Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirteen

Lay in the moonlight kissing Jasper was a dream. A dream that had become my reality, yet I still found myself unable to fathom this was actually happening. As our tongues danced together sweetly, I felt myself pulling Jasper down to me closer, his body shifting between my legs, our hands teasing each other’s skin delicately. I felt his hand run down my leg and grasp just above my knee, pulling it up over his hip as his hand wandered back down to my waist, gripping me tightly to him. My body was craving every touch his fingers made, every taste of him that was afforded me, the only sounds were those of our mouths making sweet music together and the occasional distant city sound.

I couldn’t stop the soft moan of protest that left me when I felt his lips pull away from mine. I need not have protested so quickly when I felt his hands wrap around me tighter and his face bury in my neck. Dragging the tip of his nose up my neck ever so softly that it left me trembling, I soon felt him nudge my head away from him as he started making his way back down.

Feeling his lips dragging across my skin was sending me into a frenzy of desire that I didn’t want to fall from any time soon. As I felt the tip of his tongue reach out and start licking across my collar bone, I gripped one of his biceps tighter as my other hand wandered up into his hair, running my nails through his scalp. “You taste divine Lucy, I can’t get enough of you.”

Hearing his words spurred the longing in me as I turned my head to find his lips again, drawing them back into me as we held each other tightly. Losing track of time while kissing Jasper was easily done and when he heard my stomach rumble, he pulled back chuckling. “What an asshole I am. I didn’t even feed you first.”

“I’m so embarrassed. I can’t believe you heard that.”

“Lucy, New York heard that one, and it is the city that never sleeps.” I pushed him off me as he chuckled, and we sat up. After Jasper laid out some of the food we started eating in silence before he spoke up. “Ok, question because I want to get to know you better tonight, not just make out with you. Although, I wouldn’t say no if you wanted to again.” I shook my head in amusement. “What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on, because obviously we both know this one is the best.”

“Is that so? You seem awfully sure of yourself.”

“Well, I mean what other dates have had me there? You can’t top that.”

“Do you always make everything a joke?” When he said I try to, I continued. “It’s a nervous thing isn’t it? You hide behind humour if you feel uncomfortable.”

Holding his finger up to his lips “Don’t Psychoanalyse me Miss I want to be a scientist one day.”

“Oh! I am right, aren’t I? You know that’s kinda cute right?” When he deflected and told me to stop avoiding his question I was taken back to it. “Oh my bad! The worst date.” I thought about it and it didn’t take long for me to realise which was the worst one. “My friend’s tried to set me up with this guy in one of their classes a few years ago. He was very attractive, and the few texts we had I found him easy to get on with. We went out for burgers and beers and there were two people he couldn’t stop talking about.”

“Who?” When I said his mother and his ex-girlfriend Jasper broke out in laughter.

“Oh, it gets worse. He whipped out his phone to show me pictures of both of them.”

“Hang on wait. So he was on a date with you, but shows you photos of his ex-girlfriend?”

When I said correct, all Jasper could add was idiot. “But here is the best part. When the waitress came to clear out plates, she asked if I wanted to wrap my leftover food, to which I replied, no thank you. The waitress was about to clear my plate, when he reached over aggressively and said, I will wrap it. Mum will love it.”

Jasper was howling as he grabbed his stomach. Double checking if I was serious, I told him deadly. Always the cheeky one he had to add “So, how long did you two date for then?”

Pushing him over as he continued to laugh I told him to shut up. “What about you?”

“I went on a date with a girl and it was cool. We talked and ate dinner. After the date, I asked if she wanted to go out again sometimes. Her exact words were No thank you. You’re too ugly for me, but thanks for the free dinner.”

I could feel my jaw hit the ground as he said it. “No way!”

“Way! I had one of those moments where you look at someone and you want to smack the shit out of them, before realising it is not socially acceptable.”

“I totally would have smacked her for you. That is unbelievably rude.”

“It was a good thing in the end anyway.” I looked at Jasper curiously and asked why. “Because now I am here with you. Having one of the best dates I have had so far.” As he leaned in to kiss me again, I didn’t feel the usual nervousness I had been experiencing. I felt excitement and accepted his lips eagerly with my own. We spent several hours lying and talking, making out and hugging, laughing and joking. It was so easy to lose time with Jasper. Once I let my own inhibitions go, it was natural and easy to feel comfortable around him.

Driving home was comfortable even though Jasper’s driving still wasn’t the greatest and as I gave it to him he continued to laugh and blame the roads in New South Wales, the excuse of every bad driver from Queensland. As we pulled up and he turned the engine off, we got out and he took my hand while we walked to my apartment. We got to my and I unlocked it, before I felt Jasper’s hand over the top of mine. He placed his other hand on my waist, and turned me to face him. “Just before you go, tell me something. How did I go?”

Reaching up, I stroked his cheek and I saw that nervousness rearing again. The same anxiety he tries to hide behind his humour. “It was really considerate Jasper, thank you. And I appreciate it so much.” Reaching up on my tip toes as I applied a bit of pressure to his neck, I brought his head down and kissed his lips softly, and a little too quickly, even for my own liking. “I don’t know if I am ready to end the evening just yet. Did you want to come inside Jasper?”

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