Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Seventeen

Waking up this morning with Jasper holding me was a dream. Nothing happened last night, other than a wonderful night of holding each other, talking and laughing, mostly just appreciating each other’s company. As I turned in bed to face him, I saw him fast asleep next to me. I took the time to really study him, or so I thought. “You know it is creepy to watch people sleeping right?”

“You know it is also creepy to stare at people for extended periods of time without a valid reason, yet you do it.” When Jasper said he had a valid reason, I was quick to ask what?

“You are beautiful. I can’t look away.” All I added was smooth as I shook my head. “I try, come here please.” Smiling at him, I said I was here. “Come closer then so I can hold you.” I loved closer in the bed to him and he wrapped his arm around me, stroking my back while I rested my head on his chest. “This is nice.” When I said it was Jasper added “Can we stay like this all day?”

Suddenly remembering, I shot up in bed and searched for my phone to check the time. “Oh my god! No we can’t. I have to meet my friends this morning.”

“Is this like an awkward excuse so you can make the morning after dash? Was I bad?”

I giggled as I replied. “Stop it! I am serious. I promised to meet them for coffee at ten and I am going to be late now.”

“It’s because I drooled on your shirt when we were spooning isn’t it? It’s ok, you can be honest with me. No wait, it was the snoring? Nope not the snoring. Oh no! Did I fart in bed?” I cracked up and asked him if he could be serious for once. “I am serious. Serious about wanting to keep you in my bed.”

“You know, there is a way you can keep my company?” I barely finished when Jasper said name it, he would do it. “Come with me. My friends are huge fans also and would love to meet you, not just on Saturday when you will be busy.”

When Jasper sat up giddy I pushed him over. “Yes! Girl time. You think they will mind if I crash?”

“Please, as long as you are prepared for the fan girl screaming, it will be fine.”

“What, like this? AGHHH It’s Jasper! O M G!!!” I burst out in hysterics and told him exactly like that. “The sacrifices I make for you Lucy Mills. Come on then, let’s meet your friends.” Jasper got changed and sorted while I waited and then we headed off in my car. Once I got home I shot off a message to Tania and Jodie to let them know to meet me at my place instead. I knew they would be annoyed initially at the change of venue, but it would be worth it when they saw I had Jasper here for them to meet.

“I won’t be long. I am just going to get changed and sorted. Please, make yourself at home.” When Jasper asked if I wanted him to make some coffee while he waited I was all for that. I showed him where everything was and I left him in the kitchen to sort the coffee while I raced to get changed and make myself presentable. I definitely did not want them to catch any hint that I didn’t stay at home last night. At five past ten I heard the knock on the door and Jasper went and sat outside like we had planned. I went to let the girls in.

The moment I opened the door, Tania didn’t give me a chance to blink. “Well damn! I nearly forgot what you looked like! We haven’t seen you in so many days.”

“That’s because she’s got Mr. Hottie for company. Girl, I wouldn’t talk to you either if I had that sex on legs in front of me.”

I was trying not to die of laughter as the girls were talking and I saw Jasper stick his head in behind their backs, just as Tania spoke again. “Oh man! The things I would do to him if I was in Lucy’s position.”

“What would you do?” I watched both the girl’s heads swing towards the door before they screamed, causing Jasper and I to cringe and cover our ears. “That was some next level fangirl squealing.”

“I tried to warn you.”

Tania finally gained some composure and blurted out “Fuck off! No way. Are you serious right now?” When I said we were and highlighted this was definitely Jasper she cut me off. “No bitch! I mean the fact you let us go on about how hot he was and didn’t tell us he was sitting outside!”

Jodie laughed when Jasper pointed out “Hi! I am still here. I can hear you.” Now it was my turn to laugh when Tania said damn it out loud. “Nice to meet you ladies. Lucy told me you are both big fans too, so thank you.”

Once they got past the initial shock they relaxed and started to talk with Jasper. I couldn’t comment because I was a bag of nerves myself when I first met him too. It was really sweet of Jasper to take the time to meet my friends. He didn’t have to but as I watched them laugh and joke around with him, I truly appreciated the extra effort he had put in.

As I watched them, Jasper looked up and caught me staring, smiling at me fondly, neither of us wanted to look away, and I hadn’t realised how obvious it was until I saw Tania wave her hand in front of my face. Apologising for zoning out I asked what she was after. “Another coffee?” I said of course. Tania and I took the four cups in and I flicked the kettle on while I got everything out ready to make them. “Ok babe, spill. What is going on?” I raised an eyebrow curiously. “I saw that look out there you two were giving each other. He’s got it bad for you.”

“Babe, I love you, but you are a hopeless romantic. You think every love story is boy meets girl, and falls head over heels.”

“True, I can’t argue that. But you can’t argue what just happened out there either.” I tried to just agree with her in the hope she would let the conversation drop, but when I saw her stick her head around in my face and look at me, I knew this was one conversation she was not going to let go. “Tell me I am wrong then?”

“Tania, I am not going to comment or assume to know what someone else will say. That is not my place to do so.”

“Holy shit!” Tania’s eyebrows flew up as she grabbed both of my upper arms, and turned me to face her. “Lucy, something has already happened between you two, hasn’t it?”

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