Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Thirty Four

Having heard the encouragement he needed from Brax, I watched as Jasper took the stage for his over Eighteens pre show and of course, he need not have worried. The crowd went wild from the vibe in the arena and that was a result of the incredible show Jasper, Jes and Seth gave them. In between songs Jasper walked over to the drums to grab a drink of water and as our eyes made contact he winked at me.

I couldn’t even begin to describe the feelings I had coursing through me. I was reliving every moment of the last two weeks, the last few years, that led to me standing here in this moment. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Jasper if I had tried. Every word spoken, every gesture made in token, every moment of time stood still together, it all started to make sense to me.

I was drawn out of my thoughts when I heard Charlie speak. “You’re seeing it aren’t you?” I looked at her with a slightly puzzled look on my face. “He might be performing to that crowd Lucy, but the only one he is singing to is you.”

She patted my shoulder softly as she headed down with Brax and the band and I watched Jasper and the boys finish their set. As he walked off to the side stage, I saw the adrenaline still pumping through his veins. I passed him a towel to wipe the sweat that had accumulated from the combination of the heat of the lighting and performance. “That was the best show I have ever seen you do. Live and online.”

The smile he gave me said everything as he squeezed my hand and we made our way back stage. We opened the door and headed in as Brax and the band were getting ready to go on stage for the final show. When Brax saw us he shouted across the room as the rest of the band joined in. “Bro! That was a fat way to open up for us!” Chester came over and congratulated the three of them before Liam joined him.

“You had the whole house standing boys, and Jes that set at the end was out of this world.” Jes was quick to remind Liam he learnt from him so no explanation required. I watched as they interacted with the band and got ready to head up. Brax and Jasper were talking when I heard him giving him instructions when to come on. “Fourth song in ok bro? But I’ll let you know when we are ready.”

“I still can’t believe I am about to do this.” I could tell how nervous Jasper was by the slight shake in his voice as he spoke.

“Mate, we are about to do this. Let’s blow the fucking roof off okay?” As Brax patted him on the chest and they fist bumped I saw Jasper suck it up and nod.

We headed up and took the side stage with Charlie and some of the other girls. I saw their daughter with her ear muffs on clapping her hands as Brax talked to them both before they took the stage. Jasper and I cuddled close to stay out the way and waited for the show to start. “You know, not only am I about to sing on stage with my fucking idol, which by the way is all thanks to you.” I cut him off, and reminded him again it was his talent that got him here, not me. “But standing here, watching him live with you, is the icing on the cake for me. I’m so glad you are here, in my life Lucy. I adore you so much.”

“I don’t know what comes next for us Jasper, but I know I don’t ever want to take for granted any time I have with you. You are too important to me, and you deserve more.” He leaned in kissing me softly as his arms held me tight. Jasper stroked my cheek softly as he looked deep into my eyes.

“I don’t want more Lucy, I just want you.” We heard Liam start the drums and our attention was drawn to the stage as the lights flooded it. I felt Jasper’s arms wrap around me tightly.

“SYDNEYYYYYYYYYYY We’re homeeeeeee!” The crowd roared as the Brax gave them a wave and a cheer before we heard the music start and Brax staStart to sing. The band opened with one of their earliest hits, a tribute to the first album they did together and the crowd erupted, and sang along word for word with the band. The second song was one of their biggest hits from their International Tour a few years ago. A collaboration they wrote with a Canadian Band. They were half way through the first verse when I felt Jasper move in to me. “Did you know the next verse is one he wrote for Charlie. If you listen carefully you will hear her name in it. There is mention of their child too, although they hadn’t had her yet ironically.”

I listened as he rapped the verse when I heard her name clear in the middle of it. I look at Jasper with a bemused smirk on my face. “Are you joking with me right now?”

“Well the rumours are it was written for Charlie. Why don’t you ask her?”

He nudged me and pointed to her. I saw the cheeky look on his face and knew he was trying to call me out. I decided to do it and tapped Charlie on the shoulder. She turned around and removed one of her ear buds so she could hear me. I asked her would she mind settling a debate for us and she said she was happy to try as Jasper laughed. “Jasper said that the verse Brax just sang was written for you, is that true?”

“It was actually. He wrote it when we were in Canada but it also made reference to a big night we had with the band too. Chester thought he was being hilarious one night and looked up and saw Brax rolling a joint while I sat on his lap, and had to highlight he had Mary Jane and Charlie.

Jasper burst out laughing, as did I when she explained and why Brax had to pen it down. Jasper smiled at me when I turned back to him and tapped my nose. “One day I am going to write a song for you. It will tell you everything you mean to me, in a way I have never fully been able to explain to you.” I felt my heart swell, and Jasper reached out to stroke my cheek which I am sure he felt the heat from. “You look so beautiful when you blush. I have to get ready as I am on after this song. I will see you soon ok Lucy Mills?”

“I hope this moment is everything you ever dreamed it to be Jasper.”

“It’s already more, you are here.” Barely a couple of minutes and Jasper was wired up. Brax took to the mic ready to introduce him on stage.

“Yo! So, as you guys know we released a fat new tune in the middle of this tour and so far we have only got to play it once live.” The crowd erupted again in response to Brax. “Now to me, that fucking sucks! I wanna play this tune just as much as you guys wanna hear it right?” They respond to him again, even louder this time if that is possible. “Unfortunately, Aaron couldn’t be here tonight because he already had other commitments.”

The moment he said it the crowd started booing, not in madness, but disappointment,having hoped for a moment Aaron was going to come out and surprise them. “But a funny thing happened. I was speaking with the boys here and we realised while Aaron might not be available, we have a sick young artist here who we think is headed for huge things that would be able to sing it with us. So who wants to see Jasper come back out so we can bring this song to you all tonight?” The crowd started cheering again and chanting Jasper’s name as I looked to him in excitement. “Nah Sydney, you need to be louder than that for me if you want to make this happen.”

As the crowd cheered louder Brax waved Jasper on to the stage and the crowd exploded. The whole arena was on its feet as Brax and Jasper bro hugged before the music started. And just like that, I heard both their voices come out through the microphones. As I watched his dream come true I was in awe. I didn’t even realise at first I had tears rolling down my cheeks, until I felt them start to fall heavier. “Are you ok hunny?”

I felt Charlie’s hand on my shoulder and I managed to draw my eyes away from Jasper for a moment to look at her as I wiped my cheeks. I’m fine, sorry I must look like a fool.”

“Not at all, but I am worried.” She looked at me with concern.

“I’m fine, I am just so happy for him. This is all he ever wanted.”

“Not all sweetheart.” I looked at her confused and she turned and pointed back to the stage as the song finished and the crowd roared. I saw what she was pointing at. As I looked to the stage, I saw Brax and Jasper waving towards us, before I looked back to Charlie perplexed.

“Looks like they want you Lucy.” Just as she said it I heard Brax’s voice over the mic again.

“Guys I want to bring a special young lady out here, which you all owe a huge thank you to. Lucy come here for a minute.” I slowly walked out terrified, blinded, confused. I really did not know what to expect. As I got near Jasper he reached out and wrapped his arm around my waist as Brax walked over and placed his arm around my shoulders. “You see guys, I was in the middle of my tour and our original supporting act for tonight sadly had to cancel due to personal reasons, and we all send much love to them right now in this time when they needed it, no hate guys.” The crowd cheered again. “Being on the road and stuck for options, my Fiance was tagged in a post by this young lady. She interviewed Jasper who mentioned his dream had always been to do a collaboration with me and the boys one day, and bro trust me after tonight, that will happen.” The crowd roars again. “Without that interview from Lucy, we would never have got to see how insanely talented this guy is, and we definitely wouldn’t have had the opportunity to bring this song to you guys tonight. So let’s all shout our thanks to Lucy before we give you all one last encore.”

The crowd erupted as Brax hugged me and thanked me again. I turned to Jasper who was smiling from ear to ear as the crowd continued to cheer. He carefully held me around the waist as I placed my hands on his biceps, the sound of the crowd slowly faded as I was drawn into him. I felt Jasper take my lips in his as the crowd roared around us, and I finally understood what Charlie was telling me the other day. When the moment comes you will be powerless to stop it. “You really are a Fan Favourite aren’t you Jasper?”

“Maybe, but you Lucy Mills, will always be my Favourite Fan.”

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