Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Eleven

I had decided since Jasper wanted to be cheeky, I would beat him at his own game. Standing up I walked over to his end of the table, I watched him sit there, looking up at me, waiting. I could see something in his eyes I had noticed before, but I wasn’t ready to question it. I moved quickly, as I bent down and kissed him on the forehead. “Come on then, where do you want to do this interview?”

Jasper looked stunned and asked what was that. With matter of fact, I replied it was the kiss he asked for. Insisting that was not a kiss, I highlighted “It is. If you want to look up the definition in the dictionary.” He seemed amused and tried calling me out, insistent even I wouldn’t know the definition off by heart. “A kiss, as definition by the Oxford Dictionary is, as a verb a touch or caress with the lips, as a sign of love, sexual desire, or greeting. As defined as a noun, it is a touch or caress with the lips.”

Jasper cracked up. “I stand corrected. But which one was it?” I asked what he meant. “Was it love or sexual desire because I know it’s not greeting. You already did that when I arrived at your door this morning.” When I laughed and said I had never known anyone like him, he was fast to ask if that was a good or a bad thing. When I said yet to be determined he told me I was brutal. “Ok Lucy Mills, where do you want me?”

My eyes flew open as I stuttered his words back at him. Relieved when he said for the interview I asked where he would be most comfortable. In true Jasper form he questioned if I wanted him to answer that with a cheeky smirk on his face. “The couch or out on the veranda Jasper?” When he said let’s sit outside, it was a nice day, I agreed.

I picked up my phone and holder for it so the recording was stable, as well as grabbed my note book with the questions I had managed to write down from Tania and Jodie. I had also included some of my own. “So, before we start, seeing as you want to do this live, what’s the time frame? How long are you going to interview me for?”

“How is ten to fifteen minutes? That way I can ask you some of the questions I came up with, and the fans watching can also submit while viewing?

Jasper agreed and I set my phone up in front of me with the stand on the table. After getting the angle right so he is in the frame, I looked up. “Ok, ready?” When Jasper argued I needed to be in the frame too, I pointed out this was his interview, not mine.

I signalled to him I was recording and I saw him give me one of his cheesiest grins. “Yo guys! I am sitting here with one of my Fan Favourites, who has managed to convince me it would be a great idea to do a live interview with you all. I know most of you weren’t expecting this so Miss Double F here, yeah my boys will get that reference. . . it was intended, is going to start with a few questions she has first. Once you guys start to roll in we will open it up to you. I have asked her to go easy on me, so let’s hope that is the case. Over to you Double F.”

“Ok, let’s start with a fun one. What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?” When Jasper said apart from making him do a surprise live interview, I indicated yes, apart from that. “Well probably the weirdest thing that ever happened to me, I was at the airport waiting for a flight to Melbourne and a fan recognised me. She came running up all flustered and then when she was certain it was me she couldn’t get her words out. Next minute, she gave me a hug and then passed out on the floor.”

“Oh my god! What happened?”

“Security got her settled in a medical room, and after she got some attention I gave her my hat that signed and we got a photo. All’s well that ends well.”

“Cute. Alright, if you had to pick a theme song for your life, and could only choose one of your songs, which would it be?”

“Aimlessly.” I followed up with why? “Because most days I wander around aimlessly?”

“If you could collaborate with any other artist in the industry, who would it be?”

“Oh that’s easy. Brax for sure. I grew up on his music and the band he has been with now for a while. They are all mad as fuck. They are taking our music to the next level. I’d love to spend a day with him and his band to learn more.”

“I’ve always been impressed with the skills of his drummer. Rarely seen over here, that kind of talent.”

“Liam is ridiculously good. My current drummer has done a few jams with him in the past. Great guy too.” I noticed some of the followers had submitted questions and asked if he was ready to address them. Of course Jasper didn’t have a problem.

“Lisa in Byron Bay wants to know if you get performance anxiety? And if so, how do you deal with it?”

“Yes, and unconventionally. But rarely is nothing a shot of something strong can’t sort out. Plus like my mother always said to me, if you aren’t nervous, is it really that important to you? When you stop caring, that is when it becomes a problem.”

“Robyn in Newcastle would like to know if you have gotten used to being a Popular Artist, and if so, how do you deal with the fame?”

“I still struggle with it a lot. I don’t quite understand it, I guess because I just look at myself as the same as all of you. Just making a living and trying to do it with someone I love, Music. I don’t tend to go out near as much as I used to, opting for quiet parties with friends or other artists instead. I find it keeps disruptions down to a minimum.”

When I saw the next question I had a giggle. “Ok Karen in Darwin wants to know how would someone get your special attention?”

“Definite special attention. I get called special and some have even called me a weirdo.” I couldn’t help but look at him and smirk when he said weirdo, since I have been calling him that for the last two days. “I don’t know how to explain it. I guess they would have to be lighted-hearted in nature as I am, carefree and easy to have a laugh with. If they are attractive that would be a bonus but it isn’t the be all, end all. I would rather be with someone who I can laugh long and often with.”

“So following up on Karen’s question, Nadine in Canberra wants to know if you are seeing anyone right now?”

“Geez, that’s a bit ambiguous. I am not in a relationship with anyone, but I do have interest in something I think is extremely special.” I could feel his eyes burning into me, so I continued looking at my phone screen, hoping for a salvation to pop up.

We both chuckled with Martha in Mt Gambia said she was a lucky girl and if she didn’t work out Martha was free. “Alright, one last question, which I know we are all asking collectively. When will you be releasing your next album?”

“To be the bearer of bad news, I would say it is about eight months to a year away. The good news is, following the concerts I will be starting to release some of the singles from the album.” As I let him know that is it he thanks the viewers. “Thanks guys for the questions, much love to you all.”

I turned the camera off and I sat back looking at Jasper. “So, not too bad?” Jasper said not too bad and checked his watch before putting his hand on to me. “Where are we going?”

“It’s time for me to introduce you to my world Lucy Mills. Are you ready to be a part of it?”

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