Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Five

I nearly choked when he said it, as I definitely wasn’t prepared for those words. When Jasper burst out laughing and said the look on my face was priceless I stared him down. “Why am I here? This could be a very bad career move for you, all the things I could say about the real Jasper now.”

He soon stopped laughing questioning if I meant it. Now I was the one amused. “Ok, seriously. We can do anything you want. Although, I have a few commitments later in the week I have to attend for the concert, sound and lighting checks. You are welcome to come along, that is what this thing is all about. But I will leave it entirely up to you, this is your week.”

“Technically speaking, isn’t it supposed to be a week in the life of Jasper, not Lucy?”

“Lucy, didn’t we already have this conversation? My management would rake me over the coals if I ever let the outside world see a real day in the life of Jasper.” Conceding and letting him win this round, I made a point to throw in the fact he still owed me an interview for the fan page. “I’ll consider your request and see if I can get an addendum written into the contract.”

We finished eating and Jasper had a car waiting to take us to Hype Head Office Sydney. We had to go over the contract and other relevant legalities. As we were led into a large boardroom, I took a seat and Jasper soon sat down with me. “So I will have to sign some paperwork?”

“Yeah, you know just the normal legalities. You agree to the terms of the contract, the tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable, the amount of meals you are expected to cook for me each day, sexual favours, cleaning requirements, just the usual.”

WHAT! While I screamed that in my head, my face clearly gave away my shock as he buckled over in hysterics again. “That’s not cool Jasper. That was pure evil.”

“So why are you laughing?”

“You’re mean, do your fans know how mean you really are?” Trying a different tactic now he apologised and asked if we could be friends. I told him I would get back to him, see if he could live up to his hype this week first.

Once everyone arrived the contract and terms were carefully explained to me and I was given a chance to read over them. I did take my time to double check what I was signing, before adding my signature. “Well congratulations Lucy, you have any problems with him you let me know and I will sort him out.” I smiled and thanked Jasper’s manager for his assistance.

A few hours later we were headed out and I checked my phone seeing it was Five Thirty in the afternoon already. It also meant I had a tonne of messages from Tania and Jodie. We got into the car and I was waiting for it to start moving. After a few minutes when we hadn’t left, I looked up from my phone and saw Jasper staring at me. “What? When he asked where to, I chuckled. “Shit, sorry! You were waiting for me to give directions.”

“I’m not from this part of the country.”

I locked my phone and pocket it while Jasper looked at me waiting for instructions for the driver. “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“Well, I have never really intruded on someone’s life for a week. I guess I feel kind of . . .” When Jasper asked ‘awkward’ I nodded explaining that was exactly it.

“I understand that, so how about I make you a deal?” I said I was listening so he could continue. “How about we forget the competition? How long have we been speaking online now?” I had a quick think about it before saying around three years. “There you go, so how about we work with that. I’m catching up with a friend I speak to often?”

I looked over at him smiling and appreciated how easy he was making this, given my obvious nerves. “That sounds good Jasper. So, what would two friends catching up do?”

“Well, I didn’t think that far ahead, so thank you for calling me out on it. It is starting to get dark outside, so I reckon dinner is always a good place to start? Grub at the pub is always an easy option right?”

I agreed and gave the driver some instructions to a nice tavern not too far from my apartment. I knew the food was good there and it was never overcrowded. Heading in we found our way to an outside table and grabbed some menus to have a look over. “So what’s good here?” When I replied to him all of it he looked tickled as if I was joking. “Really? You’ve had everything on this menu?” Nodding yes, it was true, we often came here. “I love it! Ok, so what’s your go to if you are starving and just need something that isn’t going to take too long?”

“Their loaded nachos are amazing. I would recommend that.”

“Sold. I will have that. What about you?”

“You know what, make that two.” We headed up and placed our orders and while Jasper grabbed a pint, I got a glass of wine before we sat back down waiting for our food.

“So, I know this is your week with me, but may I ask you something.” I agreed of course, it would be rude not to when he has let me into his personal space for the week. “What was it with my music that made you start the fan page for me?”

I probably should have been expecting that question at some stage, but it did catch me off guard. “The first time I came across one of your songs I was barely eighteen and couldn’t figure out shit in my life, you understand?”

“I still live that daily.”

“I was listening to you talking about how you took a break, just locked yourself away from everyone and took a breath. Reset yourself so to speak, mind and body and listen to what you needed rather than what other people were telling you. For so long I had just gone with the flow.” He nodded, focusing intently on what I was saying. “Enjoying life and what I was doing, but never really doing it for me. I guess you could say a people pleaser. I stepped back and started having more time for myself. Not being scared to be alone and have that solitude going home afforded me. Something when I heard that song, it just clicked, and it was what I needed to hear at the time.”

“Thank you for sharing, and I hope it helped.”

“It did.” After finishing our meals we had another few drinks while talking and even though it was only Eight Thirty, we headed out and I gave the driver the instructions to my apartment.

As the car pulled up, I turned to Jasper as he started to speak. “So, what’s here?”

“My place Jasper. I am sure I have taken up enough of your time for one day.”

Shooting up in his seat he looked taken aback. “Hang on, so I am in town completely on my own, at your beck and call for the week, and you really just want to send me on my way? All because you think you have taken up too much of my time?” I looked down for a minute when I heard him speak softer. “I happen to enjoy your company Lucy, so don’t you think it is my decision on how much of it I afford you? The real question is, would you like me to leave now?”

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