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"How could someone so devilishly sexy be so dangerously cold?" 20 year old Jillian September just wanted to do something different. The hole she stumbles onto might be to big to get herself out of it. 24 year old Mateo Garcia is everything a girl wants. Arrogant, strong, brave and good looking, what will he do when he comes across the lonely 20 year old? [NEW] A man known for being notorious meets a lonely, girl just trying to fit in with her friends' lifestyles. Until one thing leads to another, will she rise above and find love or will she disappear into the forgotten world of death?

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1: problematic

The continuous rain poured so violently the houses shook. The homes decorated with vines and were resting in a thick blanket of trees and large bushes. The world looked as though it was in grayscale. The gloomy outside reminded people of the undiscovered truth that was hidden in Goldville.

Jillian opened her sapphire blue umbrella, walking calmly from the dimly lit boutique where she worked part time when she wasn't studying at college. Her mascara dripping from her eyes, hair soaked and her feet drenched from the massive holes from her worn out shoes.
As she made her way home, a large grey truck splashed the water from the road directly at her. It was almost like she was prone to bad luck.

Jillian hopped out of the warm comfort of her steamy shower. For a couple long seconds, she stood in a haze of relaxation for the first time that day which would probably be her last. Her second hand clothes gripped to her slim frame as she hurried out of her bathroom, into the hall and then into bed to avoid the freezing air. She noticed her phone had 10 notifications from a group chat her friends made called: "Sistas :) x"
Jillian scrolled down the long line of texts until she reached the most recent messages.
"Hey girliesss x"
"Heyy, wsp?"
"Have you not heard the latest gossip?"
"Tell me!"

"Do you girls ever stop texting?"

"Duh, we need time to sleep of course!!! #notimefortexting"
Hahahahha x

Out of the blue, Jillian's door squeaked open, revealing a rather large, tall figure in the entrance.
"Dinner is ready." Mumbled dad.
Quietly, she huffed and made her way to the table.

Unpleasant was the only word that could describe the family; the sounds of harsh, tuneless cutlery ringed in Jillian's soft ears as she sat down at the rather compact dinner table. The dishes that lay on the table consisted of various puddings, topped with a main course of spaghetti. The only light in the room flickered as the family lay down their hands, and all became silent. Jillian's mother, who preferred everything old fashioned, took a large gulp of the sparkling rose wine that lay in the round glass before her. Jillian whisked up her bowl of spaghetti.
"Dear, how was your day?" Chirped the neat woman as her gaze fell upon Jillian's handsome older brother.
Swiftly, she glanced up from her bowl eyeing her brother, enviously.

She let out a sigh as once again her gaze lifted, scanning the room for something to interest her.
Her eyes met a mini clock that had been on the off-white coloured wall for months and never seemed to be the right time. Jillian focused on the quiet ticking of the broken clock as she started thinking. She was used to being ignored, but by her own mother and father made her feel weak and unimportant. Unsurprisingly, Jillian was not mentioned once during the dinner.

Towards the end of their "pleasant" feast, Jillian left the table in a hurry. Tears nearly streaming from her woody, bronze eyes as she rang her admired friends. She had enough, she was bored of her normal life.
One ring
Two rings
Three rings

From the sounds of things, it seemed like her friends had more important things to do like making sure their velvety skin was perfectly smooth or perhaps making sure they had the best, professional manicures in town.
After five long, horrendous rings, Emily and Amber came forward, fun energy could be heard in their heavenly voices. Without hesitation, Jillian turned on the cracked camera of her 3 year old iPhone.
A sigh of relief came from her soft lips just before She told them about her ignorant parents. Usually they would just calm Jillian down but this time, they suggested doing something fun, thrilling and full of adrenaline. Jillian nervously stared through the crack in her door, then gazed through her small, caged window.
A couple hours passed and it was now 11:39pm. Cautiously, Jillian tip toed towards her door making sure not to stand on any creaky floor boards. She knew someone was walking around because she saw a dim light in the hallway.

"Oh screw it."
Jillian ran downstairs, and out the front door.
Unexpectedly, Jillian finds herself inside of a tattoo parlour.

A magnificent, tall tanned lady entered the silent, unlighted reception. Her neck and arms covered in various detailed masterpieces. Jillian traced the tattoos down to her collarbone where she spotted a name tag. she read: "Dahlia"
Stunned, bright eyes met hers.

"What can I do for you today?"
Jillian replied speedily. "I'd like to get a tattoo on my arm."
The Lady smiled as she grabbed some tattoo stencils and ideas and spread them out like a fan on the checkered desk. Jillian had never seen such good artwork. One caught her eye in particular; it was two small birds holding a single rose inside of their beaks'. One of the cute birds was the tiniest bit larger, Jillian studied the pieces like they were created by god. All of a sudden, she could hear faint muffled sounds coming from the exterior of the small building. Jillian glanced quickly over her shoulder. To her surprise, she could see a rather petite figure running towards the doors.
Amber bolted through making the bell above the door vibrate with such sounds. As she took a while to catch her breath, she brushed a hand through her fabulous hair.
Jillian was happy to see her friend, she thought she'd have to get that tattoo all by herself.
"There is strange men outside Jillian!" Her lungs gasped for air urgently, "It isn't safe, we should leave."
Jillian has never seen Amber so horrified in her whole lifetime, her face was as pale as snow; she looked like she'd just returned from some sort of freakishly haunted villa. She had no idea what to think, a cold hand sneaked behind her.

"I'm not kidding Jillian! Get your ass out the door right now, hurry up!"
Amber yanked on Jillian's arm so fast, Jillian though she dislocated her shoulder.
Unfortunately, the tattoo parlour employee didn't look as surprised as Amber. Jillian's arms were shaking so much it rattled her entire body. They both slowly edged towards the door. Jillian put on a brave face making sure not to look as petrified as her friend. However, inside, she probably felt worse.
Fearfully, Jillian opened her eyes.
A large, muscular god-like man was hunched over at the chipped, concrete staircase just below the parlour.

She saw him.

Jillian's eyes scanned the parking lot and saw two expensive-looking, black cars. A group of shady men and women smoking joints. However, they seemed to be gawking in one direction in particular. This made Jillian curious, it isn't every day you see a group of shady looking people at your local tattoo parlour. However, Jillian was shivering, reality finally hit her. There people looked dangerous and she wasn't ready to find out what they were going to do. Expectedly, her eyes darted around.
And then she saw him.

There was a trio idle in the centre of the mini parking lot, more muscular, shady and handsome as the ones by the cars. Jillian's eyes shot upon the middle silhouette.
As she scanned him, she froze in her steps; her gaze could not find anything to look at other than the mysterious blue eyed man. He was dressed in black head to toe; it looked like his shirt hadn't been fully done up revealing his delicious masculine frame. The mysterious man wore a tight leather jacket that was unzipped. Jillian traced his sleeves down to his large hand where a gun was placed.

Amber yanked on her arm once again; luckily snapped her out of her dream like state. Her face lit up red as she realised she'd been staring for a good 15-30 seconds.
Jillian's POV:
"Oh my god. Who is this man?" I though to myself. I looked away briefly and noticed two other tall men walking towards us. As they were getting closer, I distanced myself from Amber, getting ready to run if I needed to. The closer they got, the further I was from Amber. She gave me a look of confusion when I glanced back at her. The men split up and one started heading towards Amber, and the other towards me. Before I knew it, a strong palm dug into my shoulder and forced me out of the door and down the steps. I heard Amber screaming and yelling as the other man swung her onto his back.
I shuddered as I noticed his gun tucked under his soaked-through, black shirt.
I was furious! There was no possibility of me getting away, he had a good hold of me and if I tried anything, I knew he'd get his gun out too.
They were led down to the mystery man, Jillian could hear inaudible whispers shared between the men. Following that, Amber was led into the car. The crowd by the car rushed into the tattoo parlour and started to point a gun at the employee.
"What the hell?" She exclaimed. "Why are they pointing fricken guns at her!"
He turned around and grabbed her arm, the other man who led her down started to laugh hysterically as he walked inside.
"Answer me!" She yelled once more. Jillian felt like she wasn't being treated fairly.
"Shut up Gorgeous."
A deep voice claimed the male's lips as his eyes locked with hers.
Jillian held her breath. How could someone so devilishly sexy be so dangerously cold?
"Don't tell me to shut up. Why are they doing that and why are you so calm?" Jillian frowned and kept eye contact.

The man huffed and rubbed his eye before he tightened his grip on her arm.
"And where are you taking my friend?"

"Can you stop with all the questions love? You are really, really getting on my nerves." He said as he looked through the freshly smashed glass of the parlour.
"And WHY should I do that?" Challenged Jillian, Although she wasn't sure how she would end up by making such questions.
Quickly, Jillian escaped his grasp and headed towards the car.

As quick as he could, the man caught up to her and grabbed her neck.
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