Last Christmas

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Twenty-seven (27) year old, Milo Green was on cloud nine since Last Christmas and now it was that wonderful time of year again, but this time his entire family were coming up to Toronto, Canada to spend the holidays. He was also planning their one (1) year anniversary celebration. Twenty-five (25) year old, Vivian West was excited to spend Christmas with her boyfriend's family, but she was worried that it would also place strain on their relationship. They have been nagged to death about grandkids and they weren't even married yet, much less engaged. She was scared that they would be pressured into something they weren't ready for. Will this be the end of their romance? Or will the Christmas Magic work its ways again and make everything alright?

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Shan M
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Chapter 1

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Milo Green was running throughout his entire shared home with his girlfriend, Vivian trying to find the damn vacuum cleaner. His parents, his sister and his best friend, who happened to be her husband were arriving tomorrow morning. The house was a mess.

Christmas decorations littered the hardwood floors and several strings of lights were strewn across the large couch in the television room. The ginger was trying to make the home look as festive as possible because this was their first time spending the holidays in Canada.

Tripping over the several empty boxes of the miniature snowy villages that his parents loved so much, that he felt the need to buy some and place them ontop the fireplace.

"Fucking hell, ow! All these stupid boxes are gonna kill me at this rate."

"Well, instead of running around with them on the ground, maybe try picking them up and packing them away first. Then go running around like a headless chicken, babe."

Looking up from his place on the floor, he grinned at the sight of his beautiful girlfriend standing over him. Though, her facial expression was one that said, 'you look like an idiot.' He loved her anyway and stayed on the hardwood, just admiring her as he did every day.

"Get off the floor babe. We still have to clean."

"You're so pretty, did you know that?"

"Thank you, now up you go."

"Yeah yeah, I love you shorty."

"Oh bug off with that nickname. It's not my fault your so fucking tall and it's bad enough that I am barely taller than Florence."

Chuckling, Milo shook his head of ginger curls as he heaved himself off the ground and gave a light kiss on the top of her head. Mumbling that he thought it was cute, he got started on closing the boxes and stacking them to put back in the basement.

It took him about ten (10) minutes to finish folding every single box that had been taken out for decorating. Placing his hands on his hips, he surveyed the room, making sure to not miss anything else.

Finding nothing, he smiles and dusts his hands off on his jean-clad thighs. Turning around, he crashed right into the box tower and sent everything flying across the room. Looking up at the ceiling, the ginger man yelled out in frustration, he couldn't believe this kept happening.

Moving around the room quickly to gather all of the mess he made again, he took them straight to the basement and basically threw them down the stairs. Slamming the door shut, he grumbled that he was sick of crashing into everything.

"Maybe you would not crash into all the stuff in the house if you would learn to pay attention to where you're going."

"Viv, shhh. I use my eyeballs."

"Uh-huh, that's why you only stumble into everything and making a mess or hurting yourself?"

Milo's cheeks bloomed bright red and he just waved his hand in her direction, while shushing her. He knew her words were true, but he did not want to admit she was right as she would never let him live it down.

"Also, I found the vacuum, babe. It was in the upstairs hall closet."

"Thank you, princess."

"Of course, now go vacuum the living room because there is a bunch of styrofoam bits and pieces littering the floor."

"I'm on it!"

The curly-haired man grabbed the floor cleaner from his girlfriend's hand and ran off in the direction of the mess. However, he turned back around, ran up to her and gave a quick peck on the cheek, then running off again.

Giggling at her boyfriend's antics, she turned her attention to the basement and laughed some more. She made her way down the stairs and started neatening up the boxes that he had just thrown down.

Back upstairs, Milo had finished vacuuming and had placed the vacuum back in the broom closet near the front door. Grabbing the fairy lights that Vivian had taken out and placed by the stairs, he went up to the very top.

Carefully, he unravelled them and started neatly weaving the delicate lights around the bannister. Once they were tightly wrapped around the wooden railing, he clicked the small switch that was hidden by one of the poles and he watched as the lights lit up.

He smiled at the sight, as it added the perfect holiday feeling to the hallway and he could not be happier with how it turned out. The ginger jumped slightly as he felt a pair of arms snake around his waist and a head leaned against his back.

Looking down, he realised that it was Vivian and he turned his body slightly to pull her into an embrace. The young couple looked at the fairy lights swirling down the bannister and just enjoyed the sight.

This was their favourite time of year and the fact that they were spending it together for the second time in a row, now in their own house. It made it all the better to them. The blonde woman jumped and unravelled her arms from around her lover's waist.

Running off, she left Milo standing there confused as she ran into the television room and grabbed three (3) items. Hurrying back, quickly, she skated to a stop in front of him and held up the decorations that she went to grab.

"Look! They're the three (3) stuffed toys that we had bought in Little Italy earlier this month, babe!"

"Oh yeah! I forgot we had bought a Santa, Rudolph and Frosty the snowman."

Giggling, she nodded excitedly and started placing them in between the support/decorative beams of the staircases' bannister. The ginger watched as his girlfriend worked diligently to pose them and seat them properly.

Clapping her hands excitedly, she twirled around and looked at her boyfriend. Vivian looked at him with pure love and joy in her eyes as she made her way back over to him. Wrapping her arms around his waist again, the pair stared at the decorations and lights.

"Now it's finished."

"Now it's perfect."
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