Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty One

The moment we stepped inside the hotel room I felt Jasper’s hands on my hips as he pulled me closer to him. “Let me take my coat off.” He shook his head before he kissed me deeply. He pressed his tongue to my lips and into my mouth, teasing me with his. A hand moved down the back and underneath my pants waistband, before it ventured into my underwear. I closed my eyes as I moaned softly and wrapped my around him. I was pressed so close to Jasper I could feel him rising under his own jeans.

I wanted him to do more so I stepped away just to take my coat off, then my t-shirt. Jasper stepped closer to me as he bent his head and gently kissed my lips, before he moved to my throat. A smile spread across my face as I closed my eyes again. The kisses moved down to my breasts, where I felt his hand sweep up my back and unclasp my bra. Jasper drew away from me, revealing them, before he pushed me carefully up against the door. One hand locked the door while the other took one of my breasts into his hand, softly rubbing it while his lips whispered over my other. His tongue brushed against my skin, and twisted itself around my nipple.

My hands went for his shirt, tugging it out of his trousers before I slipped my hand in and found him hard and ready. I started to tease him, and dragged my hand up and down his desire. Jasper’s hands left me and moved down to my waistband as he undid the button. His lips remained on my breasts, his tongue softly moving over them. When I felt him smile against my skin, I knew he had felt the breath I just sucked in.

Kneeling before me he slipped my jeans down my legs, taking my panties with them. I held on to his shoulders as he kissed my calves and then moved to my inner thighs. He crept up and then his tongue was slipping into me, sweeping over my nub, tasting me. His hands were around my ass, holding me up as I was sure I was about to drop to the floor the moment I felt his tongue on me. His nose brushed against me making me moan and I pushed myself into his face. He murmured “Not yet.”

“Please, I . . .” I moaned. I pulled him up and he obeyed though his fingers moved to my opening, rubbing me so hard I felt like I was going to explode on the spot. I moaned again as my hands rapidly undid his pants. They dropped to the floor and his boxers followed. My lips slid down to his chest, kissing him, feeling the few hairs that were on it. My hands had a hold of him, rubbing, making him harder if possible. He moaned into my hair and closed his eyes. “Now, please Jasper.”

“No, not yet.”

“If you won’t, I will.” I said a little too harshly into his chest, tears welled up in a feeling of desperation, wanting him so badly, so much more than I had ever felt before. I felt his fingers move further into me and I gasped. He had to feel how much I needed him, and I was sure he had when he pushed me gently up against the door again, as he withdrew his fingers.

I was still holding on to him and guided it between my thighs. He drove himself inwards as I wrapped my legs around him, holding on to him as he thrust harder into me, pushing me up against the door. His lips were on my throat again and my head was up as I moaned and then cried out. “Jasper . . . please.”

“Please what Lucy?” I cried out how badly I needed him. “Good, because I need you too.” My hands were round his butt as I pushed on them, begging him to go deeper. I pushed my hips into his and he moaned. I shuddered as I felt myself finally satisfied by him, reaching my orgasm with all my feelings exploding inside me and all over him, though he was still going, gliding in and out of me at a beautiful rhythm.

When Jasper finally finished, I felt him force himself deeper in me than I thought possible, his hands pushing me into him so he could. He buried his head in my neck as I heard his husky moans echo off my skin, goosebumps breaking out throughout my body in response. As he held me up against him, our bodies still shaking in quivers after the explosion that just erupted, I felt him start softly kissing my neck. “Today meant everything to me, I can’t believe one competition, one week, could change my life so much. And all roads lead back to you Lucy Mills.”

Shortly after we had showered and freshened up, and were sitting on the couch waiting on some dinner. Jasper was going through some emails while we waited and I was texting with the girls. Jodie was still in disbelief I had met Brax today and said there is no way she could have done it without dying of fandom. Of course, Tania was curious to know what he was like. “He’s really nice, exactly as he comes across on the radio and tv. His fiance, Charlie, is incredible. How she does it I don’t know?”

Jodie was the first to reply, asking if I meant “Juggling a family life and their busy careers?” I explained that plus a young baby and still being so down to earth. I said the way she handled the guys was incredible, especially when Chester turned up and Jodie nearly freaked out. “Shut up! That man is all kinds of fine. I would lick the sweat off his . . . never mind let’s just say I would.”

Tania laughed reminding Jodie how wrong she is and I pointed out he had a partner who was pregnant. Jodie didn’t seem surprised at all, all the good ones usually do as she put it. I heard Jasper speak up and it pulled me from the conversation. “You ok baby?”

He reached across, his hands gently stroking my exposed legs. I told Jasper I was just talking with the girls and when he asked if it was about today, I knew I was guilty so there was no point in trying to hide it. “Don’t worry, you can tell them I was a fangirl too when I had Brax and Chester there. When I told him that was adorable he held his finger up to my lips. “Shh, manly.” Jasper winked at me and I felt his hand on my leg rub higher as I looked back reading through the messages I had missed.

When I read the next message I nearly jumped out of my chair. Tania had asked Jodie why she was sulking when she hooked up with Seth after the concert anyway. Jodie was adamant one hook meant nothing and as if we wouldn’t have given the chance. I laughed when Tania said she would have if it was Jes, but I was still stuck on the fact I didn’t know about Jodie and Seth and had to ask. “Wait, back up! Jodie and Seth hooked up?”

Tania laughed and highlighted this was old news, so when I asked how I didn’t know Jodie was quick to chirp in “Probably because you and mister hottie over there have been banging it out yourselves.”

After telling Jodie she was the worst, I sent them both my love before locking my phone. I could barely contain myself when I put my phone down and turned to Jasper. Jasper looked over and saw the amusement on my face, and a smile crept over his. “What, what is it?” I told him I knew something he didn’t to which he quickly replied if I told him then we would both know.

When I told him to guess, he raised his eyebrow “I could just tickle it out of you, you know that right? He lunged at me and pinned me to the couch as he started to tickle while I tried to wiggle away from him. “Get off me you ape.”

Of course he just laughed and said he would show me ape. He started to tickle me harder and made ape noises as I pissed myself laughing. I finally conceded and told him he won. “Get off me and I will tell you.” He sat up and ran his hands down my thighs as I looked up at him. “Seth and Jodie hooked up the night of the concert.”

Jasper chuckled “Yeah? It’s not a bad idea you know.”

“What isn’t?”

“Hooking up. In fact I think I want to hook up with you right now.” I laughed as he took my hand and pulled me through to the bedroom, before another milestone day for him when he meets the rest of Brax’s band.

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