Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Two

Was I going to enter?

As I sat and thought about it, I questioned was it selfish to enter? Did I already have a slight advantage by the fact I had one of the first fan pages for Jasper, so we had been speaking longer than others. . . “The suspense is killing me you know.”

I was drawn out of my mind boggle when Jasper messaged again. “Sorry! And no, I don’t think I am going to enter.” When Jasper replied I was funny, I got the feeling he thought perhaps I was joking. “Who’s being funny? There are so many fans out there that would kill for this opportunity and probably can’t afford it. I can afford a ticket, so why not give them a real chance by reducing the numbers. Even if it is by one.”

I could see the dots appear, indicating Jasper was typing. “Stop being too nice for your own good. You honestly think you don’t deserve the chance? Dude, you were one of the first fan pages I had, and if it wasn’t for that support I probably wouldn’t have a lot of the following I do have today. Stop being lame and enter the competition already, woman.”

“Woah, calm down Jasper! It’s a competition not a dick, don’t take it so seriously.”

“Haha really?”

Feeling amused with myself I replied, “I don’t trust you.” Of course Jasper came back feigning innocence and asked what he had done so I put it out on the table for him. I told him I had concerns he would try to rig the competition and I didn’t feel that was fair.

And what did Jasper do? Typical Jasper, laughed in my face. “Haha It’s good to see what you really think of me. But no Lucy, I can’t rig it. I am not even involved in the draw. It is conducted through Hype DC, the sponsor.”

Questioning the legitimacy of it, he swore he was being honest and he didn’t find out the winner until the same time everyone else did. “If I find out you are messing with me Jasper, I will turn the fan page into a Jasper Blooper reel for a week.”

“I have no doubt you will. Peace out Luce, go and enter the competition!!”

“Go work on some new songs now you have a concert coming up.” The next few days had gone by relatively fast, apart from everyone asking me if I had entered the contest yet.

Wednesday, Eleven Thirty Two in the morning “You entered the contest yet? Jasper.”

The girls had continued asking also. Naturally they had completed their registrations the moment the link the competition was posted.

Thursday, Three Thirty Seven in the afternoon “So we are agreed, if any of us win, we are taking the other two with us. If one of us should be so lucky as to win the golden ticket then the person drawn gets it.”

Why was I not surprised to see Tania still talking about the contest when I opened my message.

When Jodie agreed I quickly wrote out ‘Sure’ hitting send. Sure? It was all I had, considering I had not registered yet and I only had Friday left to do so. The draw was due to take place Saturday morning at Nine. I spent Friday getting through classes rather mundanely, pondering in a continuous loop why I had not entered yet. It wasn’t until I realised I still hadn’t replied to Jasper’s message from Wednesday that it hit me.

Holy shit! I am actually terrified to meet him after all this time!

By late Friday afternoon I had weighed up all the options. I finally bit the bullet and entered the draw. I figured I had no chance at all given the amount of people that were entering, so when my alarm went off on Saturday morning with Fifteen minutes to spare I wasn’t too concerned with how the draw would go.

Come what may, right?

I had allowed just enough time to make a coffee and be coherent enough to know what was happening. Sitting on the lounge with my cup of sweet nectar, I opened my instagram with a minute to spare and waited for the notification to come up on my feed.

When the live feed finally showed up, I clicked on it and I noticed Tania and Jodie had logged in also. The second thing I noticed was Jasper was doing this live from Hype DC’s store giving me reassurance he was being serious the other day about not having control over the draw.

My attention peaked when I heard Jasper speak. “Morning peeps! I always say morning because I hate waking up, especially this early, therefore I never like to assume it is good. Because if you are like me, we would all still be asleep right now.”


“But it’s cool as shit to see you all up viewing, and just as excited as I am for this draw. We explained the other day that there are six shows, six winners, so to make it easier the registrations have been divided into these boxes behind me, per state. Once I have drawn a winner from each state, all six will go over into this funky super draw barrel, which kind of looks like a mirror ball from the set of a cheap seventies porn. Opps, sorry, we aren’t allowed to go there, this is live.”

The cheeky look on his face told me he did that on purpose. “The lucky winner from the seventies draw over there will then get to spend a week with me in their home city, as well as, along with two of their friends, attend my show. So who’s ready to do this shit?

We watched as Jasper turned to the boxes and headed over to Western Australian first. “Alright Perth, let’s start this thing.” One of the Hypd DC staff shakes the box up for him before removing the lid. Jasper drew out a piece of paper holding it up. “And our lucky Western Australian winner is Lisa Muller from Subiaco.”

Jasper soon moved over to South Australian and again the staff member shook the box before removing the lid for the winner to be drawn. The winners for South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania were all announced before he moved to New South Wales. “Alright Sydney, let’s do this. Who’s ready.”

I felt my phone vibrate and I saw messages from Tania and Jodie with the fingers crossed emoji. I suddenly felt nervous as the staff started to shake the box and remove the lid. Jasper drew the winner out holding it up. “And the lucky cockroach, yes that was only a State of Origin reference, nothing more because QUEENSLANDER! Sorry, the lucky winner is Lucy Mills from Baulkham Hills.”


I barely had time to react when the messages started flooding in from Tania and Jodie. Their texts echoed my own sentiment as I felt the adrenaline increase and I started to shake a bit. Unsure if it was nerves or excitement, I could hardly focus for a second as the shook took over. “Stop it girl!!! Oh my god! We are going to see fucking Jasper live!!”

The ping from Jodie’s text coming through snapped me out of my head as I furiously typed back. “Guys, seriously! He wouldn’t have rigged this, would he? I mean the fan page?”

I didn’t even have time to flick back to the live feed when Tania’s reply came through. ” Girl, shut up! Did you even read the rules page? Hype DC did it all, they organised the entire competition.”

As I started to type my protest out, Jodie was prompt to add. “Who cares! We are going to see Jasper!”

I choked back a laugh and as the messages settled down, I flicked back to the feed. By this stage I had missed the draw for Queensland and Northern Territory because my head was buzzed with mixed emotions. When I felt my phone buzz in my hand I was expecting it to be the girls and sure enough it was. Wishing me luck for the mega draw we heard Jasper speak up again.

“Right guys, here’s the big one you have all been waiting for. Each winner’s name is going to be written on one of these balls, dropped into the bigger ball, because hey, who doesn’t love balls right?” He winked at the camera and I couldn’t stop the chuckle. “We are going to give it a huge spin before pulling out the lucky winner, who gets to be my shadow for a week. Unless of course you are Brick Tamland, then we may need to reconsider.”

I loved the Anchorman reference, being one of my favourite films, as I watched the names dropped into the super draw, before they closed and locked it. He started spinning it like a maniac before pulling one of the balls out.

“And the winner is . . . ”

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