Fan Favourite ~ Part Four of Tour Series

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Chapter Nine

The look on my face must have horrified Jasper, either that or something changed, because he quickly pulled back. “Holy shit! I am such an asshole.” I looked at him confused as he scratched the back of his neck. “You are already seeing someone.”

I responded in shock, before thinking. “What? No I am not.” Jasper just stared at me and said how? “How? What? Jasper, I am so confused right now.”

He sat back in his seat and I saw him run his hand through his hair as he let out a deep breath. “Man, I really made a meal of this twice today didn’t I? You make me feel nervous and I’m not a nervous person.”

“I am still so confused.” He turned to face me again, with an embarrassed smile on his face.

“You looked really worried at that moment and then I thought, shit! I am so rude. I didn’t even have the respect to ask if you might be seeing someone.” He stops for a moment laughing. “Who am I kidding, you’re stunning, of course someone would snap you up.”

“No they wouldn’t.” I whispered softly in the hope he wouldn’t hear me. No such luck, as he moved his head to meet my eyes, and asked what I said. “I said no Jasper, they wouldn’t. As in, there is no one.” When his eyebrows flew up and he asked ‘ever’ I had to chuckle. “Not ever Jasper, just not for a while. I have had other things that have been more important in my life. I don’t really go out a lot, I guess, I have never had the chance to meet someone over the last few years.”

When he laughed I knitted my eyebrows. “Sorry, I love how you talk like you are ancient, as if the time has passed you and you are now condemned to the life of an old crazy cat lady.”

“Damn! I wouldn’t take it that far. That was a bit of a stretch.” When he said it was how I made it sound I decided to explain further. “It’s not what I was implying, sorry. I meant, I was happy to concentrate on school rather than going out partying. Spending weekends with my best friends Tania and Jodie, you know, the nights where you can actually talk to each other, not scream over the top of music or get pushed around on a dancefloor. And I like to get back out to the Central Coast at least once a month to visit my parents and brothers.”

“You’re so different to what I perceived you to be. And you are very different to nearly all the women I have met out age.” I looked at him for a few minutes, as I took in his expression before asking why. “Why?”

“Why would you want to kiss me? Of all the people, I am sure you could have your selection of, why me?”

I watched as he slid across the seat towards me. His stare was intent before I saw his eyes wander to my lips and back up. “I prefer quality over quantity Lucy.” I watched as Jasper went slower, making sure I was comfortable. Careful, but with strength in his arms as he ran his hands from my waist up to my shoulders, and then held my face in his hands. He looked into my eyes again, down to my lips and then smiled. The kiss was soft and slow. Lips touching, brushing up against each other, feeling each other’s breath so close. He drew back momentarily, looking at me again before I felt his hand wrap behind my head and draw me back into him. Our mouths finding each other, seeking, tasting, wanting. Feeling his soft tongue touch along the seam of my lips, I parted them and soon our muscles were dancing, exploring together. It was like the outside world ceased to exist for a little while.

At least that was until we heard the horn go and both pulled back, a little shocked before finding the humour in it. “I am glad I wasn’t the only one who jumped out of their skin.” When Jasper said he didn’t, he knew exactly what it was I laughed. “You did not! You looked just as spooked by it as I did.”

Putting his finger up to my mouth “Stop trying to emasculate me.” We made our way off and I was still tickled by his attitude when I noticed him smiling back at me.

Wow! I was kissing him only minutes ago. I let him kiss me! I can’t tell Tania and Jodie this, they would die! Actually wait, am I dead? Is this a dream, perhaps I should pinch myself to be sure. I tried to discreetly reach across and pinch the inside of my wrist. “Did you just pinch yourself?”

“Agh, nope.” I said a bit too squeaky, being caught out. He wasn’t letting it go and made it known he just watched me do it. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I felt Jasper take my hand and stop me from walking. I looked at him as he asked me why I pinched myself. “It’s lame alright.”

I felt my cheeks burning red under his gaze, which erupted into an inferno when I saw a smile spread across his face. “Did you pinch yourself to see if this was real?” All I could do was nod, I felt incredibly embarrassed he saw me do it. “That’s so cute.” Pushing him away I told him to shut up as he laughed and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “I still do it myself before I perform.”

“You do not! You’re just saying that now to try and make me feel less awkward.”

“It’s true! Look, even the skin has permanent discolouration.” As he tried to show me his wrist in the dark I reminded him how weird he is. “Well if my weirdness allows me the fortune of continuing to see that gorgeous smile, then I can live with that.”

Around thirty minutes later we were pulled up at my apartment complex, and as always Jasper was polite enough to walk me to my door. “Thank you for another good day.” He thanked me for the company as we smiled warmly at each other. We both stood there, awkwardly for a few moments.

“So what would you like to do tomorrow? I have a stage check tomorrow afternoon, you are more than welcome to come, have a behind the scenes look?”

“That would be incredible. Can I take some photos for the fan account too?” When he said sure why not I followed up. “Will you let me do a live question and answer with you tomorrow morning then?”

I smiled broadly at him, tickled in the knowledge that I was being cheeky. Of course it found favour with Jasper. “Bold, I like it.” When I asked if that meant yes, he said he would make me a deal. Indicating I was all ears I wasn’t expecting what he said next. “I desperately want to kiss you, so if you let me, and agree to come out on a proper date with me tomorrow night, then yes we have a deal.”

Jasper stepped closer, as I shifted slightly, my weight pressed against the wall behind me. He brought his hand up, carefully brushing a strand of hair away from my face, before resting it on the wall next to me. When I felt his other hand inch across my hip, his fingertips lightly brushing my skin, I sucked in some much needed air. “So, what do you say Lucy Mills?”

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