Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Eighteen

So there I was, standing in my kitchen, one of my best friend’s staring me down, waiting for an answer I definitely did not want to give her. But there was no way I would ever lie to her. Lowering my voice, I answered her “Yes Tans, something has happened.”

“Holy crap, I knew it. Come with me!” As I asked where we were going she grabbed my hand and quickly pulled me into the hallway, up to the bathroom, making sure Jodie and Jasper didn’t see us leave. “What’s going on?” All I could tell her was I didn’t know and I was so confused. “I can see that. But I could also clearly see something is, or has happened.”

“We kissed Tans, a lot.” I could barely make eye contact with her.

“Ok, well that isn’t so bad babe. People do it every minute of every day.” Without looking up I added I stayed with him last night. “Shut the front door! Get out!”

“Nothing happened, I swear. I wouldn’t lie to you.” She said she knew. “We just, you know, hugged and made out. It was nice.”

“My brain is kind of exploding. I want to say something to help you, but just . . . wow!” I highlighted this was why I was freaking out. She nodded her head at me and gave me a huge hug. “Babe, all I can say is, you are both single, you are both young, enjoy whatever this is. It is nobody’s business but your own. Just know though, I am jealous as hell.”

We both laughed and hugged again before slipping back into the kitchen to finish making the drinks before taking them out to Jodie and Jasper. We spent until late afternoon with Jodie and Tania, and before they headed off Jasper let them get some photos which I am sure will be a hot topic for many months to come. Not to mention the concert in a few days.

As I flopped back on the couch I saw Jasper turn around and smile at me, as he shut the door and locked it. Turning to me he asked how? “How what?” When he said us girls were nothing alike, I laughed. “How did we end up friends, that’s your next question right?” He nodded, the humour on his face present. “It just kind of happened you know? We were all in line one day at the cafe on campus and got talking. We have been talking since.”

“So you aren’t in the same courses?” I explained that Jodie was doing an arts degree, she loved the theatrics. I chuckled when Jasper said that was obvious. And I told him about Tania doing Sports Medicine. “So you and Tania would have a lot in common then, with the science connection?”

“Yeah, I suppose you could say we do.”

“I happened to notice you both deep in conversation in the kitchen earlier when I looked up.” Of course he did. I felt myself start to blush, and I knew he would be able to see it.

“Yeah, we talk a lot and bounce off each other for course work sometimes. Although, I can’t lie, earlier she was just being a normal friend and digging for gossip.” Jasper laughed and asked if she got what she wanted? “Yes, of course. I told her what a jester you were and could barely take getting out of bed in the morning seriously.” He laughed and asked if that was so. “Is it a lie?”

“I suppose not, although for the record, It is Jasper, not Jester.” I rolled my eyes and a smile crept across my lips. “So what do you want to do tonight?” I immediately had all kinds of thoughts come to mind, and most of them were of the non-PG kind. “Ahhh! What was that look?”

“Shit! What look?”

“What were you just thinking? Because you looked guilty as hell.” I said nothing and watched as he stood up and came closer to me. My head tilted so I could keep eye contact as he came and bent his knee, resting it on the edge of the couch and leaning over the top of me. “God, I hope this is what you were thinking.”

Before I could acknowledge his question, his hand gripped my neck and pulled my head closer to him, kissing me passionately. My hand reached out grabbing at his waist, as I tried to pull him closer to me. Jasper early accepted and brought his body weight down on top of me. As my legs spread slightly, accommodating his body between them, he lay on top of me, hands eager to explore each other’s bodies.

I felt his hand slide up my ribs, his thumb brushing my stomach as it made its way up before resting just underneath my breast. Pausing as if he seemed unsure whether to go further or not, I felt disappointment when his mouth left mine. But it was only fleeting, when I felt him start sucking my neck, his hand finally continued further up.

The moan that slipped through my wet mouth had no chance of being captured, as my body arched into his touch, and I heard him groan in response. He was soon pulling my leg up over his hip as his hand carefully pawed at my eager breast, teasing the nipple to full peak at his touch. The more his hands explored my body, the more I ached to feel him, so when I felt his hand leave my breast and slide back down, my skin erupted in goosebumps as his fingers slid under my top to rest on my stomach.

He lifted his head momentarily from my neck and looked down at me, a look that suggested he was waiting for some kind of protest. My mind was a whirl of lust, and it caused me to drop any inhibitions I may have had. I stared back at him and felt his hand start to move back up my body. I couldn’t stand it any longer and lifted my head to him, as he leaned down to meet me, kissing me hard. The moment I felt his fingers start to brush against my bra, I gripped him tighter, pressing into him.

“Mmm Jasper!” Hearing my soft moan sent him into a frenzy as his kisses became deeper, more urgent and I found myself responding eagerly. Pulling my head back and looking up at him, I pressed against his chest indicating to him to hop up. I saw a look of confusion across his face, but he need not be so alarmed. Standing up, I took his hand and started leading him back to my bedroom.

I opened the door and looked back at him over my shoulder. All I saw was excitement, passion and anticipation, the same feelings I was reflecting. As he came in and shut the door, I directed him to sit down on my bed and carefully pushed him back so he was laying on it. I climbed up and straddles his heaps as I looked down at him, my hands running up and down his stomach and chest. I felt him suck in a deep breath once or twice as my hands ran over him. When I saw his start to close and felt him take hold of my hips, I took my hands off him, causing his eyes to fly open. We stared intently at each other as I reached down to the hem of my shirt, carefully pulling it over my head before dropping it on the bed.

Pressing my chest to his, as his hands gripped my hips more firmly, our lips found their way to each other with a new inferno erupting.

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