Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Seven

It took me forever to get to sleep last night. I was replaying the day over and over in my head, but I kept coming back to the hug and kiss on the cheek just before he left.

Why did it affect me so much? Silly fan girl crush, get over yourself.

As if he even knows you exist, the only person I was kidding was myself. I eventually fell asleep but not for nearly long enough as I heard my alarm go off. I rolled out of bed to get ready for my only class today. As I shuffled out to the kitchen, still half asleep, I flicked the kettle on and leaned against the kitchen counter as I checked my phone. “So what’s the plans for today Lucy Mills?”

Seeing Jasper’s message so early I replied “You know for someone who claims to hate mornings, you are awfully chirpy.” After a bit of joking about getting out on the wrong side of the bed, I was very clear in making it known I would have preferred to stay in there if I didn’t have class.

“Ooo, so we have class today?” When Jasper implied he was coming too I shut it down. It would be a huge disruption to the class and campus, even he had to know that. When he tried to use the argument of it being his week, I was fast to remind him he had said it was technically my week yesterday. “Oh, so now it is your week again, when it suits your agenda right?”

“Jasper, you are being obnoxious. This will not end well for you when I haven’t had enough coffee yet.” Explaining I would be finished by midday Jasper was quick to say he would meet me at mine. “Have a good morning Jasper.”

“Oh, if you knew what a real day in the life of Jasper is, then you know I will.”

“I do know, you told me.”

When he simply replied with a ‘whoops’ I told him how wrong he was and said goodbye. I pocket my phone and get my coffee while getting sorted to head to class. The morning was long and I was struggling to stay awake, so by the time I finished I raced to get a coffee for the drive home when I ran into Tania and Jodie. “You! Where were our messages?” Tania demanded as she pointed her finger at me.

Holding my hands up in defence “I know. I know, I am sorry! I didn’t get in until after midnight.” Jodie immediately took it the wrong way and demanded details. “No, nothing like that, but I can’t right now. He is meeting me at midday.”

“If you don’t call us tonight with details, you understand this friendship is over, right?” Tania made it very clear as she blocked my path. Telling them I understood, I also reminded them I loved them both as I raced off.

Thankfully at this time of the day there was not much traffic so it didn’t take me long to get home. Sitting down with my coffee as I enjoyed the rest of it, I soon heard a knock at my door and looked up at the clock. Seeing it was midday I opened the door and saw Jasper standing there with a cheesy grin on his face, holding a single large Sunflower. “What is this?”

“You seemed grumpy this morning, and everyone loves Sunflowers. They are bright and smiley and see! Now you are smiling, so it worked.” I thanked him expressing how sweet the gesture was. “I was going for serious brownie points you know.”

I invited him and offered him a drink, pleased when he said coffee as I wasn’t about to pass up another one. Heading into the kitchen as he followed me, he sat on one of the stools at the bench while I turned the coffee machine on. “How was class?”

“Tedious. I think being tired as well, certainly didn’t help.” Jasper asked what I was studying as I replied Education.

“Yeah, that is why people go to school. Education.”

I lost it in a fit of laughter realising how he could perceive my answer that way, and thinking I should have explained it better. “Sorry, I mean I am studying education. To be a teacher.” Jasper laughed for a minute while mumbling about sounding like a dumb shit. “Not at all, maybe I should have just led with, I am studying to be a teacher.” When he asked what I wanted to teach I couldn’t help myself and said “Education.” Thankfully he found the humour in it too as we both laughed together.

I went on to explain I enjoyed Science so I was specifically studying Physics. “Damn! That’s impressive. Smart and beautiful.” When I said pardon I noticed the blush creep across his face. “Shit, I said that out loud didn’t I?”

We took our coffees and sat outside on the veranda for a while. It is weird for me because as much as he is making this as easy and comfortable as possible, I still feel awkward around him. It isn’t the same as if you were hanging out with a friend, you would have an idea of something you wanted to do, or somewhere you wanted to go. But this is a case of winging it. “Are you normally this quiet in person? You seem very outgoing from the conversations we have had online.”

“I guess so. I am probably more outgoing once I know people better.” Jasper took that as an opportunity and decided we should spend the day getting to know each other better, in the hope that tomorrow would be less awkward. “Ok, so what do you want to know? Where did I grow up? My favourite colour? Favourite food?”

“Nah, that’s boring shit. I want to know the real Lucy.” I asked if I should be scared right now and I saw his smile reach his eyes in excitement. He was damn cheeky. “Yeah, you should. So what’s the most hilarious thing you remember from your childhood?”

Geez! There is one to really think about . . .

“Oh! Well I was about five or six and I noticed my older cousin kept making this odd gesture at everyone so I asked what he was doing. He said it was how to say I love you in Sign Language. I was so excited that I learnt a new way to tell my parents I loved them so I ran downstairs. I found mum and said hey look what I learnt, and proceeded to give her the middle finger while smiling and saying I love you.” Jasper buckled over in laughter as he imagined my mother’s face. “Mum was definitely not happy to see her young daughter giving her the middle finger. What about you?

“One day the phone rang, and being the excited 7 year old I was, I ran to answer it. You know the days when the home phone was still cool. Before I picked up the phone, my mum said ‘If it’s so-and-so, tell her I’m not available’. I picked up the phone and low and behold, it was so-and-so. Being the good son I was, I said ’Hi, my mum told me to tell you she wasn’t available.” I chuckled and asked if his mother killed him for it? “Well to relax after the damage I had done, mum put some milk on the stove to boil, I can’t remember what she was cooking at the time, anyway she told me to watch the milk, it might boil, while she went to the toilet.

“I think I know where this is going, you just watched it boil away didn’t you and didn’t turn off the stove.” When he said yep I could just picture it and found the humour. “Well at least your mother couldn’t complain you weren’t a very obedient child.”

“Oh, I was a total asshole of a child.” He laughed and the glint in his eyes, talking of his childhood told me he had an incredible one. Jasper and I spent much of the afternoon talking and laughing and I was finally starting to feel comfortable around him. Being in my own environment really helped to ease the anxieties I had been experiencing.

Just as he finished laughing at one of the random stories, I felt his hand land on top of mine on the seat, causing me to jump from the spark at his skin touching mine. As I looked over I saw him staring back at me, yet he made no effort to move his hand. Surprisingly, neither did I. “I really enjoyed speaking to you Lucy. I hope you know that, and not just the last two days, I can recall many conversations we’ve had.”

“You can?”

“Of course. You really did floor me yesterday, when you walked in.” I couldn’t really understand, so I had to ask him why. I felt his hand wrap around mine, squeezing a bit tighter. “You have been incredible to speak to and so supportive. Then I saw you, and . . . you’re absolutely beautiful. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. You had to have noticed Lucy?”

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