Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Three

“And the winner is, Amanda Robinson from Tivendale, Northern Territory. Congratulations to all our winners, Hype will be in touch with you all to arrange the tickets and I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you.” The broadcast ended shortly afterwards and just as quickly Tania and Jodie started blowing up my phone.

“Holy shit! This was like the best ever.” Tania’s excitement was obvious even in her text message. When Jodie expressed her shock, I quickly agreed, finding myself still bewildered by the whole thing. “I wish you had won that super draw, how good would that have been.” Tania’s question had me wondering also.

Now was the time I guess it hit me, I nearly had the chance to spend a whole week with my favourite artist, and I was so damn close! I had no right to be too disappointed though, I was still lucky enough to get to meet him.

The rest of the weekend had been fairly uneventful. I spent much of Saturday catching up on all the school work I should have been doing during the week, so by Saturday night I was too wrecked to do anything. Tania and Jodie were on dates so it left me alone with a wonderful binge session of Scandal. If you don’t love a bit of Olivia Pope, then you need to question your life choices in my opinion.

By Tuesday I had the email from Hype DC confirming details and arrangements for the delivery of the tickets. I took the time to drop a message to Jasper, realising I hadn’t told him I’m the winner yet. “So what was it you were saying about Cockroaches? I will remember that when I meet you in Sydney.”

I almost jumped out of my skin when he replied. “Stop it! You won the New South Wales draw?” Laughing I acknowledged I’m the cockroach. “Nice one Luce! It will be great to meet you and your friends.”

By late week the excitement of it had dulled a bit, although once the concert date got closer, I am sure that would all change. I was on the way home from class on Thursday afternoon when I felt a notification come through on my phone and looked to see Jasper had gone live. I opened my phone and hit the feed to see what he had in store.

“Guys, just a quick announcement. Sadly Amanda has had to withdraw due to unforeseen circumstances so we are going to redo the super draw. Amanda, I still look forward to meeting you at the concert up there, and hope things pick up for you soon mate. Now, the other remaining five winners will quickly be written down here and thrown in this bag which we will jumble up. I will draw a person’s name out who will be the new lucky winner to spend seven days with me. I know it sounds exciting now, but wait until day two.”

I was struggling to process everything happening as I watched them organise the redraw and then Jasper turned to the screen holding up the piece of paper. “Lucy in Baulkham Hills, I’ll be seeing you for a whole week! Congratulations, we’ll be in touch to sort it out. Peace out guys!”

The moment I saw him hold up the piece of paper I stopped walking and froze on the spot. I had only just processed that I was going to meet him at his concert, now . . . now I am spending a whole week with Jasper! I stepped off the sidewalk and on to the grass. Sitting down for a minute, taking my time to process and get my breath. As I looked down at my phone I saw the flood of messages coming through from Tania and Jodie, but my mind was a swirl. After taking a few minutes to collect myself, I managed to get up and make my way home.

Dumping my bag and books, I flicked the kettle on while kicking off my shoes. As I was getting a cup of tea ready I heard my phone ringing and raced out to the lounge room to answer it. Not recognising the number, I took the call hesitantly. “Hello, Lucy speaking.”

Seconds passed by, and then I heard his voice. “Lucy Mills from Baulkham Hills, how are you?”


“No, it’s the tooth fairy.” He chuckled down the phone at me.

My mouth started moving before my brain could connect, and the verbal diarrhoea started flowing. “Oh my god! What are you doing? How did you get my number?”

His amusement of the situation seemed to increase. “Really Luce? Let me guess you’re a blonde, because I know you were watching the announcement earlier.”

A quick chuckle escaped my lips as I replied. “Unlucky, I am not. Brunette, thank you very much.”

“Remember I said we would be in touch to organise your prize. So here I am, getting in touch.”

I explained to Jasper I did hear that, but I had assumed it would be the sponsor or his manager. I cracked up laughing when he said they thought it would be a nice personal touch if he called directly. So how was his personal touch? “Kind of creepy.”

“Ouch, bruise my ego!” I immediately pointed out he was one of the lucky ones with so many adoring fans to fix that for him. Laughing he congratulated me again before adding “It will be great to finally meet you Lucy.”

“It will be Jasper, and now you can give me a live interview for the page, your fans will love it.”

Playing coy all of a sudden, he replied “Oh I dunno Lucy, I didn’t let you win for that reason.”

WHAT! “What did you say Jasper?” I heard a muffled ‘shit’ come over the line before I spoke up again. “Jasper! What did you say?” I wasn’t amused when he tried brushing it off as a figure of speech, you know, one of those things you say. “No! I have never heard that figure of speech in my life. Jasper, did you know I was going to win the re-draw?”

Jasper, without hesitation said no so I asked him very specifically what he meant by that comment. “Look, it’s nothing near as bad as what you’re thinking, ok?” My frustration was growing now as I repeated again for him to tell me. “I could see your name on the piece of paper when I reached in. I got curious, you know, so I drew it out, without a second thought.”

Curious? What could he be curious about?

And so I asked. “We’ve been speaking for years now, I wanted to know who this fan was I’m speaking to. I want to know who Lucy is.” I wasn’t sure how to answer that, and I got lost in the thoughts racing inside my head. “You pissed at me now?”

“Not so much, although that sounded a bit creepy. Some would say, fan girl crushing.”

Thankfully he saw the humour in that joke and laughed. “Guilty. Or can we just go with curiosity killed the cat?” I agreed but I was quick to point out, either way, it was very sneaky. “It’s true, but just for the record, I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was looking forward to spending some time with you Lucy. Just thought you should know that.”

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