Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Two

The next day we were on our way down to the studio to meet with Brax and his band so Jasper could do a full run through of the song with them before the concert tomorrow. As if meeting first Jasper, then Brax wasn’t daunting enough, this was now huge having them all in the same space. I couldn’t believe how much had changed in my life so fast.

It was like I had been opened up to a whole new world, one I had always marvelled at, albeit from a far, but never thought I would be immersed in. As Jasper took my hand and led me inside I could feel my own eyes bug out as I took in the expansive lobby, decorated with Gold and Platinum records, awards from years of amazing artists who had come through the building. When Jasper squeezed my hand I turned to look at him as he asked if I was alright? I told him this was incredible as he smiled and replied “Pretty amazing isn’t it. I would love to sign with a record label like this one day.”

“You will Jasper, I have every faith. Nothing but the top right?”

“You better stick around for the ride Lucy Mills.” I blushed and smiled at him as he kissed my nose and we headed to the reception to let them know we were there. After a short wait I noticed an older man coming out and he headed to the receptionist, speaking to her before he headed over to us.

“Jasper?” When the man spoke we both stood up and Jasper introduced himself. “Marcus, I am Brax Manager, we spoke on the phone. Thanks for helping us with this.” Jasper said it was his honour before Marcus turned to me and asked if I was Lucy. I nodded and he mentioned that Brax and Charlie had said I may come with Jasper. I thanked them for having me as Marcus replied. “It’s our pleasure. “It’s our Pleasure. Come on through guys, I’ll take you down and back to the studios where the boys are getting set up now. Would you like any drinks on the way?”

“Just a water for me, thanks. Lucy?” I asked for the same as we moved through. I couldn’t help but feel like a little fish in a shark’s cage. This was certainly well out of my comfort zone. I liked the familiarity of being in my home, music playing. I liked songs that had meaningful lyrics, which is probably why I loved Jasper’s music, Brax and similar because there was always a rawness to their songs, a brutal honesty. But being here, stood amongst them all, it was next level and blew my mind.”

I heard Marcus and Jasper making general conversation as I looked around. “So how long are you staying in Sydney for after the show Jasper?”

“Just until Tuesday. I need to get packed and on my flight for my next gig.” When Marcus said the numbers he was getting to his concerts was impressive I saw how pleased Jasper was. “Thank you, I appreciate that you noticed.”

“If you ever consider a change to the big smoke, you have our numbers now.” My head shot sideways to Jasper as I gripped his arm and he smiled back at me. I couldn’t possibly be as excited as he was, but I was not far behind. It was an incredible feeling to see his dreams coming true for him, knowing how hard he had worked for it, and being able to share this with Jasper meant everything. As Marcus opened the door and we stepped in the first voice I noticed was Chester from the other day.

“Stop being a pussy man, he will never know. Just do it” When Marcus asked what he wouldn’t know Chester was quick to add hey dad. Marcus warned him to behave as they had guests now and he turned to see us. “Hey Jasper, Hey Professor Plum.”

Jasper laughed and said hello when I saw a guy with dreadlocks turn to Brax “Did he seriously just call that poor girl Professor Plum?”

Before Brax could answer I saw Charlie walk out from the sound booth and answer for him “He got schooled by Lucy yesterday and found out she was a scientist.”

One of the other guys who I recognised as Shane from Brax’s band stuck his head up over the sound board and asked “So that warranted one of his wacked out nicknames again?”

Brax laughed and said correct before another asked “What did you school him on if you don’t mind me asking? We just love any chance to give him shit. I’m Mark by the way.” Mark reached out to shake both our hands as Jasper introduced us.

“Hi Mark, and it was just in relation to Monkey nuts, and how the loudest monkey usually has the smallest.”

Well this cracked Liam up who turned and punched Chester. “Burn! I’m Liam by the way guys nice to meet you, although I am sure we have met before Jasper?”

Before Jasper could answer Chester did for him “Dude I said the same, remember that workshop you did on the GC with the young drummers up there?” Liam seemed to remember when he said that and they got chatting about the workshop and how Liam still did some work with Jes when needed. Shane came over and introduced himself as they all started chatting and Brax turned to me.

“You don’t mind then if we steal him for a bit Lucy?” When I said not at all, he told me to make myself at home and directed me to some chairs back in the booth where it was quieter.

I felt Charlie touch my arm “Come on hunny, I will get you some ear plugs from out the back, things can get very loud, very quickly in here.” When Liam said that was usually just Chester, I laughed believing that would be very true.

As Charlie took me out the back while the guys finished getting set up to run through a few things, I couldn’t help but ask her a question I had been thinking about since last night. “Charlie would you mind if I asked you something?” Of course she didn’t mind, but it was still polite to ask. ” How did you know Brax was the one? I mean I guess what I am trying to say is, what was it that made you realise even with the craziness of his life, he was worth it?”

“I guess it is different for everyone, but for me the biggest thing has been that through it all, Brax will always put me above all others. He makes me feel appreciated, important to him, it’s never his decision or my decision, it’s ours. And there did come a point in our relationship Lucy where I had to face what you are going through.” I asked her what she meant as we took a seat. “The public Scrutiny. That’s what is scaring you the most isn’t it?

I nodded my head “We all read it, we would be lying if we said we didn’t, it’s human nature to be noisy at times. But when it is you they are writing about. . .”

“It’s hard to accept?”

“Yes.” I nodded as I looked down at my hands.

“Brax and I had that moment. And we were caught in a position, publicly where we either had to own it or walk away. Everything leading up to that moment had been all about me, he had been so selfless in making sure I was comfortable, I felt loved. He had given me parts of himself that no one else was privileged to have seen, so it was my turn to return that favour.” She reached out and rubbed my hand as I looked up at her. “You will know when that moment happens Lucy, because it will hit you and you will be powerless to stop it. Embrace it, because hunny it is a rare thing, and I learnt the hard way, one day I may even tell you about it, but not now. It’s not the right time.”

I smiled at her softly and nodded “Thanks Charlie. I am trying to work past my fears. I know how much I want to be with him, I just know it will be a completely different life to what I am used to as well.”

“You know, just because they write it, doesn’t mean you have to respond.”

“What do you mean?”

“You can’t control what others say or think hunny, but you can control how you react. That is something the boys taught me. Let them write, remain dignified and silent, because the only one you need to talk to is the man that is standing next to you, giving you his undivided attention. He adores you Lucy, and I know because I still see that same look in Brax eyes every day of our lives.” She gave my hand a squeeze as we walked back and saw the guys were nearly ready to start. We sat down and the band did the song a few times. I was so happy for Jasper as I heard the rest of the band paying him the same compliments that Chester had yesterday.

“You sure you’re not looking to switch labels Jasper?”

When Marcus asked that we all laughed when Charlie said she was calling finder’s fees then. Jasper laughed and replied “You never know man, my contract is up in March next year.

Marcus told Jasper they were going to talk before he signed any new contract then and I saw him smile and agree before Shane came over and patted him on the back “Solid kid! You’ve got a hectic future ahead of you, look forward to getting up on stage with you tomorrow.”

Jasper thanked Shane as he headed out with Marcus before Liam came over. “Dude! Freakishly good, you have some raw talent there.” Liam and Jasper got talking and he asked if the rest of the band was coming down. When Jasper said they flew in later tonight Liam told him to make sure Jes came to see him before the show tomorrow. Liam said bye to us both before heading out as Mark and Brax made their way over.

“You held it tight mate, I look forward to catching your set tomorrow.” Jasper thanked Mark before he continued. “Don’t forget to invite him and his boys for drinks after the gig tomorrow Brax.”

“Shit! Thanks for the reminder bro.” Mark headed out to join the others as Charlie and I went over to Brax and Jasper now they had finished. When he saw us he turned to Charlie “Cutie, I just invited Jasper, Lucy and his band over for drinks after the show tomorrow if that’s ok?”

“Of course, please. You are more than welcome. Come to the party at my house that I also just found out about.” Brax was sure he had told her until she reminded him he had not. “You are both more than welcome. That was just my little dig at this one. He tends to make plans and thinks he tells me what is happening, but it never gets past the thinking stage.”

We thanked them both and asked if we could bring anything to help, and they insisted nothing but ourselves and anything specific we would like to drink. “Thank you so much for inviting us, Jasper and I really appreciate it.”

Brax bro hugged Jasper and gave me a quick hug. “Honestly it’s our pleasure. Appreciate your help this weekend Jasper. You ready to bring this concert to them tomorrow mate?”

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