Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Eight

Jasper and I had spent another incredible night together and most of the morning before he had to go to the airport and check in for his flight. By the time I got back to my apartment I had two messages already off Jasper. “Let me know when you get home safely please x. Just boarding the plane now, I will message you when I land x.”

I shot off a message back to him, although I was fairly confident he would be in the air by now. “Just got home, have a safe flight and I can’t wait to hear from you x.” As I dropped my bag on the lounge room floor and flicked the kettle on it didn’t take me long to fall back on the couch, physically and mentally drained. I couldn’t believe how quickly the last week had gone, but how much had changed.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought not only would I get to see Jasper live, I would get to meet him, kiss him, holy crap to sleep with him, and he was coming back in just a few days to see me again. It almost felt like this should have been someone else’s life. As I heard the kettle switch off I got up and made a cuppa and sat back down going through the photos and videos from the concert. I wanted to get some up on the fan page today as I had promised to share them with everyone when I said I was going to the concert. I didn’t want to keep them waiting as I know a lot of them also would have loved to go, but just weren’t fortunate to. Going through my phone for what felt like an eternity, I finally settled on the ones I wanted to post. “So sorry for the delay guys, still a bit fuzzy today. But what an incredible night! Some quick pics as I swore I would and I promise to write something much more inspiring with more pics to come later. #Jasper2020.” As I hit post my phone rang and I saw it was Jasper. Smiling as I accepted the call “Did you literally walk off the plane and dial me?”

“Technically I still had one foot inside the plane when you answered, but I couldn’t wait. Hi.” When I said Hi back my heart started to race at his next words. “I miss you already.”

“I miss you too, but we will see each other in a few days right?”

“I can’t wait. I will call you tonight ok?” I said we would talk then as he hung up so he could get his bags and out of the airport.

And he did call me that. And every morning and evening until he was due to fly back down here today. I had told the girls all about it and if I thought Jodie was about to pull her hair out when I told her we were meeting Jasper, she was ready to throw herself off my balcony when she found out he had invited me to meet Brax with him too. I had been given strict instructions from them both that they wanted autographs and photos and I tried in vain to explain to them I couldn’t just walk into his home and demand those kinds of things. Worst mistake ever when Jodie started giving me suggestions on what I could say to broach the subject with him. I had chucked my bag in the back of the care with plenty of clothes and stuff for the next few days and I was now parked up at the airport waiting for Jasper to come out.

As I was just picking him up and not parking long term, I didn’t have to wait too long when I saw him wave and head over with his luggage. Chucking it in the back he quickly got in the passenger seat and before I could say anything I felt his hand glide around my neck and his lips meet mine in a fiery and passionate kiss. As he pulled back I felt his thumb drag over my lips as he licked his own. “Hi beautiful. Damn I missed you.” I managed a mumble as Jasper chuckled and asked “Cat got your tongue?”

“That was one hell of a kiss Jasper.”

“There is plenty more of that later. Come on, let’s go.” Jasper had a suite at the Primus on Pitt Street which was perfect as it wasn’t too far to walk to the Metro Theatre where the concert was on Saturday night. After we got out stuff in and settled we sat down and I was scrolling through my instagram and checking it for new comments or posts when one caught my eye.

“Jasper, cats out the bag.” He was engrossed in his phone and looked up as I turned my phone to him, showing the photo and post another fanpage had tagged me in. “Spotted! For days rumours have been swirling that Jasper was set to play as the opening act for Brax’s concert this Saturday night and this photo sent to us by one of our followers may just confirm that. Spotted landing at Sydney Domestic Terminal today was none other than Jasper himself, fresh off a flight from the Gold Coast. If anyone knows more, drop us a message otherwise we will keep scouting. #Jasper2020"

When he finished reading the post from Jasper Fans Byron Bay he cracked up laughing. “That’s great. You know what you could do?” I looked at him and asked what? “You could take a photo with me, post it to your fanpage and say I can confirm he is in Sydney as we speak, and tag them back?”

Now it was my turn to chuckle. “Stop it! I am not going to do that. Next I will have your fangirls chasing me down and I won’t even be able to go to Woolworths on a shopping run without getting swarmed.”

“Welcome to my world babe.” He patted my leg as he kissed my shoulder before turning back to his phone. We spent the afternoon just relaxing quietly and enjoying each other’s company before taking a walk down the road to get some fish and chips for dinner. We didn’t realise how long the queue was going to be and half an hour later we finally had our food and were on the way back to the hotel.“I tell you what, after that wait, this food better be amazing.” When I said it smelt amazing, Jasper was fast to correct me. “No, you smell amazing.”

He leaned over and kissed me as he opened the hotel door , letting me step through first. As we waited for the elevator, I felt Jasper grab my hip and start kissing and nipping at my neck. Leaning back into him as I rolled my head giving him better access, I couldn’t help but tease him. “Mmm is someone hungry?”

“Hmm very. My plan is to fill my stomach, then fill you.”

I burst out laughing as I slapped him. “That is so wrong!” He laughed his head off as I tried to push him off me and stepped onto the elevator. As I did I felt his hand slap my butt and I flipped him off. I should have known Jasper wasn’t joking with his earlier comment because the moment we finished dinner, he picked up the rubbish, put it in the bin, washed his hands and then threw me over his shoulder heading to bed while I laughed at him.

We had a late sleep on Wednesday, so waking up around midday to Jasper’s arms holding me securely I felt refreshed and rested. I reached out to grab my phone trying not to disturb him and I saw a bunch of notifications. In particular one from Instagram caught my attention. As I opened my fan account and clicked on the photo tagged, I shot up out of the bed faster than I could blink. “Oh no, no,!”

“Shh baby, I am sleeping.” I heard Jasper mumble from his pillow. I tapped him softly and told him to wake up, it was bad. “What is it babe? Whatever it is I can fix it with my magic fingers.” He reached out trying to pull me closer to him.

“Jasper, I am serious. Someone spotted you yesterday and sent a photo into the fan pages. It is you and I kissing at the fish and chip shop.”

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