Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty

The moment we got back to his hotel that night, nothing was stopping us. He leaned over and gave a kiss, moving his lips gently over mine and sliding his tongue in ever so briefly. His hand moved over my soft stomach, tightening his grip around me. I could feel his hot breath on my neck. He kissed me below my ear, I leaned my head to one side, giving him better access as my body sunk into his touch. Jasper trailed kisses up and down my neck and when a moan escaped my lips I could feel him smile. I turned my head to look at him as he took my lips again, running his tongue along mine.

All too quickly, Jasper pulled back and turned me so my back was to him. As his hand trailed up I turned my head to look at him, placing my arm around his neck to bring his lips fully over mine. His hand went under my top, caressing my belly, his hand lifted and he kneaded my breasts, slowly through my bra. I deepened the kiss as I felt his hand rubbing me between my legs, I could feel his eager hands through my jeans. He put his hand on the top of my jeans and I broke the kiss, staring up at him, turning to face him. I could see how desperately he was panting, a combination of sucking air in and excitement.

“Come here beautiful.” He said as he gave me a sexy grin. I leaned up, placing my eager lips over his, he lifted his hand and cupped my face and he slid his delicious tongue into my hot mouth. I pulled myself closer so I could really feel him, his hand went to my breast again and rubbed my nipple through the fabric. I could feel it harden, straining against my bra, when he broke the kiss and grabbed my shirt in two handfuls, and pulled it over my head. The cold air hitting my skin caused my nipples to harden all the more.

He trailed kisses down my neck, burying his face between my breasts and licked his way back up again. I let my head fall back as he did it again, and when I felt him stop, I looked down. He was staring at me with an expression I couldn’t quite read on his face. I kissed him again, thrusting my tongue in and out of his mouth as I pulled the bra cup down over my breast to reveal my nipple. He broke the kiss, walking back towards the bed and laying me down. As Jasper leaned over me, he started with those intense eyes while he reached down to my nipple, gently running tongue over the tip, never breaking eye contact.

I was desperately aroused, readying myself for more intimate action. I didn’t make a move, for I didn’t want the feeling to end. He smiled at me as he teased my nipple softly with his tongue. I suddenly felt a feeling of impatience swoop over me, placing my hand on his head and bringing it closer to my body, placing the nipple fully into his mouth. He suckled it hard, flicking his tongue repeatedly over the tip, causing me to break eye contact as my head tipped back once more.

“Mmm” I moaned as my body responded to that familiar feeling he caused every time he touched me. He reached around my back and skilfully undid the clasp of my bra, letting my breasts hang free from any restraints. His hand slid down over my free breast and down my stomach, heading towards my sweet spot. I slowly reached down and undid the button on my jeans, and he gently slid them down. He dipped his fingers into my panties, and the surprise on his face was obvious.

“Hmm so smooth.” He said hoarsely. As he gripped the waist of my panties in both hands to pull down, I lifted my hips and butt to help him. He carefully took my thighs in his hands and spread them. His fingers ran along my wet opening, probing, knowingly running his fingertip over my sensitive nub. I spread my legs further in response. Ever so carefully he slid one finger into me, feeling around for a second, before starting to slide his finger in and out, painfully slow.

Immediately I started breathing heavily, wanting more, needing more. “Aww Jasper.”

“I know Lucy. I promised, I’ll give you what you need.” He slipped in a second finger and continued his action, and when he leaned down and licked my semi exposed hood I nearly flew off the bed.

“Jasper!” The second I started moaning louder he stopped and pulled back for a moment as I exhaled in frustration. The sexy grin on his face did not go unnoticed though.

“Mmm Lucy Mills, you like that don’t you?”

“Yes Jasper!” Leaning down he placed a soft kiss between my legs before I felt his mouth back on me. As I ran my fingers through his hair, I felt his tongue lapping at me over and over again, his fingers finding a perfect rhythm in and out. When he started sucking on my nub and moving his fingers faster, he only made a few strokes before I was moaning like a mad woman. I hadn’t experienced anything like it before. The powerful sensations were driving me crazy and I could tell by his face how turned on he was too. Before I could stop it that familiar tidal wave took over and my body shattered underneath his skilled touch.

As my body twisted and contorted, my hands gripped the sheets and I shook underneath him. I finally managed to return from my pleasure and saw Jasper wide eyed, taking it all in. “Damn Lucy. You looked incredible.”

Jasper came over the top of me, and pulled my body into him, kissing my neck and up across my cheek towards my mouth. As our hands explored each other’s skin and we kissed passionately, I let my hands wander down to his jeans and tried to undo his button. I was stopped when I felt Jasper’s hand come over the top of mine. “Soon. Not tonight.”

I pushed him off me and sat up on my elbows, glaring at him. “Are you serious right now?”

Leaning forward he kissed me before nipping at my bottom lip. I saw that dreaded mischievous grin of his rear. “I’ll take you Lucy, don’t you worry. But only when I know you need it as badly as I do.”

I flopped back on the bed. I couldn’t help the frustrated cry that came out. “And you had the nerve to complain about blue balls.” His laughter echoed throughout the room as I threw the pillow at him.

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