Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Eight

Staring back at Jasper, I honestly didn’t know what to say. I could barely comprehend what he was saying. This moment was surreal. Let’s get real for a minute, I am a twenty one year old, sitting talking to my favourite artist, who at many times over the years I had a fan girl crush over, and he’s telling me I am beautiful? I can’t help but wonder what was in that last coffee because this surely can’t be happening, right?

When I felt Jasper take my hand in his properly, I was shaken out of my thoughts. I made eye contact with him as he spoke. “I wish you felt more comfortable with me, you really don’t understand how much I enjoy your company. I try as best as I can to reply to all my fans, but I don’t afford them as much time as I do with you Lucy. There is just something about the way I feel when I am talking to you. It’s like I have known you all my life, or I should have known you, if that makes sense? When I talk to you, it just flows naturally. It’s not forced and it’s like I knew you already. That was why when I caught a glimpse of that piece of paper with your name on it, I had to take it. It was like something telling me we were supposed to meet. I truly feel sorry for Amanda that she was unable to claim her prize, but I’m not sorry I am sitting here, with you Lucy.”

“I do feel comfortable Jasper, it’s just a lot to process. You’ve been more than considerate in trying to make me feel comfortable with this situation. It’s hard to explain, maybe I am a little star struck.”

“You don’t need to be.” When he reached out, I felt his finger tips caress the skin on my cheek, my eyes closed and I sucked in a breath, part needing the extra air, part the shock his touch elicited. I felt his fingers slide slowly and carefully, a feather’s touch, down my cheek, his hand stopping to rest on my neck. Unsure of what he was doing I took the time, opening my eyes, and when I did I saw Jasper was much closer to my face than I anticipated.

The shock of it caused me to move back, a natural instinct when someone is in your space and you’re not expecting it. Before I knew it, I felt Jasper’s lips make contact with my chin, realising I pulled away as he went to kiss me! He quickly pulled back in shock, my hands flew to my mouth as I looked at him. “Jasper! I’m so sorry.”

I watched him nervously rub the back of his neck before he started to chuckle to himself. “Well, that was a total cluster fuck. Majorly awkward.” I tried to apologise again when he stopped me. “You have nothing to apologise for Lucy, honestly.”

After sitting for a few minutes in awkward silence he suddenly stood up and just when I thought he was about to leave he reached for my hand. I looked up at him. “Let’s go eat. It’s dinner time, and I am a growing boy. I am always hungry.”

After heading closer to Circular Quay we found a quiet restaurant and soon sat and ate. As we were leaving, we walked back down to the main road and I saw Jasper looking over at the Quay. “What is it?”

“Let’s go on a Ferry ride.” When I asked if he meant now he added. “Well, I have yet to do it on any of my trips to Sydney, but I have always been told they are worth a go. Have you been on one?”

When I said many he asked what my recommendation would be. “Maybe down to Manly and back?”

“You coming then?” I shrugged my shoulders at him, smiling and agreed as we headed across the road to check the timetable. The next Ferry was due at Eight Thirty Five so we didn’t have to wait long. A blessing really, as being this close to the water and the night air, I was starting to feel the pinch of the cool breeze.

Boarding, I let Jasper decide where he wanted to sit, seeing as this was his idea. We soon made our way up top. I was instantly relieved when he sat at a table inside, rather than having to stand out in the night air. As we took off I saw him looking out over the city and the lights reflecting off the water. I couldn’t help but watch his reactions, there was something so innocent, childlike. His eyes expressed a sense of wonder, as he drank in what the city had to offer, afforded the silence of the nightfall, when it is more peaceful, relaxed, yet never fully asleep.

He turned around and saw me staring. I quickly looked out the window, as I knew my cheeks had started to burn red as he started back at me. When he did speak up, I was expecting it. “What were you staring at creeper?”

“I was just watching you take it all in. You looked fascinated by it.”

“I was. I was just looking at the design build of the Harbour Bridge when we came out.”

“Pylon lookout is good for that. If you move over here and look out the right there you will still be able to see the Opera House as we go around.” He hopped up and moved over to my side, sitting down next to me as I pointed across the boat to the other side, showing him where to look. Bringing my arm back down on the table, I felt my hand bump his. I went to move it, that is until he took my hand in his. His coarse fingers brushing across my own as he wrapped his fingers over the top, his thumb coming to rest on the top of hand, brushing to and fro across my skin.

Slowly I lifted my head a fraction to look up at him and I saw he was still looking out at the Opera House. I watched him for several moments before I started to turn my head away to look out my window. As I did I felt his other hand come across, wrapping carefully around my neck and turning my head back to look at him. By now I see he had shifted position in his seat and was facing towards me. I looked back at him, I could feel my breathing rapidly increasing, my pulse started to race. When I noticed his expression change slightly, I wondered if he picked up on it too. “Lucy, I am going to try and kiss you again. And I am hoping, unlike earlier, I won’t be kissing your chin this time.”

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