Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Three

We had spent the night doing Jasper’s usual routine before a show, including his new addition to his pre-show, much to his pleasure, and mine. When I woke up I was surprised to see he was already up and trying to get himself in the zone. He had to be down at the theatre by ten thirty to start getting everything set up, as unfortunately he didn’t have the additional days like with his tours to get lighting and sound sorted.

I had stayed at the hotel to get ready while he headed down to meet Jes and Seth and agreed to be down there at lunchtime so he could take a break before they were due to go on stage in the afternoon. There were two shows they had to do today. The first was for Brax and his band’s under Eighteen fans. This was something they had added to their tour schedule after one of their first stops in Coffs Harbour.

A group of under age fans had questioned why all their shows were for over Eighteen years of age so they never got the chance to see them live. It was pretty amazing what the band had done after they heard their fans. They attended the school of the kid that questioned them the next day and at the end of the day they performed a free show for all the students after school.

While I knew Jasper would be pumped and excited for both shows, I knew he was really keen for tonight’s show, when he finally got to take to the stage with Brax and sing alongside him to their new song. I just hoped for his sake the day wasn’t drawn out because I knew how buzzed he was for later.

After joining Jasper at the theatre and saying hello to Seth and Jes it wasn’t long before Brax and his band arrived and came over to say hello. The boys all headed up on stage to get ready while Charlie came over and introduced me to some of the other girls that had come down with her.

Once Jasper and the guys were happy everything was set up we headed down to Hyde Park to have a bit of a break before the show kicked off. What followed was not the show kicking off, but rather Charlie when Chester started to give her grief. When she had mentioned to Brax she wasn’t feeling well, Chester had pestered to know why which resulted in him getting threatened with a kick to the crown jewels.

He took off running before she could finish what she was saying when Liam’s partner, Mace stuck her foot out and tripped him. Everyone was in hysterics when two of the girls sat on top of him and Charlie walked up to him with her foot hovering over his groin. “I’m sorry, what was that you were saying Monkey?”

Chester burst out laughing in her face as he replied “It’s true you girl’s carry on like getting some cramps once a month is like the pain of being kicked in the balls. I can tell you it is not.”

“That is scientifically proven to be false.” I realised I had blurted it out before I could stop myself when everyone looked at me, then back to Chester and laughed.

“What? No one asked you Professor Plum!” Jasper gripped my hip and laughed as I found myself turning bright red.

When the two girls sitting on Chester said they would like to know I told the group why he was wrong. “Professor of reproductive health at University College London, John Guillebaud, yep that’s right a man, has categorically proven the cramping pain experienced by women is almost as bad as having a heart attack.”

Liam laughed as he kicked Chester’s ankles “I like Professor Plum. She can stay if she keeps schooling Monkey Nuts.”

As soon as I finished saying that Charlie went back to her threat on Chester and as she swung her foot back we all saw him cower. At the last minute she leaned over the top of him and pulled a Karate Kid. “Wrong! Honkkkkk!” and twisted his nose as we all died laughing. It wasn’t long before we were all heading back to the theatre with just enough time for Jasper, Seth and Jes to get a drink of water, shake off some nerves and take the stage. We waited backstage as they got ready and with ten minutes before they took the stage Jasper came over to me. I stood up as he took my hand and led me out into the hallway.

As we stood facing each other, everyone else busied themselves around us, he stepped in closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I held his biceps and rubbed up his arms as I looked up into his eyes. “How are you feeling?”

“Freaking out babe. These will be the biggest shows of my career.”

“Use it to your benefit. Just remember half that crowd out there are going to be people that went to your concert too. We all tend to follow similar artists. So treat it like you did last weekend, and you’ll be great.” When Jasper said he was so happy I was there to share it with him, I reminded him I was only there because he gave me the chance to be.

“No, thank you for helping me get this chance.” As his hand moved up my back, fingers splayed across my spine he pressed me closer to him, Jasper leaned down to join our lips softly at first, but it soon deepened as I felt through his kiss how much this moment meant to him. “Walk me up to the stage?”

“I’d love to.” He took my hand and we headed up on to the stage to see the boys had finished doing a double check of their equipment and were ready to go. As we stepped up on to the side stage Brax and his band headed over to us. “You ready to go mate?”

“Honestly, I have never been more nervous in my life Brax.”

Liam told him to use it to his advantage. “It’s when you stop giving a fuck it is a worry mate. Go out there and smash it like you did yesterday when you jammed with us ok?”

Jasper thanked Liam as they headed off and he turned to me. “Have a great show.”

“Thanks Lucy Mills.” He gave me a quick kiss before I walked over to the side of the stage where Charlie was standing, soon joined by Brax and the rest of his band. As the lights went up and Jasper, Seth and Jes took the stage, I heard the arena erupt in screams of excitement. Jes got behind his drums ready to go as Seth strapped on his guitar. I watched as Jasper took the mic on the stand in his hand and the three strobes focused on them. Seconds later I heard the music flood the arena and Jasper’s voice quickly followed.

Just as I knew it took him less than a minute to find his rhythm and start to feed off the vibe the crowd was giving him. I was mesmerised by him, that I almost missed what the band next to me were saying. I had promised to keep my ears open for Jasper and let him know, it meant everything to him what they thought. “Is this kid for real? How old did you say he was again?” When Mark asked I heard Brax answer twenty two before Chester turned to them.

“Can I say something without you punching me Brax?” When Brax said it depended what it was, all of us had a chuckle. “Bro, with the right agent, this kid could well be bigger than you one day.”

“Honestly, I would be surprised if he wasn’t. He’s got a natural talent, no joke about it.” Holy shit! I couldn’t wait to tell Jasper, but then ‘oh my god’ would he even believe it! I was experiencing a rush of emotions as I watched him and I wanted to make sure I took the chance to capture this to keep. I pulled out my phone and put it on video, filming Jasper so I had something to keep of this moment.

As they finished their opening set for the under Eighteens they waved to the crowd and thanked them before they headed off stage to join us. Jasper gave me a quick kiss and took my hand, We headed backstage to join the others as they got ready to take the stage. Brax and his band were headed out to do the first of their shows for the day but he took a moment to speak to Jasper. “Great job man, I have to run but we can talk more in between shows. Come up side stage when you are ready.”

“Thanks mate, have a good show.” As they headed out I passed Jasper a bottle of water and we soon walked up to watch Brax’s afternoon show from the side. By the time they finished and came off it was Five Thirty which gave Jasper and the boys an hour to talk with them about tonight before they were due to take the stage for the opening set of the Over Eighteens show. Jasper was sitting down with his air pods in while I sat on his lap as he got in the zone ready for tonight, and as I looked up I saw Brax and Charlie coming over. I nudged Jasper slightly and as he looked up to me I pointed to let him know. Jasper took his air pods out as Brax took a seat across from us and Charlie sat on his lap. I smiled to myself seeing the similarities.

“How are you feeling?” Jasper laughed and said alright for the moment, but to ask him again in an hour. “You really impressed me this afternoon mate.”

When Jasper said to Brax he had no idea how much that meant to hear, Charlie added “Even his own band are putting down odds you will be bigger than Brax one day. I may have had in on that pool also.”

When Jasper shook his head and said he didn’t think he deserved that big of a compliment, Brax was quick to correct him. “I think you do, I’m looking forward to taking the stage with you tonight.”

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