Letters 2 My '2 B Husband'

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Centuries have passed yet I still believe that love is an expression of words. The flow, the intensity, the expressions all in all love is in the air. It is not long until I meet my husband. These letters will help him understand me. Because letters go beyond words. As one phrase says, "reading between the lines". Yes! Exactly. That is all my letters are about. To let my 2 be husband know who I am in and out. And what better way than love letters?

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Fairy tale🧚‍♀️

My Dearest,

Let me first tell you how happy I am to write to you even without knowing who you are, where you are. Even when are we going to meet.

Well I thought to present to you something special. And being a lover of words, what is better than describing myself to you. It may sound like 'whaaaat really?'. But yes I assure you that by the end of this you will understand me in and out.

Being a romance freak I wonder how would you be. Silent or talkative, introvert or extrovert, funny or serious. Well, I am a bit of everything. I have a short temper which is even shorter than a mere breath. So I wonder according to opposites attract theory will you be patient enough with me?

Okay okay! I think I have been brainstorming too much. Well I do think a lot. You know I have read mafia love stories, werewolf love stories, billionaire love stories and yes every probable type of love story. So my dearest I wonder if you would share same passion in love as me.

Life can be tough, don't you dare lecture me on that. But you know I fear that would we love eachother till our last breathe. Have you encountered a scene from certain movies when age old couple die in hospital bed together. Hehhe. Don't get me wrong, but I am not asking to die even without starting our journey. I was just wondering if that love can even be possible in real world.

You know, I wish you would propose me when we would be getting married. Not a full cliché proposal. But a simple place somewhere. A place where there is fairy lights, amidst nature and you on your knees, (okay on knees not necessarily but just saying) pouring all your heart out about 'US'. Telling me that you will love me with all my flaws and all the imperfections. Telling me that whatever life will throw at us we will convert it into something creative.

Now I know life is not a full fairytale and you might not be my literal knight in the shining armour. But I know you would offer me your whole kingdom of heart of which you would be a King and I would be the Queen.

Even after all the hardships, all the tiredness and pain that we would endure I would still be a queen. Why?

Cause my love every morning I would be in your arms, enjoying your warmth even in the hottest of the days of summer and coldest of the days days of winter. You would be smiling every day while I would continue my childish acts. And every day you would be with me hand in hand.
And so it is enough to say that I would have my own version of fairy tale to tell.

Yours and yours only,

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