Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Four

The last few weeks had gone in a daze. So when I flopped in bed I couldn’t believe in my wildest dreams I was about to meet my favourite musician of all time. I was officially freaked out. What do you say to someone that famous?

Holy shit! What do I wear?

I have nothing, I should have gone shopping first.Too late now, always leaving everything to the last minute.

Hang on, Chill out for a second girl!

I have been speaking to Jasper for years, he’s always made a point to engage with his fans. This is nothing new, I know how to speak to him, like we always have.

But that’s on chat! Oh my god.

It will be completely different standing face to face with him. What if he realised I am really not all that funny or cool, I am just a homebody. It is easy to let one’s natural character flow from behind a screen, but for an introvert, that is about as far as it stretches. I don’t go out every weekend like Tania and Jodie, even those girls probably questioned how we made it work, when we are all so different. I don’t particularly enjoy large gatherings, that’s not to say I don’t like people.

I like my people. The ones I am comfortable with, the ones that know what I am like, when I hit a certain point and I have had enough. They know I will disappear and take myself home, and they are ok with that.

Usually that meant sitting awake at home for a few more hours, either watching my favourite television series or reading, but still, it was my sanctuary. It is where I liked to be when I had my spare time.

Shit! I really am so boring. Nothing at all like the vibrant, happy go lucky twenty one year old he has been speaking to online. My mind raced, it took me longer than it should have to sleep that night, so when I woke up, I felt like I needed to go straight back to bed. When I looked in the bathroom mirror the first thing I saw was the puffy eyes. I knew a double shot of caffeine would be the only solution for this situation.

Stumbling out to the kitchen, I flicked the kettle on and started to check my messages while I waited. Jodie, never one to disappoint came through with the classic ‘Are you freaking out’, when Tania highlighted if I wasn’t before I would be now she had planted the seed. “You guys know me too well. I am FREAKING out.”

While Jodie offered to swap places with me, Tania went to the most important question of the morning, what did I plan to wear? Finding it humorous I replied ‘clothes’ much to Tania’s disgust. Jodie had to remind Tania to tone it down before she gave me Heart Palpitations. I wanted to reply saying it was too late, but the sentiment was appreciated nonetheless.

“Guys, it is fine. Today will be nothing. I am meeting him for lunch and then I have to meet with the sponsors and his management team. It will be all legalities and the rules. Jeans and a t-shirt will suffice for today Tania.”

When Tania replied, asking if I was going with a cute or a sexy shirt I rolled my eyes and typed out my reply “I am going for coffee now, love you both.” After both issued their demands of details later I put my phone down and picked up my coffee. Taking the time to enjoy it first, I was soon showered and dressed.

I locked up my apartment and started to make my way to the cafe. We agreed to meet here as it was quieter and would afford Jasper some privacy. I didn’t want him to feel he was being hassled over lunch, and I knew this to be a relaxed environment.

As I stepped inside the cafe, I felt the nerves erupt in the pit of my stomach, my breath shallow as I tried to calm the anxiety rising. It didn’t take long to spot Jasper and I was thankful to see he was waiting on his own. I wasn’t ready to be bombarded straight off the bat by his management team or sponsors.

It was a surreal moment.

I was looking at the Artist I knew as Jasper, one of my favourites, someone I had spoken to online for years and felt completely comfortable with. Yet, he didn’t have a clue what I looked like. As I made my way over to his table, I saw him look over and make eye contact with me. I couldn’t help the nervous smile that appeared as I walked closer. He stood up, stepping aside from his chair and looked at me curiously. I was having trouble making out the look on his face, but I had figured by now he worked out who I was.

Standing in front of him, I swallowed the nervous lump in my throat and spoke softly “Hi Jasper.”


“That’s me.” I shrugged my shoulders slightly, and gave him a small smile.

“Wow . . . Lucy, Hi.” As he stepped closer to me I was a little shocked when he pulled me into a hug. It took me a few seconds before I hugged him back. ” I was starting to think you were going to stand me up.”

I pulled back and was met with his cheeky smile. ” What? Get off it. Two minutes Jasper!” He just laughed, shrugging his shoulders as he reminded me it was still late. “Clinger much?” He laughed as we sat down and I felt some of the nerves ease up.

Of course he was the same Jasper I have always spoken to. Easy to talk to, quick to make me laugh, absolutely no filter at the best of times, but it was making this much easier, as I felt far from my comfort zone. We joked and talked over our meals but there were times I became aware of an awkward silence. When I looked up I would find him staring at me, watching me eat, or looking like he was about to say something, only to suddenly stop himself. “So, what’s the plan for the rest of the day?”

“Oh, yeah right. Well we have to go meet with the sponsors and my management team at two thirty. Sorry, but you know what these things are like. They have to go through all the legal shit.” Acknowledging I understood and it wasn’t a problem. “From there, well I guess it is up to you?”

Shocked, my head flew up and my voice went too high pitched. “Me? Why me?”

My eyes widened when he leaned forward across the table, staring straight into my eyes. “Well, I am all yours for the week Lucy. What would you like to do with me?”

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