Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Fiften

We had just got back when Jasper’s phone rang and if I heard him correctly, I am pretty sure he said Brax Carson. Brax is huge in the music scene here, and in fact Jasper was just talking about his desire to want to work with him the other day during the live questions we did. I could see the excitement on Jasper’s face as he spoke to him, so when he hung up I looked at him puzzled. “Do you mind if we go up to my room first?” I think the look on my face must have been a cross between confused and terrified since Jasper was fast to follow up. “That was Brax Carson on the phone, he wants to have a conference call in ten minutes. It will just be easier to do it from my room, where it is quiet and no distractions. Plus I would hate to be rude and talk on the phone when at dinner with you.”

“Sure, that is fine.” We headed over to get the elevator up and as we were waiting, curiosity got the better of me. “So why did Brax call you?”

“He didn’t say yet. He just asked if I was available to have a conference call with my manager, him and his manager and their marketing director.”

“Oh, is that normal?”

“I guess, I mean I have had a few chats with different artists. He is on tour at the moment so it is weird he is calling now, especially while he would be so busy.” As we continued to talk I asked if maybe he heard the interview the other day, since Jasper had mentioned him. “Anything is possible right? We will soon find out.”

“We? You’re going to let me listen?” When he said sure why not, all I could manage was Holy shit!

“Did you just fangirl?” I couldn’t lie and admitted I did a little bit. “Don’t worry, so did I when he said his name on the phone.”

“Are you excited?” Jasper said he was nervous and wondered why he was calling when I reminded him it was his manager too. Jasper agreed and pointed out it was the marketing director also. “That’s his fiance. I follow her on Instagram. She is ridiculously gorgeous and so damn sweet.”

“And you’re not? I beg to differ if that is what you think.” I smiled at him as we walked in and I couldn’t believe the views from his suite. It was gorgeous. “Did you want a drink?” I just asked for water or soda, conscious of the fact I had to drive later. He soon brought me over a lemonade and we sat down on the couch, awaiting the call. “I have an idea while we wait.”

“Sure, what’s that?” The moment I asked I knew I had walked straight into it, when I saw the cheeky glint in his eyes as he moved over and took my lips with his. I made no effort to stop him, in fact I was quite happy to feel his lips on mine again as he wrapped me up in his body. He pulled me closer to him, as he sunk further back into the couch, moving his hip to lay on his side as he brought my leg up over his. I felt his hand slide slowly up my thigh and over my hip, around to my backside as he pushed my hips in to meet his own thrust.

While one hand cradled his face, my other pressed firmer on his lower back, wanting to feel him closer to me, starting to surrender to the longing and aching I found rising deep down in my core with every touch of his body to mine. When I heard Jasper groan lowly in my ear, he rubbed his face against my neck and kissed my shoulder gently. I couldn’t stop the shiver that made its way up my spine. Just as I wanted to take things further we heard his phone start ringing on the coffee table and both looked up at it. “Worst timing ever. Think they will afford me half an hour and call back?”

Laughing as I pushed up I told him to take the call. He sat up and put the phone on speaker on the table as he answered. It only took a moment before we heard Brax’s voice over the phone. “Hey Jasper, it’s Brax. How are you?”

“Yeah, I am good thanks mate, and yourself? How’s the tour going?” As Brax and Jasper made some general chit chat, I fixed myself up and sat up properly next to Jasper. He looked over at me and smiled, before he reached across rubbing my knee tenderly.

“I’ve got my Manager Marcus here with me and our Marketing Director Charlie, who you can thank later when you hear what I have to say.”

Both Marcus and Charlie said hello has Jasper greeted them both. Brax checked if Jasper’s manager was dialling in before he proceeded when Brett made his presence known confirming he was on the call. Jasper said hello to Brett before he gave him a brief run down. “Hi Jasper. So I haven’t had a chance to bring you up to speed yet, as you were in a lighting rehearsal, so I might just handover to Brax and he can explain.”

“Thanks Brett. Jasper, as you know we are on Tour at the moment and we have two shows coming up in Sydney next Saturday, a week after your show. We are doing an under eighteen’s show earlier in the day with the over eighteen show at night. The supporting act we had lined up has had to pull out due to personal reasons and that has left us in a bind. So this is where you come in.” I saw Jasper’s eyes widen when Brax said it. “My fiance was playing a post she was tagged in on instagram.”

“Sorry, just so there is no confusion, Charlie our Marketing Manager and Brax are engaged.” Marcus spoke up clarifying for Jasper so he understood who they were referring to.

“Right, sorry. Anyway Charlie got tagged in a post on Instagram from one of her friends. It just so happened to be the live interview you did the other day and she was playing it to me last night. We did a bit of digging over your socials, particularly your music you are putting out. I noticed you are doing shows at the moment also. Is your schedule free next Saturday?”

Jasper asked Brett if he was free and Brett confirmed he was on a break that weekend, back in Queensland before Brax continued. “Any chance you might want to hang around Sydney for an extra week and be our Supporting Act next Saturday night?”

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