Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Twenty Nine

Jasper finally rubbed his eyes open and sat up in bed hearing the concern in my voice. “Ok babe, I’m sorry. What is worrying you, I am listening.” I repeated it to him again about the photograph and he looked over at my screen. “Ok I see that. And what are you worried about?”

“What am I worried about? Aren’t you worried? Our photo is out there, together.”

“I can see that beautiful, you are still holding the photo up to me. Also, your back is to the camera so it’s just my face on show sadly. Yours is much prettier.” He took my wrist and gently lowered my arm that was still holding the phone up.

“Why aren’t you worried? We both heard what your Manager said the other day.” Jasper was fast to remind me that we both knew what his reply was too. I could feel myself getting flustered and I got the distinct feeling Jasper was finding this all too amusing.

“It was bound to happen eventually Lucy, remember I said to you that I had no intention of hiding you. I don’t want us to second guess everything we do because someone may or may not be watching. Let them watch, because then they can see for themselves I am a pretty lucky man.”

“Are you sure Jasper? I’m worried.”

“I’m not because I have you. We have each other. So let’s just spend a day together locked away from the rest of the word and enjoy us. Let the photos circle, let them all talk, there is no rule that says we have to respond. I’ve learnt the hard way before, sometimes the best response is no response at all.” I couldn’t help but still look concerned. “Ok let me ask you a hypothetical question?” Of course I agreed, he had a way of making people agree with him. “Let’s say hypothetically it wasn’t you, it was someone else in that photo, it would still be the same outcome. What I am trying to say is, we can’t control what other people say and do, but we can control our own actions. And I choose not to give tabloids and gossip my attention because I have better things in my life that are more deserving of it.”

I don’t know what it is about Jasper but he has an old worldly knowledge about him. For someone still quite young and trying to navigate himself through a busy industry he seems to be so grounded that it doesn’t matter how often I have my little freak outs, he knows exactly what to say to ease my concerns.

We spent Wednesday afternoon at the suite as I had a lecture I needed to dial in for. While I did that Jasper decided to get some playlist ideas together ready for his meeting tomorrow with Brax. I couldn’t lie, I was still freaking out. I had grown up as a teenager listening to the likes of Brax and many other hip hop artists, I couldn’t believe I would be meeting him.

By the time we got in bed Wednesday night I could sense Jasper was starting to get nervous about the meeting tomorrow. I knew how much it meant to him to be given this opportunity to go on stage before Brax and meet him. We had spoken about it at length a lot and this was his boyhood idol. While Brax was only 7 years older than Jasper, I have heard the stories a few times over the years from him about how much he influenced Jasper to pursue a career in music.

We woke up midmorning on Thursday, getting showered and dressed ready to head out and meet Brax. “Are jeans ok? Where are we meeting him?”

“Just at his house babe. They just got back this morning from being on Tour and they have a young baby. He asked if I would mind meeting him there.” I freaked out when he said it and asked if they knew I was coming. He can’t just bring a stranger into their home. “I am a stranger technically and they invited me?”

“Jasper! It is completely different and you know it.”

Of course he laughed at me, I should have known he was tormenting me again. “I am just messing with you babe, of course I told them. I just like to see you get flustered, it’s adorable.” I flipped him off telling him that was just cruel. “I’m sorry babe. Going back to your original question though, jeans are fine. Very fine indeed on you.” He leaned over taking a better look at my butt as I turned around on him.

We finished getting ready and when I saw what Jasper was wearing I felt more at ease. Of course he must have noticed my look and asked what that was about. “This is fine, right?”

“You look beautiful babe. Come on, let’s go.” I asked if he wanted me to drive seeing as I knew Sydney a bit better. When he suggested we could just get an Uber I asked where they lived. “Dural, hang on let me get the address.” He checked his phone and I let him know it was about an hour away.

Jasper decided we would grab an Uber and about an hour later we were pulling up at Brax home and it was spectacular. I could even feel my own jaw hang when we got out of the car. I soon felt Jasper push my mouth closed. “You are going to dribble on yourself if you walk around like that babe.”

“This house is incredible.” Jasper smiled at me warmly as he took my hand and we made our way down the driveway. Jasper pressed the bell and we didn’t have to wait too long for the door to answer. When I saw a beautiful blonde in her early thirties open the door and smile at us, I instantly recognised her as Charlotte, Brax’s fiance. I have been following her on instagram for years now and was even more beautiful in real life.

Most people knew her as Charlie, she was an incredible photographer in her own right and used to do many photo sessions before Brax’s recording label signed her permanently. “Hi guys, you must be Jasper and Lucy? It’s nice to meet you.” Jasper thanked her for inviting us to their home as I introduced myself to Charlotte and thanked her. “Please just Charlie is fine, everyone calls me it.”

“What’s that? Everyone calls you Evil Midget?” I heard a man’s voice yell from behind her somewhere.

“No one asked you Brax!” She smiled and winked at us, inviting us into their home. We saw Brax coming up the stairs holding their daughter. I won’t yank your chain, I was starstruck. He was probably the most high profile celebrity I had ever met, and pretty sure I knew just about every one of his songs. I squeezed Jasper’s hand a little tighter, mostly out of nerves as he walked closer to us.

“Hey mate, good to meet you. Thanks for coming.” Brax and Jasper shook hands as he thanked him and introduced me. “Nice to meet you too Lucy.” I smiled and thanked him for having us. I was seriously struggling to form my words, as the nerves seemed to form a lump in my throat. Brax invited us through and told us to head downstairs where they could talk about Saturday night.

“How about you pass me Molly and you boys head down and I will get everyone some drinks?” I offered to help Charlie when she suggested that and she asked everyone what they would like. When Brax said coffee we all agreed. “Shoo off you go. We will be down soon.” Jasper gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and headed downstairs with Brax I heard them talking amongst themselves.

I was drawn from them when I heard Charlie speak. “Now, by the look on your face I am guessing a shot of tequila or something stronger?” I chuckled and asked if I looked that obvious. “You look completely overwhelmed, but I have been there myself so that is probably why I noticed. Come talk with me.”

I followed her into their kitchen as she put the coffee machine on while she held their daughter on her hip. The little girl kept staring at me and blinking with these beautiful big eyes, and long lashes. “Your daughter is so cute.”

“Thank you, she definitely was a wonderful surprise to us.” I was taken aback a bit by that, I had assumed with such a busy schedule they may have timed it to make it easier. So I asked her. “No, we didn’t plan it. We found out on Brax and the band’s International Tour they did in Canada. Of course, I immediately freaked out.”

“Really? But you look so relaxed and at ease?”

“Of course, it’s my home. But I was a mess of nerves when Brax and I first got together.” I admitted I had followed her for a while on social media and admired her, so I would never have picked it. They always looked so comfortable and down to earth. “And yet you just heard Brax, some would call me Evil Midget.” I did chuckle at that, and said I found it intriguing she let them. “Sometimes. Although I can’t say I am always a fan of the variations of it, like Mummy Midget of Tour as Brax’s best mate says.” I smiled at her as I started to relax and feel comfortable. “You and Jasper haven’t been together long have you?”

“No. How could you tell?”

“He mentioned in that interview that he was single. But I can tell by the way he looks at you, that isn’t the case.” I could feel myself blush and my face start to heat up. “Aww hunny, you need not look so worried. I get it, I really do. When Brax and I first met, I didn’t even know who he was.” I was surprised, I couldn’t imagine not knowing who he was, until she explained. “Never heard of him. He was just starting out and signed with the record label. I was there for a job interview on the same day and we have been in each other’s lives since.”

“How did you two keep your relationship quiet for so long? It only came out a few years ago if I remember correctly?”

“We weren’t together all that time Lucy. Brax and I weren’t as confident as Jasper and yourself, and we couldn’t be honest with each other about our feelings so we hid it, pretending we were just friends, hoping for more. One thing Brax taught me was, don’t let the fear hold you back from something you truly want Lucy. I know where your fear stems from, and I sympathise with you so much hunny, as I was there once too. You go from being a normal everyday girl just going about your business, to all of a sudden being someone everyone recognises and follows. To the point you’re too scared to even pick a wedgie out on the street in case someone sees you do it.”

I laughed, Charlie had an ease in which she explained things. “Yes, that’s exactly it. Well minus the wedgie part. How do you cope with it? How did you and Brax make it work?”

“These boys, Jasper and Brax, come with a lot of strings attached, the lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it is worth it Lucy. The time you get with them is sacred because it is a side they don’t share with anyone else. It is reserved for you and it is a precious gift. All they truly want is a woman who will recognise them for that and be their strength in return. It took Brax a lot of work before I finally understood, but I am thankful for his patience with me.”

“You are always a lot of work, and what did I do this time?” I smiled as their daughter said ‘Dada’ when she heard Brax speak. “Hey Miss Molly.” He walked over and took his daughter who was trying to throw herself at him anyway. Jasper walked up behind me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders looking down. He asked if I was ok and I said I was fine, Charlie and I were just having a little chat. “About us right? You were talking about us, that’s why you sent Jasper and I downstairs?”

My face lit up crimson as I tried to explain “What? Oh, no we . . .we were”

“Shut up Braxton. He’s just being a shit stirrer hunny.”

I watched as Charlie slapped him across the chest while he chuckled. “Oh, coincidentally just like this one then?” I pointed to Jasper behind me. “I guess we were talking about you then.”

Brax threw his head back and laughed “Touche! Well played. So Jasper was just telling me how you two met. That’s pretty cool, if it wasn’t for your page, Charlie would not have got tagged in that post, and we wouldn’t be playing a fat gig together on Saturday night.”

Just as I went to say something we heard the front door swing open and then someone yell out. “YO Fuckface! Monkey nuts changed his mind and came to check out this dude for Saturday.”

Charlie mumbled lord help us, as Brax chuckled. I had to ask though “Did he just call himself Monkey nuts?”

I heard someone walk around the corner and speak “Yes I did, and you are?”

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