”

I couldn’t help but toss him a cheeky wink as I stepped inside my apartment and waved goodnight. He smiled and waved back as I closed the door. After I had locked up, I grabbed a bottle of water before heading to bed. I flopped backwards and pulled my phone out. Typing out a text I sent it to the group chat I had with Tania and Jodie. “It’s a respectable hour, I am home and I am texting you as promised.”

Tania immediately replied highlighting that is not details and she wanted them now before Jodie added they needed more than just I was home. I laughed as I watched their messages go back and forth until they came to the conclusion they had to know everything. I spent the next hour filling Tania and Jodie in on the last two days, of course not giving them everything. I definitely wasn’t ready to tell them about what happened tonight, the one hundred and one questions they would fire could wait for another day. Sleep came easily that night but I was not impressed when I was woken to my phone ringing at two minutes past seven. “I don’t want the interview that much, forget it. This is not an acceptable hour to call people.”

Jasper’s chirpy voice echoed from the speaker. “Morning! What time would you like me at your service today?” I was fast to reply not at this time much to his amusement. “You know you are adorable when you get frustrated.” Asking if he was admitting to winding me up on purpose he asked if he looked stupid.

“Why are you doing this to me?” I cracked up when he said he wanted me to get the most out of my minutes with him. “That was the worst line ever! You know that right?”

“I do, but yet you are still laying there, not only thinking of me but also what you want to do with me.” Throwing myself back on the bed, letting out an exasperated sigh he continued to laugh until I finally said eight thirty, and he better bring breakfast. “Eight Thirty Lucy Mills, I look forward to you having me then.”

Letting out a frustrated giggle I told him to stop already and said goodbye. I lay back down for half an hour before deciding I should get up, get a coffee and make sure I was ready. After changing and sorting my hair and face, I was waiting for the kettle to boil when I realised if he was going to let me do this interview, I need some questions ready! I couldn’t go in blind. I raced to my room and grabbed my phone, sending Tania and Jodie a message.

“I think I might be close to getting Jasper to agree to an interview for the fan page. So HELP! I need questions. Send them through to me as soon as possible, he is heading around this morning. Think of anything you would want to ask, if given the chance - Music, general life, pop culture. I need you girls to rescue me. Love you.”

I had not long finished my coffee when I heard the door go and I headed over to let Jasper in. As I opened the door I giggled as he shook a McDonald’s bag up in my face and a takeaway coffee tray. “Please do not tell me this is your idea of breakfast?” Jasper seemed horrified as he stated you can’t go wrong with a double bacon and egg McMuffin to start the day. “Nothing like a clogged artery to give your heart a kick start in the morning.”

“See, there’s the spirit.” I stepped aside letting him in as I said good morning. “Look at you go! We have escalated to good morning. Progress!” When I asked if anyone had told him he is weird he said I might have mentioned it once or twice. We grabbed a seat at my dining table, opening the bag as he passed me a hashbrown, McMuffin and coffee. After thanking him, we sat in silence for a few moments, eating our breakfast. I noticed Jasper had sat back in his chair, watching me so I asked if everything was ok. “I am curious, how does this deal work now? You decided to jump the start, a false start, whatever you want to call it. I feel like that calls for a restart.”

“Have you seriously been contemplating this all night?”

“Yeah, sure I have. See, you put me in a pickle. I had leverage and you took it away from me.” When I said I was pleased to see he finally realised he added the question I knew was burning him the most. “If I agree to the interview, I still get to take you out tonight, right?” I nodded yes. “And I still got to kiss you again last night. But, if I decline then I don’t get dinner and I have to settle for two kisses.”

“You make it sound like the other option all but secures you further kisses.” The moment Jasper moved closer to me, I knew immediately I had walked straight into a trap.

“It will, when you see what I would do to impress you Lucy.” The blush was instant, and he noticed, smiling at me. “You look adorable when you get shy and embarrassed.”

“Stop drawing attention to it, I can’t help it.” He sat back and we finished our breakfast. Now it was my turn to ask the burning question. “So, have you made up your mind? Ultimately it determines what we do next, which is my reason for asking.” When Jasper said that was good cover we both laughed as I replied “Thanks for noticing, I thought so too.”

He sat back again, crossing his arms as he thought about it for a moment. “Alright Lucy Mills, let’s assume I say yes to your terms. Are you going to crucify me or play nice? I responded that I would be respectful before asking if he would be tonight? When he saw the glint of cheek in my eye, Jasper leant forward on the table looking me up and down. “Lucy don’t you worry, I am very much respecting you right now.”

“You’re an outrageous flirt.”

“Not always, I’m selective.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me as I pointed out he gets distracted easily. Not denying it he asked what we were talking about again as I glared at him. “Fine. You can have your interview, then we can go do this stage check this afternoon. I will drop you home and you can get ready for the real Jasper show tonight. Deal?”

I smiled at him as I moved forward, and extended my hand. “It’s a deal Jasper Peters.”

He reached over and took my hand as we shook. When I went to let go he stopped me, and pulled my hand closer to him. “Now that’s agreed, kiss me.”

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