Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Nineteen

One thing that has always struck me with men is, you can easily work out their intentions by the quality of touch they bring to you. As Jasper’s hands flattened and I felt the texture of his palm distinct against my thigh, his touch told me everything I needed to know. His hands drifted up to pull my hips to him and find the softest parts of my body.

I could feel the intensity of the kissing and desire spread to my entire body. From grabbing my hair softly with the promise of future topping, to stroking my jaw, tracing his fingers up my back, all the way down to my legs, I felt like everything between us had shifted and we were now getting to know the erotic landscape of each other.

As I lay on top of Jasper, and he pawed at my breast tenderly, I couldn’t help but let my hand wander down over the sizable bulge now forming in his pants. Our tongues danced and intertwined for some time as our bodies rubbed enticingly against each other. As I sat up on Jasper again, looking down at him, his hands slid from hips, up past my waist to my breasts. I watched him as he tentatively slid his fingers around my sides to the back and I felt him undo the clasp on my bra. I saw him swallow deeply as I started to pull the strap down my arms, staring at him the whole time, as I caught the cups of the bra, covering myself as the straps came away. Placing his hands over the top of mine, neither of us saying a word, our eye contact said it all, I felt his hands start to move mine down. And I let him.

I leaned over him once again to give him access. He cupped them both in his hands, and I was still hardly able to believe we were doing this. All sense of right or wrong was thrown out the window when I felt his mouth delicately wrap around my hardening bud and suck the nipple into his mouth. “Aww Jasper.”

When I couldn’t help it and started grinding down against his pelvis, he carefully pushed me off him and laid me on my back. He started at my neck, kissing slowly all the way down to my belly button. Hovering at my waist, I nearly jumped out of my skin, from the heightened sensitivity when I felt his hand start to run up the inside of my thigh. “God Lucy, you are heavenly and believe me when I tell you, I want so much more with you. I just don’t want to rush anything with you. I am not in a rush with you, does that make sense?”

While a little disappointed, I understood what he was saying and what he was trying to do for me. He knew the concerns I had expressed earlier and not wanting to end up hurt, but something Tania said when I spoke with her today, and Jasper’s constant reinforcements to ensure I felt comfortable with him, had made me realise, I didn’t want to fight the attraction anymore. There is nothing wrong with wanting for something or someone and giving into that desire and need, and I found myself ready to with him. “Ok Jasper, whenever you are ready.” I reached out to stroke his face and he burst out in hysterics. The little shit had the audacity to laugh in my face. “Oh my god! Jasper.”

“I’m sorry, I swear just give me a second.” He said between the hysterical laughter. As he rolled off me and continued cackling I found myself getting a little annoyed so I sat up and looked for my bra to put back on. He saw me getting dressed and tried desperately to stop the hysteria before sitting up and trying to pull me towards him by the hip. “Alright, I am sorry. Come here baby.” I spotted my shirt across the room and went to get it, when I turned to head back to the bed, I walked straight into him as he grabbed me. “I’m sorry Lucy, I swear I wasn’t laughing at you. I was laughing at what you said.”

“And that makes it better how?” He laughed and pulled me into him.

“It was when you said ‘when I am ready.’ Seriously Lucy, I was ready the moment I saw you. But I know you better than that, and I respect you more. So I will suffer blue balls a bit longer because I know you are worth the wait.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. “That was either really sweet, or quick thought bullshit.”

“Would you believe a little from column A and a little from column B?” When I said I dread to think which way around the A and B went he added “Well let’s just say, I may have resorted to some self loving a few times.”


And he was off chuckling again. “Don’t hate on a guy for being honest. If anything you should be questioning why a guy wouldn’t.” As I pushed him back on the bed he burst out laughing and I walked out the room, down to the kitchen with the cackling Hyena behind me. Grabbing a bottle of water, I chucked Jasper one as I sat up on the kitchen bench.

“So you have a rehearsal tonight?” He nodded, and confirmed it was at six. “Are you going to let me come to that, since you wouldn’t let me come now?”

Jasper spat his water flying, not expecting me to have said and I had to quickly dodge out the way. He was soon cracking up again. “Lucy Mills! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Shut up, it was a legitimate question.” He must have sensed my embarrassment as it flooded through me and he stepped closer to me on the bench, locking me in with his arms, as he stood between my legs. Looking up at him I saw his expression had changed and I could see he was trying so desperately to hold back the longing we were both feeling.

“Is that what you want?” I felt my own bro furrow trying to work out what he meant by that. Before I got the chance to answer he leaned in closer, running his hands up my body, pulling me closer to him. His lips attacked my neck as I gripped his arms and he made his way up to my ear. “You want me to make you come Lucy?” I felt him prss his hips into me, a moan seeping from my lips into him. “Tonight. After the rehearsal, you are all mine. I am not rushing my time with you. I’ll give you everything you need.

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