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When Shannon Woods finds out her new boyfriend, Matthew, is a serial criminal, she is left with no choice but to dump him. With all the evidence staring her in the face, crimes levelled against him, she knows better than to fall for his weak pleas and good boy image when he comes back begging for a second chance. But Matthew is a stone hearted criminal and he didn't get his current title by letting the people he loves go off easily. How far will Shannon have to run to get away from him? It's a path of do or die.

Corey Nicole
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"When life gives you lemons, chunk it right back."


Meeting someone new is always so simple, from feeling mushy to going all lovey dovey on each other and within a spur of the moment, you're smitten and can't help but fall in love. That's exactly what happened to me. Only problem is, I fell for the wrong guy.

Matthew and I met at a house party hosted by one of his buddies and boy, wasn't he sweet. He threw a facade that had me in his box before I could say Jack.

"Hey you?" My best friend Kayleigh, interrupted my train of thoughts. A smile found its way to my lips as she approached me and crushed me in a hug. I was a few inches taller than her and she tried to make it up by wearing heels.

"You look hot." She whispered as she pulled me towards the table I had cleaned a few seconds ago. Her father owned the The Inn, a restaurant that only the big pockets could afford and thanks to her, I was fortunate enough to earn a waitress job in it.

"Oh please, I look terrible." I giggled as I pulled a seat and sat across her.

She was as breathtaking as the word itself. Coming from a wealthy family, her fashion sense was on another level. She was a blonde pretty girl with blue eyes and a killer body. Her shape was inviting and any man would be left gaping at her.

"You won't believe what I just found out," her eyes widened as she spoke.

"Really? What did you discover?"

She cleared her throat and looked around the restaurant, a sign that she was nervous. I leaned over the table, eager to know what the heck was making her so restless. It was so unlike her.

"Come on, tell me!" The suspense was too much.

Wildly gesticulating her distress, she went on to break the unbelievable news to me. For a moment, I thought she had lost her mind. I mimicked her previous action, I didn't want anyone hearing what she had just said. There was only three customers left, it was mid morning and as usual, a big percentage of our customers were at their work place.

"He's a drug dealer," she repeated.

I threw my head back and laughed out loud. Kayleigh must have been high on something. Cause she wasn't making any sense.

"It's not funny, Shannon. I am dead serious." She leaned on the table and jabbed on it twice with her fingers, "He is very dangerous."

Kayleigh despised Matthew for valid reasons, but at that particular moment, I thought she was blowing things out of proportion. We all knew drug dealers existed only in the movies. I mean, they did exist but it was so damn hard to actually meet them, talk of dating them.

"Matthew is many things but a drug dealer, absolutely not!" I defended.

Her eyes got so red with fury, she always hated it when I didn't believe her. I tried to assure her that she was wrong about him but she wasn't having none of it. "Please, ask yourself why he's so strange. You've dated for what? Six months or so? Do you know any of his relatives?"

I had never thought of that, I facepalmed and shook my head.

"See, there's something so fishy about him and my instincts are never wrong, Shannon. You overlook constant insults and slight jabs whenever he's angry, in the hopes that he will change but nada. His attitude is going nowhere and you have to stop tolerating him!" frustration filled her voice.

"I hear you," I said. I already had my mind made, I was going to leave him. Hopefully, I would come out in one piece.

"Alright, but to hasten your decision, I'm going to prove to you that Matthew is a piece of shit." She stood and made her way to my supervisor Becky and asked, more like ordered her to let me off for a few hours. She needed to prove her point and letting me see with my own two eyes would satisfy her.

As we drove out of the parking lot, I broke the news that she'd been dying to hear. "I'm breaking up with him, today."

She hit the breaks so fast the tires screeched and my breakfast practically filled my throat, threatening to come out. "Are you for real?" She pulled the gear to parking before assaulting my ears with unnecessary screams.

I took deep breaths till the urge to vomit subsided before glaring at her. She gave me puppy eyes, muttering her apologies then went ahead to bombard me with questions. "Yes, do you think I'm making the right decision?"

"What kind of stupid question is that? In fact, if I had to give up my car for a year for you to dump his ass, I would. In a blink of an eye. And we all know how much I love my baby." She grinned, caressing her staring wheel.

"Liar!" I teased.

Her grin changed into a humor filled frown and her hand reached out to pinch my cheeks. I quickly swatted it away from my face, I wasn't ready for sore cheeks.

"Then I should drop you off at his house. Call him, tell him you want to talk."

I turned down her offer and insisted on seeing the drugs myself.

Her brows creased, "What for? You're going to break up with him anyways, so why dig in to his dirty business?" She concluded in a duh tone.

She evidently wasn't getting the weight of the matter at hand. If Matt was all she said, then I was in for war. "I have to know what I'm dealing with." I sighed, I didn't want to imagine what I would do if it were to be true.

We talked about random things on our way to Matthew's supposed drugs hide out. Kay said she was driving by when she saw Matt supervising the off-loading of suspicious goods and she was sure he was dealing.

When we got to the destination, I suddenly got the urge to pee. Fear, I was afraid of the truth. Kayleigh on the other hand was already at the door. The place did look strange, why would dealers choose a drive in where you would be knocking at their front door? Usually, there would be high security and a huge electric gate.

"Hello, how may I help you?" The door opened to reveal an old woman, who looked from Kay to me with an inviting smile. She was too elegant for her age.

Kay wore a puzzled look on her face, as if she couldn't believe it. Neither could I, but I was relieved, my ex boyfriend to be was just a normal guy.

"Sorry for intruding, but I was wondering if I could speak with Matthew Morgan?" I decided to ask since Kay was rendered completely speechless.

"I know no one by that name." She moved from one foot to another.

"Could it be possible he lives around here?" I asked.

"I have lived here for 30years and not once have I encountered a Matthew Morgan," she said.

We thanked her and got back into the car, Kay was confused and I was glad. She didn't know what to make of what she saw earlier but that was the least of my worries.

* * *

As I took the remaining steps to Matthew's apartment, my tummy did a flip. I stopped to gulp down some water and adjusted my uniform; suddenly noticing it's short length. Not the best outfit to end a relationship with. Would Matthew get turned on instead of understanding that I wanted out? Either way, I was still determined to move on.

I inserted the key he had given me into the lock and pushed the door open. He instantly jumped to his feet and pulled me in for a hug. His left hand spanked my ass and a disgusting feeling washed over me. A few months back, I would have giggled in excitement but at that particular moment, it felt like he had invaded my privacy.

Snickers from his friends who were tucked in a corner, making it hard to notice them from the entrance had me pulling away from Matthew's hold. Without acknowledging their presence, I made my way to his room. I needed to change the dress cause otherwise, no talking would be done.

As I rummaged my bag for my jeans, Matt spun me around and made to kiss me but I averted my face. "Why are you acting funny?"

"That's what I wanted to talk about." I sighed, it wasn't going to end well. He let go of me and I instinctively took a step back.

"I'm listening." He folded his arms against his chest and stared at me.

I waved my hands between us, "This is not working. I can't take your unfolding personality no more. I want us to break up."

He peered at me through furrowed brows for a minute before bursting in a fit of unending laughter.

Great! Just great!

"Guys, "he yelled as he opened the door to reveal his friends walking the corridor towards us. "Shannon said she wants us to break up. She's so funny," he said amidst chuckles. His friends roared in laughter and I started at them wide eyed cause I didn't get the joke. His circle consisted of three guys but I only remembered Ian's name.

"I'm not joking, Matthew. I'm breaking up with you," I repeated.

Their crack up died instantly and all eyes landed on me. I uncrossed my arms and took steps back from Matthew, who was coming for me. Suddenly, my breath quickened and my hands began shaking. He backed me up against the wall and wrapped his hands around my neck. I let out a scream and held onto both of his wrists before pulling hard but he didn't budge.

"Now listen and listen good. You don't get to choose when to leave or stay, I decide that. Nobody leaves me unless I say so, am I making myself clear?" he yelled, fanning my face with his hot breath. I bobed my head up and down like my life depended on it. It did, tremendously. I was choking but he obviously didn't care.

"Say it!" He pressed harder, causing both my eyes and nose to water.

"Crystal clear." I croaked.

With a smile that matched that of the devil, he let go before roughly kissing me and I swear, I almost puked on his lips. When he pulled back, I opened my eyes to find the room spinning like a whirlwind and clutched the top of the bed tightly for support. I took deep breaths and pressed my lips together when I saw his friends lusting at me.

Matthew calmly sat at the foot of the bed; like what he just did was absolutely normal. I looked from him to his friends and the door. I needed to get out of there as quickly as my legs could carry me.

With a new found determination, I dashed for the door and caught them all by surprise, by roughly pushing Ian out of the way. He tumbled back and took the rest of his friends with him. Without thinking twice, I pulled the door shut behind me to slow them down before rushing for the front door.

I pulled it once, then twice and realized it was locked. A sigh of relief escaped my lips when I spotted them on the table. I quickly grabbed them and struggled to put the key in the lock but my hands were shaking. On the second trial, the key finally fit in it's place and a surge of happiness fillled my face as I took the steps two at a time.

"You thought you can leave me?" Matthew suddenly grabbed me by my hair and kicked my left leg, eliciting a bloodcurdling shriek from me. He kicked my stomach twice as I dropped to the floor and I literally peed on myself. Pain shot to every inch of my body and I pressed hard on my tummy, I needed the agonising feeling to end.

I tried crawling towards the steps, willing my body to stay strong so I could get away but I didn't have enough strength. I shut my eyes and let my tears flow freely. There was nothing I could do. I said a short prayer and resigned to my fate.
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