Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Sixteen

I looked at Jasper when I heard Brax ask him if he was free to do the show with him next weekend. This was a dream come true for him, the other day wasn’t the first time he had expressed his adoration for Brax and his, but I think it was the first he had been so vocal about his desire to collaborate with him. His shock was still evident on his face when he hung up and turned to me. “Did that really just happen?”

“It’s not a collaboration, but you get to perform with them and meet them properly.” When Jasper asked how he could ever thank me I looked at him confused. “Thank me? Why would you want to thank me Jasper?”

“If I hadn’t let you convince me to do that interview and his fiance’s friend saw it on your wall, I may never have got the chance to even speak to him.“I shook it off as a bit of a stretch. I was sure eventually they would have crossed paths in the industry. The video just accelerated it. “God Lucy, why are you so humble? It is ridiculously cute but frustrating at the same time. Thank you, also all you need to say right now is you’re welcome.” I just laughed and said you’re welcome Jasper to appease him. “Shall we go eat now?”

“I can get on board with that.” After a really nice meal it was evident we were both sitting around, a bit unsure, a bit nervous on where to take the night from here.

After a heavy sigh, I heard Jasper speak up. “I want to ask you something, but I am really nervous right now. And it’s odd you know, because I am never a nervous person. But for some reason, you make me nervous, Lucy Mills. I think it is because I don’t want to do anything to disrespect you or make you feel uncomfortable.”

I couldn’t help but smile at him sweetly. “You know you ramble when you get nervous, hoping someone might save you and cut you off.”

“Yeah, well thanks for the save.” I laughed and asked what his question was. “Do you want to join me upstairs for a while? I have zero expectations except the pleasure of your company. After such a great day, I just want to celebrate it a bit longer with you, since you helped make it happen.” It was really sweet that Jasper kept giving me credit for something that was nothing to do with me, but I told him I would love to spend some more time with him.

We stood up and Jasper charged the meal in room before we headed back to the elevators, and up to Jasper’s room. Once inside he kicked off his shoes and so did I, following him through to the kitchen. “Lemonade again, or water?” When I said a lemonade would be fine he went to grab a beer before asking “You don’t mind if I have a beer do you?” Of course I didn’t and I told him as such.

We took our drinks and went and sat outside and I was all too aware of Jasper’s sporadic stares or smiles. “Why are you being so creepy tonight.” When he laughed and said he wasn’t he was just really happy, I confirmed that was obvious. We looked out over the city as Jasper put some music over his phone and relaxed, trying to process what happened today. We got talking and when Jasper asked if I saw myself living here in the future I had to think about it for a moment. “Who knows. I mean I am not from here originally. I just moved for University, so I don’t have any sentimental attachment to the city. Plus work opportunities would be something to take into consideration.” Jasper asked if I meant an offer in another city. “Yes that, but also, for what I want to do there are a lot more possibilities in Melbourne. How about you? Always Queensland?”

“I could move, but I think it would need to be the same vibe as home. The Gold Coast is like a different lifestyle, so if I did, it would have to be somewhere near the coast I think.” When I asked like Bondi he said that would be the closest comparison. As I picked up my drink and had a sip I shivered at the combination of the dew on the glass and the cool night breeze that had moved in. “What an asshole! Hang on a second.”

I was left puzzled as he raced inside and up the hallway. When he came back out he was unfolding one of his jumpers. When he told me to stand up holding out his jumper I shook my head. “You are something else, you know that right?” Jasper asked what I meant as I stood up and he slid the jumper over my head before I looked up at him. As our eyes met, I felt his hands take mine, as best they could in his oversized jumper. “You notice so much. That was barely a shiver, and yet you noticed.”

“Lucy, I haven’t stopped noticing you since you walked in the room the other day. I’ve listened to you for years, and now, I can’t stop seeing you.” Jasper reached down and lifted my head to his. I soon got lost in the touch of his lips as we embraced each other in the cool night air, music playing softly behind us as he started to sway me gently. Neither of us wanted to let go, so we stayed there holding each other, a blissful silence fell as we just enjoyed the moment.

As the time wore on it became more apparent to me that neither of us wanted to let go, neither of us were ready for this night to end, but both equally nervous on how to address it. I don’t know how long I was pondering this thought when I felt Jasper cuddle me tighter, burying his head in my neck. I let my hand wander up his neck and into his hair, I held him there tightly, and it wasn’t until I felt his light kisses on my neck I decided to use what courage I could muster.

Pulling back I took Jasper’s hand and started walking inside, when I heard him speak. “I guess I should stop being an asshole and monopolising your time. It’s getting late and you still have to drive home.”

“You’re right, it is late. I was wondering something though?” Jasper asked what and without a second thought I blurted it out. “Do you want me to leave? It’s just . . . I felt like, maybe I wanted to stay here with you tonight, if you want me to?”

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