Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Six

Jasper’s manager Brett had just come in and asked to speak to Jasper before the show. I could sense a change in the mood when he said it and there was definitely a look between them, that didn’t make it any less uncomfortable. As Jasper and Brett headed out into the corridor I saw Tania and Jodie busily talking with Seth and Jes so I had a quick look around and found the bathroom to use.

I headed inside and into the cubicle when I suddenly realised that the walls were paper thin and I could hear Jasper and Brett’s entire conversation. Wrong of me I know, but curiosity got the better and I found myself listening to what Brett said to him. “You can’t be feeling up fans like that Jasper! Do you know the kind of PR problems that could cause for you?” I heard Jasper said it wasn’t like that and he really cared for me. “Mate, that is hormones. You have known the girl a week.”

“Actually that is not true. She runs that fan page I was telling you about. I have known her for many years.” I heard Brett sigh heavily and exclaim that it made it worse. “This is ridiculous. I am not having this conversation, you manage my Professional life, not my personal Brett.”

“Mate, look I am sorry. I am just worried for you, that is all. If things went south and they can very quickly, that could come back to bite you hard.” Jasper asked him what exactly he was trying to say right now. “Think about it, a lot of your fans and page traffic came from her fan page. If you burn a bridge with her Jasper, that could cause a lot of problems for you getting your name out there.”

I was shocked when I heard Jasper flare up and the anger in his voice. “You don’t speak about Lucy like that! Do you understand me? You don’t know her, and she is not like that!” Brett scrambled to apologise and express that he meant no offence by it. “Yeah, well don’t bring the subject up again. It’s not open for discussion.”

“Just think about it properly for me please mate. Is she more of a distraction than a blessing right now? Your career is about to take off, you need to be focused.”

“We are done here. I am not having this conversation, it’s ridiculous.” When I heard the door slam I nearly jumped out of my skin and I realised fast it was Jasper on the other side, walking out on Brett. I took a few extra minutes to finish up so I didn’t head back out at the same time as him. Plus I was also trying to digest what I had just heard. I can understand why his manager would be concerned, so I knew it wasn’t a personal attack as such, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit it stung a little.

I soon headed out and I saw Jasper over in the corner of the room pacing with his earphones in, obviously trying to stay focused. When he looked up and saw me, his smile said more than any words could. Heading over, I watched as he pulled his earphones out. “You ok?” He said he was fine and just getting in the zone as they head on stage in ten minutes. “We are going to head up onto the side stage in a moment like they asked, so we aren’t in the way. I just wanted to say have a good show.”

“Thanks, beautiful. I hope we can deliver, and you enjoy it.”

“I know you will.” I squeezed his hand and went to walk away when I felt him grab my hand again. I turned back to him and I saw him look at me deeply before I stepped closer. I wrapped my arm around his neck and leaned in, kissing Jasper softly on the cheek. “Have a good show Jasper, I will see you afterwards.”

“Thanks Lucy Mills.” Tania, Jodie and myself made our way up to the side stage and we heard Jasper being announced and saw him taking the stage not long after. I found my mind wandered back to this whole experience from the moment I heard he was touring. We couldn’t contain our excitement, even more so when we found out we had secured the VIP tickets. Then came the emotional rollercoaster of counting down the days to the concert.

Anyone that has watched Titanic can sympathise with me here when I remember back to the famous line of Rose, ‘It’s been 84 years’. While it may feel like it’s taking forever between the time you got the tickets, to the day of the show, the wait makes it all the more exciting, and it’s worth it in the end. So when the day of the concert finally arrived, that is all you are thinking about!

I just never expected to wake up in bed this morning with the artist. That was a whole other plot twist I was still trying to come to terms with. But the whole day I had been filled with so much joy and I felt like time was passing by so slowly because I just wanted to get in the car and head here already. I was that excited to see him perform that I had even managed to shake off what I heard Brett saying.

I had never felt more excited then I did standing in this venue, looking around and waiting for the show to start. I was in a room full of people, of all ages, races and from all over the country, but we were all there for the same reason - to hear our favourite music live. Then I heard Jasper’s voice come over the microphone. There is no way to describe the feeling then when your favourite artist finally gets on stage, especially if it’s your first time seeing them. I felt like he was singing for me when he caught my eye because I noticed he had changed his setlist from the one he had shown me earlier this week. Instead of going with the song originally chosen, he had changed it, to open with my favourite song of his.

As I watched him sing this song that I had told him repeatedly this week was my favourite, I knew this moment was going to become one of my fondest memories of all times. The artist you watch online and listen to in your headphones, was finally in front of me and our worlds had collided. And I felt drawn to him even more in this moment.

An hour and a half later Jasper and his band were waving and thanking the crowd as they said goodnight and put their equipment down, waving as they headed off stage on the opposite side to us. As we grabbed our stuff and got ready to head down Tania and Jodie pulled me into a group hug. Tania thanked me for bringing them both before Jodie added “This was the best night ever, I am so glad I got to share it with you girls.”

“I wouldn’t want to be here with anyone other than you two.” We headed back down to the green room and saw the three of them had already made it down and were meeting for autographs and photos with some of the VIP guests so we stayed out of the way until they were finished. Soon they were headed over and asked what we thought of the show. Jasper headed over to me as I saw the other two talking to and including Tania and Jodie. When Jasper asked if it was worth the wait there was no question in my mind. “It was incredible. I don’t know if listening to you on my Spotify will ever do justice again.”

He smiled broadly at me. ” I am glad you enjoyed it. And on the plus side, at least you don’t have to wait too long to see me perform again.” When I looked confused he added “Next week, when I open for Brax.”

“You mean?”

“That I made sure you had a ticket? Of course I did, you are coming with me Lucy.” I didn’t know what to say. I was shocked and barely managed a thank you. “Anything to see that gorgeous smile. Now what would you like to do for the rest of the night? The guys are happy to have some drinks with your friends and us if you would like or we can wrap it up. It is entirely up to you.”

My eyes flew open as I replied “You can’t drink, you haven’t eaten all day.”

When Jasper laughed and said I was adorable, I asked why? “You always care and worry so much. But in answer to your question, I will definitely eat now, don’t you worry about that. And don’t food shame, it will probably be a whole pizza.” I threw my head back laughing. “I was going to suggest we could go back to the suite and have some food and drinks with everyone, and then I can have you to myself.”

When I said his name, he continued to joke and say that didn’t sound good. “It’s not bad, it’s just I have to tell you something.” I felt easier about it when he said I could tell him anything. “I heard your conversation with Brett earlier.”

“Agh, and now you are worried and your concerns you had have flooded back?” When I said fleeting he looked shocked. “Wow! Only feelingly? I am impressed.”

“You’re cheeky. Are you sure about this? I don’t want to take your focus away from your music when you are about to get your big break, I could never forgive myself if it meant. . .”

“Stop.” I looked up at him with shock as he reached out gripping my cheek firmly in his hand, his other arm wrapped around me. “Calm down okay and listen to me for a minute.” I looked up at him and nodded. “Tonight, we are going to go back, we will have some food and a few drinks with my band mates and your friends. Then I am going to take you to my bed and show you why I could never see you as a wrong decision Lucy, or regret choosing you. Unfortunately tomorrow afternoon I will have to fly back to Queensland for a few days. But, I will be back down here on Tuesday so I can have a few days with you before next weekend. I’ll get an apartment in the city and you can come stay with me okay?” I just looked at him and nodded, finding comfort in the way he soothed my concerns. “Then on Thursday afternoon we will head over to Brax house so I can meet with him to confirm details for next Saturday.”

I gripped Jasper tighter “Wait, we?” He nodded and said yes to him and I. “Oh my god!”

“You want to come and meet Brax with me baby?”

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