Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twelve

I was shitting myself right now, not in the literal sense, thank god! But the moment we walked in the venue and I saw everything going on, I was completely out of my element. It was so busy. I had never seen this many people, moving so fast, in such a small amount of space. As I followed Jasper down, I could see he was loving it. The closer we got, he showed me to a row of seats where I could sit down and wait.

As I sat there watching them work out the positioning for everything on the stage, I took the chance to grab a few photos to share later when I got home. Being that the auditorium was by no means full, the moment the lights were turned on, poor Jasper looked like a deer in headlights. When the strobes started to flash, I found myself questioning how these artists got through it without having an epileptic fit, or ending up with a migraine.

I never realised how much work went into making a show happen, so when we finally walked out nearly three hours later, it took my eyes a little while to adjust to the natural light again. As a result, I nearly walked off the curb. I started to stumble as Jasper managed to grab hold of me just in time, pulling me back into him. “Are you ok?”

“Thank you, I think so. Still trying to get my eyes to adjust to the light again.”

“And here I was hoping you were falling for me.” I burst out laughing as he chuckled with me.

“You make me laugh.”

“Good, because I think you have a beautiful smile and I like seeing it.” I looked up at him through hooded lashes, telling him he needed to stop. “Why do I need to stop Lucy Mills?” When I said it was embarrassing, Jasper said I had nothing to be shy about. My natural beauty was breathtaking. “Well I guess I will have to prove it to you tonight. I am going to show you why you need to see how beautiful you really are. Now come on, you have a date to get ready for.”

“Just a day in the life of Jasper hey?”

“You should be honoured to be the feature of it.” We headed off and after Jasper dropped me back at my place he said he would be here at Six Thirty to pick me up. I had a short rest before getting ready and going through the ultimate female battle - What the hell do I wear! Pulling out my phone I decided to ask because I needed to know. I have no idea at all what his plans are. “Jasper I need some idea of what the plan is please. What do I wear?”

“You wear clothes Lucy, although I am amenable to lingerie or nothing at all.” Letting my frustration be known I asked him to be serious. I needed to know if there was a dress code where we were going. “No. It is nice and relaxed. I wanted you to be comfortable, not embarrassed or shy again. Jeans, pants, whatever you are comfortable in. A jacket is recommended as we will be outside.”

Thanking him, fifteen minutes later I was rummaging through my wardrobe before I finally settled on a pair of jeans with one of my favourite black tops. I grabbed a jacket, my bag and a bottle of water as I sat down on the couch. While I waited I posted the photos from today to the fan page. When Jasper finally arrived I felt excitement rise, curious to see what he had in mind for tonight.

Opening the door I saw him standing there in jeans, a smart shit and carrying a jacket. I felt relief, I had made the right decision what to wear. “You look beautiful as always Lucy.”

I said thank you, and he laughed highlighting we were making progress. I pointed out to him sometimes the silent victory says more, and not to push his luck. He smiled at me as I stepped back, letting him inside for a second while I got my things ready to leave. “This is for you by the way.” I asked what it was as he passed me a tiny box. “I know the norm is, you take a girl out, you buy her flowers or something, but you’re not normal are you Lucy? You’re special. So I wanted to give you something special.”

Smiling at him warmly, I started to open it and carefully took the box out of the packaging. Inside, I found a USB and a card. I opened the card and read what it said.

Thank you for always believing in me, and your support x

I asked what the USB was and he said if I got my laptop he would show me. I raced to my room and grabbed it, before putting it down in front of him. Once I logged in, I stepped back letting Jasper put the USB in to load. I heard music start to come through as Jasper hit the volume up louder. I didn’t recognise the introduction to the tune, but when I heard the vocals start, I was shocked. It was Jasper, yet this was a song of his I had never heard before. And I have heard everything he has ever done.

I looked at him and went to ask as he nodded. “It’s my next release, it won’t be out until after the concerts are complete. But I trust you, so Lucy Mills, apart from my team, you are the first person to hear it.”

I was speechless that he would trust me to hear this and not tell anyone. I understood these artists protected their work fiercely, until launch dates, so it blew me away that he had allowed me to listen to it tonight. “Obviously it is still in final editing, but you get the hint.”

“It’s amazing Jasper, thank you.” As I listened to the end of the song before closing my laptop, I removed the USB and started to hand it back to him.

“No Lucy. That is for you to keep.” My face expressed my shock as I asked if he was seriously giving me his song, before it was released. “I trust you to do the right thing with it. Come on, let’s go.”

I took Jasper’s hand as he led me out, and I noticed he was driving. I asked if he got a hired car. “Just for the night, figured it would be easier with what I have in mind.” When I said we could have just taken my car he told me to be quiet and just hop in.

I got in and we set off, and I saw Jasper trying to turn the navigator screen away from me. “You know directions would be much easier if you just told me where we are going.” When he said that just ruins the surprise, I added. “It really doesn’t Jasper. I think you are putting more emphasis on it then needed. I am just happy to be here with you, you know that right?”

I saw him look sideways momentarily and smiled. “I thought it would be nice to go sit at that lookout you mentioned yesterday on the boat. I organised some tapas so we could eat there. I thought with it not being as crowded you might feel more comfortable this evening.”

“It’s the sweetest idea imaginable, Thank you. Now please let me help you with directions before you get us lost or crash.” Jasper was fast to highlight his driving wasn’t that bad, to which I pointed out it wasn’t that good either.

Once we arrived Jasper went around to the back to grab a few bags out before we started walking. I watched as he looked around until he seemed to find a spot he liked and moved towards it. “Can I help with anything?”

“No, I have it. Thank you though.” He unfolded a picnic blanket from a packet, I could see it was brand new leaving me wondering if he went and bought this especially for tonight. After he was happy he took my hand, and I sat down opposite him. “So it isn’t quite the five star, wine and dine you were thinking, but then from what I have observed of you, this seems more appropriate.” When I smiled and said it was perfect he continued. “I got a selection of anything and everything as I didn’t know what you would like.”

As I looked in the bags I burst out laughing. “That’s a lot of food Jasper.” Shrugging his shoulders, looking a little embarrassed now, I reached across and took his hand. “This is really too sweet. Thank you for doing this for me Jasper.”

I watched as he shuffled closer to me on the rug, his hand coming up to rest lightly on my neck. “You don’t have to thank me Lucy. You deserve to be treated this way, better in fact.” The moment I felt his lips on mine I came undone. My desire flooded to the surface and my hands ran up to his face, kissing him slow but hard. He met each of my kisses, pulling me closer, his hands up under my t-shirt, bringing every inch of skin to life with his touch. As I felt his fingers splayed across my spine, pressing into my skin tighter, holding me as close as possible I heard a low moan emanate from his throat.

I started to sink back into the rug, as I felt Jasper’s upper body come over me. We continued to kiss under moonlight, our hands tenderly stroking and teasing each other’s skin into a blissful passion. When he pulled back and stared down at me, I saw his eyebrows crease momentarily before he spoke. “What are you still scared of? I hate that I look into your eyes sometimes and I see fear. That feeling, that I caused that.“I shook my head telling him that wasn’t it, and he asked me to explain.

“I am scared of getting hurt, Jasper.” Of course he promised he would never hurt me, and I believe him. “I know, not intentionally anyway.” When Jasper asked what I meant by that I knew I owed him the explanation of how I was feeling. “I mean, you are here for a week Jasper. I don’t want to give too much of myself and end up hurt, does that make sense?”

“You think that maybe I am just looking for a bit of fun for a week?” I couldn’t help but ask if that wasn’t the case. “Not in the slightest. And you know, from what I have heard, it is pretty easy to pick up if you just make the effort to dress up and go into a nightclub.” I did laugh at the cheekiness of his retort. “I have always enjoyed speaking with you Lucy, and then when I saw you walk in that cafe a few days ago, you sucked the very air out of my lungs. You left me feeling like a drunken sailor.” I blushed harder at that. “If you want proof, here is proof for you. I still remember the very first time we talked.”

“Jasper! Of course you do. It isn’t hard to remember when it was only a few days ago.” When he argued no it wasn’t I reminded him “It was, you just said so yourself a few minutes ago.” I watched as he hugged me tighter and leant down kissing me on the nose.

“I am sorry Lucy Mills, this time you are wrong. It was a few years ago and you had just moved to Sydney for University. You had sent me a message a few days before and when I finally got around to reading it and replying you took a couple more days to reply yourself. You said you were sorry for the late reply, your parents had been down from Maitland as you just moved for University. You told me they were freaking out about your move just as much as you had freaked out when you saw I replied. Then you thanked me.” I looked up at Jasper in genuine surprise. “You think I didn’t remember? What’s that look for?”

“Kiss me Jasper.”

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