Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Seven

Of course when I told the girls Jasper had invited everyone back for drinks they didn’t hesitate to think about it. It was always going to be a resounding yes. It took a while to get out of the venue because of traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian, so by the time we got back, I won’t lie I was starving and the pizza idea of Jasper’s was sounding very appealing, being quick and simple. “What does everyone want to drink?” When Jasper asked the girls took a vodka cruiser while the guys grabbed a beer. I opted for a lemonade. “You’re not drinking again?”

“Not until I have eaten or I will be sick.” When Jasper said let’s remedy that and order some food I added “Sounds good, not going to lie, I am starving.”

“Babe, you should have told me.” When I said it was okay as he was busy, Jasper grabbed our drinks and walked out of the kitchen. Putting them on the bench he wrapped his arm around me, pulled me close to him and whispered. “I am never too busy for you okay Lucy? Speak to me, if you want something, I want to know. Don’t feel like you have to be quiet okay babe?”

“Well, let’s be honest, sometimes you speak enough for the both of us.”

Jasper chuckled asking if that was so? “Brutal little thing aren’t you?” He pulled me closer, if possible and I felt his lips take mine in a sweet kiss that soon developed into much more. As my tongue moved into Jasper’s mouth, I felt his hand roam down to my butt, pulling me on top of him as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

“So this is a real thing huh?” I pulled back slapping my hand over my mouth when I heard Jodie, momentarily forgetting there were other people here.

“Yeah it’s real. Never mind her, she gets embarrassed easily.” I elbowed Jasper in the ribs as he poked fun at me before Jodie laughed and said she knows that is why she did it.

“So what happened to that other babe you spoke to online that you always raved about? No offence Lucy.” I looked at Seth confused, wondering what other chick? Before I could think any further I heard Jasper answer.

“Here’s the funny shit about that bro, Lucy is her.” When Jes told him to get the fuck out he nodded. “Seriously. Check this out on the fan page, I showed you.”

I watched as Jasper passed them his phone and they had a look at the interview we did here the other day before Seth laughed. “What’s the odds of that?” When Jasper said you’re telling me Seth added “And a total hottie too!”

Seth and Jes laughed and high five as I watched Jasper shake his head. The food arrived shortly after and we all talked and got to know each other a bit better while eating. I could see why Jasper had Seth and Jes as his backup band, they were exactly like him and a riot to be around. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when after dinner Jes suggested a drinking game.

After a game of beer pong, which no joke I was terrible at, to the point I nearly tapped out as I was sure I was going to smash the television soon with my wild bounces, we grabbed a drink and headed outside to sit down for a bit. “You going to have a drink babe.”

“Yeah, I will just stick with beer after that though.” Jasper grabbed himself a beer and passed me one and we headed out to join the rest. As I went to sit down, I felt his hand snake around my hip and pull me onto his lap, and I wrapped my arm around his neck. When I felt his hand start to softly caress my legs, I looked at him when he pulled them up over his lap. He told me to not to question it and I just said okay.

“Good girl.” He leaned up and gave me a quick kiss as we heard Jes speak up. “Truth or dare?”

“Nah fuck that man, I just sat down. I am not getting up again.” We laughed and agreed with Seth’s sentiment. “Twenty Questions. But nothing lame, it has to be some funny and juicy shit.” When Jes asked what was the most useless product around today Seth turned to him. “What kind of weird ass question is that you fuckface?”

“Man it is legit. Like today I saw one of those USB pet rock things. I mean seriously, what the fuck is that? And who still has those?”

Jasper added it was a valid point before highlighting the ropeless skipping rope. When Tania said ‘The Rear Gear’ the guys all laughed and asked what the fuck that was. “They were to cover dogs and cats butt holes and you could get them in all kinds of shapes, such as flowers, love hearts and alike.”

When Seth said that was fucked up, I said not as bad as the ‘She-wee’. Now the guys really lost it in hysterics, purely at the name before Jodie agreed it was messed up. Seth finally asked what a ‘She-wee’ was. “You know how you see those ads on social media all the time and there is that company called Wish?” He nodded and said he knew the one, they had some weird crap. “Right! So they had a ‘She-wee’. It was basically a portable catheter for women to pee in.”

The guys all laughed and cringed at the same time when Seth finally conceded that won for sure before asking his question. “Who has had sex in their parent’s bed?”

I said that was gross before I saw Jodie take a sip, Seth, Jasper and Jes while Tania and I both looked at each other, jaws hanging. Tania finally voiced what I was thinking. “That is so wrong.”

Seeming to want to freak her out more Seth asked “Do I take two drinks since we did it in my parents and her parents bed?” Jasper burst out laughing and told him yes. So of course not wanting to miss the chance Seth did.

When Jodie asked her question I knew we had been set up. “Alright, take a sip if you have had sex with anyone in this room.” I immediately felt myself go bright red, and I saw Jasper smirk and wink at me as he picked up his drink. He kept eye contact the whole time he took a sip, an attempt to challenge me. I saw his smile widen when I leaned forward and picked my beer up taking a sip. When Tania squealed we were drawn back to the others, as she told Jodie that was well played and Jodie thanked her.

Even Seth seemed to enjoy it “Fuck yeah, I will pay that one. Crafty, I like you.” Jasper and I shook our heads when Jodie and Seth toasted their bottles before taking a sip. The night continued with many more laughs and drinks and I was enjoying the last remnants of an incredible day. Having seen everyone out, Jasper shut and locked the door and I turned to face him. He reached forward to wrap his arms around me and I sank into his embrace.

Tilting my face to meet his, we kissed gently, but warmly, My hand pressed into the small of his back, pulling him tightly against me. I slipped my tongue between his lips, making little circles in his mouth as he growled hungrily from the back of his throat and returned the kiss. I could see the passion in his eyes and I could feel his arousal growing in his pants. We fell against the door, my hands exploring his body. He reached down to cup my butt and pulled me roughly against him. I couldn’t stop the low moan and broke the kiss to nibble on his earlobe, causing him to lean his head against the door and let his hands wander over my back. I brought his shirt up over his head and tugged on the arms to pull it off.

Jasper could sense my urgency and quickly helped me to remove my shirt, dropping it silently. He unsnapped my bra and let it fall to the floor, pulling my chest against his. I gripped his body for support as my knees went weak under me. He was just as aroused as I was and he ducked his head to take my nipple in his mouth. He groped both breasts, squeezing them together and sucking loudly on my nipple.

I ran my hands through his short hair and along the back of his neck, encouraging his attention. He looked up from my breasts and I seized his neck, kissing him roughly and grinding my hips into his body. I felt Jasper quickly lift me into his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me to the bed, setting me down softly despite his growing need. I pulled him on top of me, immediately raising my hips to meet his. He was straining against his jeans now, and he could feel the heat from between my legs, just as I could. I thrust upward against him and he moved against me, to meet my thrusts.

We were both breathing heavily and moaning periodically. Soon, his patience wore off and he rolled off me. Tearing open the button and zipper of my pants he pulled them towards my ankles and threw them to the floor beside us. Removing his own jeans, he rested again on me, grinding against me, hard and desperate. Fed up with the barriers, I wiggled his boxers off and tossed them randomly to the floor with my underwear. He moaned incoherently as the wetness of me spilled onto him, as Jasper slowly pressed himself deep inside of me. “Hmm Lucy! I don’t want to leave you tomorrow, I want to stay here, right here, like this with you.” He whispered into my neck as we became connected again as one.

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