Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Two

I was standing there, gobsmacked as Jasper just gave me a smug smile back, like he had the whole world figured out now. My mouth must have gone slack at some point because I felt him lift my chin up with his fingers before he started to walk inside. “Jasper, what are you doing?”

“I am saying hello to the girls. Are you saying they don’t want to see me?” I stumbled over my words, still caught off guard. What is going on right now? He placed his hand on my lower back and guided me inside. I was still trying to work out what the hell was happening. “Ladies, how are you?” The girls both said hello with Jodie adding she didn’t know he was popping in. I saw a cheeky smile in Jodie’s eyes as she said it, finding this all highly amusing. “Oh I wasn’t, I am the uninvited guest. I was sat at the hotel and I got this funny feeling, you know?”

“I don’t, tell me about it.” She leaned forward on her elbows as I saw them both grin at each other, thinking they have this all sussed out.

“I got to thinking that maybe Lucy Mills here was trying to avoid me?”

“No! Really? Whatever would give you that impression?”

He moved forward and shout whispered to Jodie that he thinks I am scared of him, as I rolled my eyes and started heading inside. “You two are ridiculous.”

“I don’t think she can believe I really like her, and I see her as more than just a fling. Or maybe, she just can’t admit it to herself either? So she mentioned she was meeting with you girls and I thought who better to ask, then the friends, right?” When Jodie said that was very logical, Jasper thanked her for noticing and I saw Tania sitting in her chair, finding this all amusing as I leaned against the door frame. “So was she avoiding me this morning, or is she embarrassed?”

“Neither!” I said as Jodie and Tania said both. “Some friend you are.”

Jasper laughed, and continued. “So how do I break her walls down and prove to her I am genuine, because I am fresh out of ammunition here.”

Jodie started to get up out of her chair as she answered. “Oh dear, would you look at that. We have to go and leave you two to talk this out, I have class and Tania drove. Bye for now.”

She laughed as her and Tania scrambled to get their bags and waved as they headed out. “You two are the worst, you know that?”

“Love you too!” Jodie yelled as she started to close the door, not before turning back to us both and yelling “TALK.”

The door shut, and then there were two. I suddenly felt like the air in the room became heavier, the tension fever pitch. I knew I couldn’t continue to stand there facing the door, but I also couldn’t bring myself to turn yet, knowing what was to come. Thankfully in the end, it was a decision I didn’t have to make, as I felt Jasper’s hand touch my shoulder carefully so not to alarm me, and slide slowly down my arm.

As he reached for my fingers and locked them with his, I felt his warm breath near my ear. “Talk to me please. Help me to understand. Lucy, I want to be around long after this week is finished.” I sank into him slightly, I felt his other arm come up and wrap around my waist, holding me tight to him. Bringing my hand up that he was still holding and wrapping it around me also he whispered to me again. “Let me in Lucy, what is it that is weighing you down? Are you worried? Do you not feel the same? I need to know because I won’t walk away unless you tell me that is what you want. Because, what I want . . . I want us to see what this is, and could be.”

After a few minutes I turned my head to him. “Do you wanna go for a walk?” He smiled at me, half amused and said we could go for a walk. “I find it easier to talk that way.” Jasper was obliging, added whatever I needed.

I grabbed my trainers from beside the door and some socks, chucking them on before we stepped out. After locking my door, I turned around and saw Jasper waiting with his hand for me. After a few seconds, I took his hand and we started heading down to the park we went to the other night. We walked in silence, when I realised he was waiting patiently for me, to give him some kind of indication. “Sorry, I’m supposed to be talking.” Jasper said it was fine and he kept reminding me there was no rush. “I have a habit of internalising conversations. I forget I am not actually speaking them.”

“I do it all the time too.” I looked at him and asked if he did? “What can I say? Sometimes I need expert advice.” I chuckled, telling him I loved that. “And I love that laugh.” He reached out and stroked my cheek. I couldn’t help but think how much I would be blushing. Once we started walking again and I am nuot faced with the prospect of him staring me down, I spoke up again.

“I’m scared Jasper.” I felt him hold my hand tighter as he spoke, asking what it is that scares me? Did he scare me? “No Jasper, you don’t scare me. The situation scares me.”

“Explain it to me Lucy, so I can understand.”

“It’s daunting, overwhelming. You’re in the public eye. It’s not like me, I could walk down the street and chances are in this city, no one would know or recognise me. But you, there is always going to be someone who knows you. I want to explain it but I can’t find the right words.”

“I think I get what you’re trying to say. Here, come sit down with me and let me ask you something.” We walked over and sat at the table, and Jasper turned me on the bench so we were facing each other. “Let’s say for argument’s sake, we met at your University. Similar to how you said you and your friends met. Just waiting to get something to eat or drink and we got talking. We found out we really enjoyed each other’s company, we had a lot in common, a mutual respect for each other. I decided one day to ask you out, what would you say?” Before I could answer he added “Just assume hypothetically, and answer.”

“Of course I would Jasper, without question. I enjoy your company a lot.”

“Excellent. So now, present day. Here I am telling you Lucy that I think you are worth more than a quick roll in the sheets, and that is the only reason I stopped, nothing more, nothing less. I am still the same person, just in a different landscape, do you get what I am saying? What I do for a living doesn’t matter babe, the same as when you graduate, what you end up doing, I have no doubt you will be amazing. That is all just a means to an end, the core of it is right here. In the fact we are both denying ourselves something we clearly want.”

“I suppose when you put it like that, I would be an asshole to disagree with you.”

“Just a little one, but it’s a cute one.” He winked at me and I couldn’t help but chuckle. “So what do you say? Give me a chance beautiful, please?”

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