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Chapter Twenty Three

Jasper looked at me, while he waited for an answer. While I was still scared, I really had no excuses left to continue to deny what was happening between us. “Alright Jasper.”

“Look, I know you are . . . wait, what?” I smiled broadly at him, finding favour with his confusion right now.

“Alright Jasper, I will give you the chance you so desperately want.”

He burst out laughing as he replied “Don’t even deny it to me woman. You want it too.” I grinned back at him and asked if that was true? His face was now mirroring mine, both full of comfort in our shared happiness. “Does this mean I can kiss you? Because I really have missed that today.”

“Come here you.” I took his shirt in my fist, playfully, and pulled him towards me as our lips met. The moment I felt his mouth on mine, everything else ceased to exist around me. My arms wrapped around his neck as he gripped my waist, pulling me closer to him. Our tongues delicately danced together, enjoying the sweet moment of exploration. As Jasper pulled back and smiled at me, I got the feeling that even through the fear and uncertainty that lingered, this is what I wanted. He was what I needed.

When Jasper said he had an idea I grinned at him. “When don’t you? You are like the energiser bunny.”

“Hmm I am not sure where you were trying to go with that, but I think I took a detour and went down the wrong lane.” I raised my eyebrow at him and leaned closer, lowering his voice. “What’s the old saying . . . fuck like rabbits.”

“Jasper!!! How the hell did you end up there when I was referring to a damn television commercial. About batteries!”

“Well aren’t some vibrators called rabbits, and don’t they require batteries?” When I went bright red and told him to stop, this was not a conversation to take place in public, he grinned at my embarrassment. “Aww have you gone shy on me Lucy Mills? I can see that blush, one of my favourite memories of you involves that blush.”

“It does?”

“It does. In my bed last night.” I shook my head and told him he sounded like a broken record as I chuckled. “I just like to tease you, because I think you are adorable when you are all flustered.” Trying to divert attention, I asked him what the idea was. “Come back to the city with me tonight. You keep going on about a real day in the life of Jasper, so you can see for yourself. The concert is tomorrow. I’ll let you see what I do for the twenty four hours leading up to it. Hell, you can even take photos and post them if you want, I don’t care. Just say you’ll come stay with me.”

“You are very clingy, you know that?”

“I can be, but it’s just I know what I want. And I want you Lucy.” I got up and put my hand out to him so we could start walking back. “So that’s a yes?”

I turned around and continued walking backwards as I looked at Jasper, still sitting on the bench. “It’s a yes Jasper.” I saw the excitement instantly burst across his face, as he jumped up and started running at me. “No, Jasper! Don’t.”

I took off running up the path but it didn’t take long for him to catch me up. He scooped me up in his arms and carried me as I continued to laugh. When I looked at him, I saw him smiling widely and I cupped his face gently with my hand. “I can’t get over how beautiful you are Lucy.”

“You’re so smooth, it should be criminal.” When he said he tries I told him he was very trying sometimes.

We got back to my apartment and I asked Jasper if he would mind waiting as I needed to sort some stuff, particularly, what I was going to wear tomorrow. I also dropped a message to Tania and Jodie to let them know I would meet them there instead as there had been a change of plans. By the time we got into the city it was late afternoon and Jasper grabbed my bag, carrying it in for me. Once we got up to his suite, I kicked my shoes off and flopped on the couch. “Ok, so what does Jasper’s pre-concert twenty four hours look like?”

“No grace period to make out or anything? Straight down to business.” I reminded him good things come to those who waited. “So do blue balls.”

“So you keep saying, let’s not forget who turned who down twice.” Jasper laughed and asked if I was ever going to let that go. When I asked if he would, he answered his own question when he replied hell no. “Right, so let’s do this.”

“You’re a pushy little thing, aren’t you?” I quickly reminded him of his previous comment about similarly liking to torment me. When he cracked up I knew I had won the standoff, and he had run out of options to play. This was one of the things I had loved about talking to Jasper all this time. He had a cheeky sense of humour and he definitely liked to challenge people. I watched as he kicked his shoes off and took his hoodie off. When he started undoing his jeans and pulling them down, I knew my shock was plastered all over my face. Especially when he looked at me with his wicked grin.

“Agh, what are you doing Jasper?”

“You said you wanted to start the show now?” He stood upright and turned to face me. I had to make a conscious effort to try and maintain his eye contact.

“I don’t remember calling it a show?”

“Semantics. Anyway, twenty four hours in the life of. So I am doing what I usually do Lucy Mills. I am getting changed, grabbing my favourite pair of track pants to chuck on and once I have done that I am encouraging you to get into something comfortable too, loungewear will be fine.” Shaking my head in amusement as to what he is up to, I stood up and grabbed some clothes to change into and started heading towards the bathroom. “You can just get changed here you know.”

I turned to look at him and saw his eyes raking over my body. When I bit down on my lip I saw his eyes immediately fly to them. “The bathroom is fine, but thanks for the offer.” I smirked to myself as I turned around and headed into the bathroom to get changed. Once I came back out I saw Jasper on the couch with the television remote in hand. As I went to sit beside him, he grabbed my waist and pulled me down onto his lap. Sitting sideways, he grabbed my legs and brought them up over his.

“If it is a day in the life of Jasper, then that involves Lucy now. So there is no way I am going to let you just sit beside me when I can have you in my arms, okay?” I agreed and then asked what we were doing. “I have ordered dinner and we are going to watch one of my favourite movies. I know you are going to laugh when I tell you, but it is a quirky little game I play with myself.”

I didn’t want him to feel that something important to him didn’t carry merit. “Okay. Well firstly, what is for dinner?”

“That is the easy one, carb loading. I order a fuck load of pizza the night before a gig and usually gorge on all of it throughout the night.” When my jaw dropped and I looked like I was about to say something he spoke again “Don’t you be thinking of fat shaming me woman.”

“I would never! I was just going to ask why.” He explained that he struggles eating the day of a show and naturally I was curious, so asked.

“Stage nerves babe. If I eat on the day of a show, I guarantee I will be throwing up for the rest of the day. So I fill up the day before and wait until after the show to eat. It’s the only way I can cope with it?” When I said that’s adorable he laughed “How are my eating habits adorable?”

“If you still get nervous to go on stage Jasper, then it obviously still matters to you. It’s when you stop caring it becomes a problem.” When he said that is what his mother often told him, I smiled saying she was a smart woman. “So dinner is sorted, now what?”

“Right, so I put my favourite movie on the night before a show and I play a drinking game to it.” I cracked up telling him now he was just being weird. “Shh comfort from the familiarity of the movie so I can keep my mind clear and focused. And a few drinks never killed anyone. It’s also a good combat for nerves.”

“You really have tried to rationalise this way too much in your head, you know that right? He told me to shh or he wasn’t going to explain and I wasn’t allowed to play. I apologised as I grinned at him, handing the stage over.

“So I watch Anchorman.” When I told him to shut up, I absolutely loved that film, I am sure he thought I was joking. “Stop it! You are just showing off now.” I swore I was being serious and asked him to explain the game. “So you have to take a sip of your drink every time Ron addresses San Diego or makes a bizarre exclamation.”

“So something like ‘By the beard of Zeus!’ you mean?” The moment I said it Jasper creased up in hysteria.

“Yes! Exactly that. You also have to take a sip every time Brick Tamland says something stupid.”

“So ‘A Black man follows me when it’s sunny outside, when it’s cloudy he goes home’ comment from Brick would do?”

By this stage I had never seen Jasper laugh so hard and when he looked up in between tears of amusement I could see how tickled he was by it. “Oh god Lucy! I think I just fell in love with you.”

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