Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty One

I could barely sleep so when it hit Seven in the morning I had shot off a message to Jodie and Tania. I definitely needed to speak to them, because I was freaking out after last night. When I hadn’t heard back from them by Eight Thirty I was getting myself more worked up.

After having a talk with the Tania I had decided to push my own apprehensions down and go for it with Jasper, and he turned me down. Not once, but twice. How could I read the situation so wrong? I don’t get it. What he did for me was so damn intimate, and he was so aww . . . damn it Lucy! Stay focused. Did he do it because he thought he had to? Why did he turn me down? How the hell do I look at him again? I have made such a meal of this.

When I heard my phone buzz, I flew up to grab it off the coffee table. But it wasn’t Tania or Jodie. “So what time can you be ready today?”

Seeing Jasper’s name I went into a bit of a panic. Shit! No! I need to speak to the girls. Ugh, wake up already! Deciding I couldn’t stand it any longer, I picked the phone up and dialed Tania. She answered after a few rings. “It’s too early, what do you want?” I told her it was a crisis and I needed her and Jodie immediately. “What kind of crisis? I’m sleeping.”

All I had to say was Jasper and Tania said she would call Jodie. “You’re the best Tans.” A simple whatever was her reply before she hung up. I looked at the message Jasper had sent when another came through.

“Are you actually still sleeping right now woman?” Damn it! What do I reply? After writing, and rewriting a dozen times I decided to just hit send when I saw Jodie’s message up. Thankfully they were only ten minutes away.

“Sorry, I was doing a few things around the apartment and just saw this. I have the girls coming over shortly, I can message you when they leave?”

“Leaving me high and dry again?” I replied hopefully not for long with a smile. “I feel like a lost puppy without its owner, just so you know.”

“On the plus side, you can have a real Jasper morning now, doing all the things you would normally do when you aren’t burdened with entertaining fans.” When he didn’t reply I put my phone back down and got up and flicked the kettle on, just in time to hear the knock on the door. Heading over I let Jodie and Tania in, Jodie was fast in making her annoyance be known.

“This better be good to wake me up this early.”

Before I could think, I blurted it out. “Jasper and I have been making out. A lot. Last night things got really intimate, then he turned me down.”

When Tania said Information overload Jodie jumped in. “Right! Back up, get the coffee, this is going to be a long conversation.”

“It really is! What am I going to do?” We grabbed a drink and headed out to sit outside as I spent the next hour or so filling the girls in on everything. And this time, everything. I could see both their jaws hanging wide by the time I finished, unsure what to make of it all. I knew that feeling well, because I was exactly the same. Tania was the first to speak shocked, stating he really liked me. “What? Don’t be silly, give me some advice I can use.”

“Nah, I think I am going to side with Tania on this one. He’s got it bad.” Jodie nodded as she looked at Tans.p

“No, that’s not it. I must have been bad. Why else would he have been in such a hurry to end the night when it was only getting started?” Tania said it’s because he didn’t want to just shag. “Don’t be silly.”

Jodie sat up putting her hand to my face. “Stop. There are only two reasons a guy turns it down when you are offering it on a platter, which by the way is so not you, and I am still in shock over right now.”

When I pointed to Tania saying it was her idea, she was fast to quip “Oh my god! I did not. All I said was you are both adults, both single, if there is an attraction there, why not?”

“Exactly, you just proved my point.”

Jodie put her hands to both of us now. “Chill out! Look I know exactly how to prove this. Hang on.” We watched as she pulled out her phone and started busily typing before looking up. “Got it! How to know if a guy likes you for sure.”

“Oh dear god, You are not doing an online quiz right now to prove your point are you?

“Just so you know, I am ignoring you right now. Question One, How often does he call and text?

“Is it even worth me answering since you just said you are ignoring me right now?” Tania laughed, but said no and told me to answer Jodie’s question. “Fine! Every day, prior to meeting, at least a few times a week.”

“Right so we are going with pretty much every day. Does he typically start conversation with you?” I said we both do and asked how that was relevant? “Has he ever commented on your attractiveness with a word like beautiful, sexy . . . you know what I am just going to go ahead and answer this one yes because we all know the answer. Is he in a relationship? Nope we know the answer to that too since he addressed it the other day when you interviewed him.”

I rolled my eyes, questioning why I was doing this, as Tania laughed, Jodie was oblivious to it all. She asked a whole load more questions, half of which I am not even bothering to listen to before she hit submit. When she turned her phone and said there you have it ladies and gentlemen I was quick to point out there were no men here. “Whatever! The result is - This guy seems to like A LOT about you. Pretty much everything is there, so if you want him, you should make a move. If you’re still not sure, you could always ask him. Don’t stay in the friend zone too long though, or someone else could catch his eye. Just saying!”

Rubbing my eyes in frustration “Jodie, that is all very well, and if correct then why did he turn me down?”

“Because he likes and respects you too much babe, to just treat you like a shag. That’s what we have been trying to say.”

“My head hurts. You guys are so confusing. I don’t know what to do.” We noticed Tania point to the road where a car pulled up, before she spoke.

“Why don’t you just ask the man himself? He just pulled up.” I flew out of my seat screeching what!

As I raced to the door to meet him, I wondered why he was here when I told him I had my friends coming over and would message him later. As I opened the door, I held it open and stepped out, seeing him walk down the hallway. As Jasper got closer, I spoke up. “Everything ok? I was going to message you in a bit when I had finished.”

Instead of answering, he kept walking closer until he stood in front of me. His arm wrapped around my waist, and pulled me into him. “I got this funny feeling you know, that maybe, just maybe you were avoiding me after last night. I also got to thinking it’s one of two things. She’s either gone all embarrassed or she thinks, because I didn’t want to rush and take things further, I was saying no. So which is it Lucy Mills? Because I think I have finally worked you out.”

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